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End of Summer

Swimsuit Contest

Our last contest asked artists to create artwork of their favorite superheroes/supervillains in beach gear.

And to give you the most surprise, we aren't even going to show you thumbnails. Just click on the name and the image will load on the page. You can drag it around to look at it…and click on the next image link to dismiss it. We hope you enjoy the new experience; let us know if you prefer the art display this way.

Here are the results:

Death in a Swimsuit by Ericka Baque
First time contributor Ericka gives us Death (of the Vertigo Sandman book) in a fur bikini. A great job, and we hope that more of her work graces these pages.
Black Canary by Jim Coder
Jim gives us a two-piece version of Dinah's Birds of Prey costume.
Jade by Erik Burnham
Oh! Tssss! Jade is always HOT. Although she does seem to have some odd armpits.
NOTE: This one is a tad off-color!
Orca…and the Arkham Asylum Inmates
by the Brothers Grinn
The Brothers' entry is just plain disturbing. Wow. We were wondering whether anyone would be offended by our posting this, but…really, 9 out of 10 superheroine costumes look like they're wearing body paint anyway. Fortunately, the background characters are all dressed in imaginative get-ups.
Superman romps it up by Bill Wiist
Bill's shot of Superman is classic. And we like the beachball.
Wonder Woman cliff diving by Fred Sadec
Superman, Green Lantern, Mr. Miracle and Big Barda rate Diana's plunge. The judges liked this one and think Fred did a good job on Di's costume.

And tha winnah is…

This is phenomenal. For the first time ever, the judges unanimously picked one entry: Bill Wiist's Superman! Bill captures the fun, classic look of the Man of Steel, and we loved his attention to detail. "Why isn't he working as a pro?" one of the judges asked.

Of course, Bill IS a pro artist…just not for DC Comics yet. But you can catch Bill's work in the Von Fange Brothers comics that he has self-published, plus he does comics and illustrations for the Courier-Journal.

Good job all around, and thanks for entering!

Now, let's look at the next art challenge.

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