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Villainy On Vacation -

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November 5, 2000

The Villainy On Vacation challenge has been extended for another 20 days.

This is due to numerous delays on the part of the Editor, for which I apologize.

Again the rules are that all DC's villains have fled their respective homegrounds and are encountering different heroes. All of Batman's villains are out of Gotham, and Batman is facing many supervillains not innate to Gotham City. The same is true of Superman's enemies, Green Lantern's enemies, Flash's enemies and all of the miscellaneous villains of the DCU.

As an added bonus, all stories submitted between now and November fifth can end with the villain being jailed.

In my next installment, Oracle and Batman will be guiding a concerted clean-up of the escapees. Thus, any remaining stories can end with their imprisonment at Belle Reve. And yes, it must be Belle Reve.

For more information, check out the rules as posted previously.

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