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by Chaim Mattis Keller

Looks like the star of our JLA 40th Anniversary issue was David R. Black's Springboard proposal. Here's some of the reaction to his suggested fifth-week event, "Lords of Time"…


Subject: Springboard

Whoever this man is, he should be hired by DC. If not, then they're morons


From: Mark Anderson (

Subject: Springboard: JLA: Lords of Time

I like the Lord/Lords of Time springboard. About the only one that I would be leery of would be the Wild West one. But I think that the villains should be flipped a little more. The Time Trapper shouldn't be facing the Legion. I would suggest using Per Degaton and most definitely the Infinite Man in place of Chronos and the Time Commander. Maybe even use Dr. Anomaly, he was a one shot fill in JLA villain.

I like the idea though.

Mark Anderson

Evercom Systems, Inc.

Agreed, guys. David himself will tell you that I was amongst the first to let him know how much I liked the concept. Come on DC, there's a great story here!

Not to be outdone, our movie maven, Steven Conroy, got this bit of praise (which also ran in last month's letters column):

From: Steve Sadowski (

Subject: Holy frickin' JSA!!!!



I just viewed your JSA "movie" after accidentally finding your site!!!

Holy ****!! That was really amazing guys!! Man!! Why haven't you posted this up on the DC boards so MORE people can enjoy it????Anyway..what I would pay to see the NEW team!!!I'd LOVE to hear more about whoever made it!!


Steve Sadowski

Artist on JSA

So, Steve, you've just been complimented by a DC Comics artist. What are you going to do next?

Hey Guys

This is freakin great !!!!

I am going out to get drunk !!!!


Ummm…I was expecting "Disney World," Steve…

Ah well. Also in this past issue was a complete JLA time line, which earned these responses:

From: Eric Lindberg (

Subject: JLA history


I loved your history of the Justice League, especially the names you assigned to different eras ("20,000 Leagues." Hee hee.) and the integration of story titles in the text ("the *legends* they were,""things began to *break down*" Very clever).

I have to correct you on two points though. Gypsy was not murdered by Professor Ivo's robots. She is still alive today. Also, it was Rocket Red 7 who was the traitor and Rocket Red 4 who was his replacement (You reversed them). Other than that, very comprehensive and very cool.


Subject: History of JLA


Loved the article. I've been reading comics since the age of eight, since 1960, and have read most of these stories, but it must of been a task to put the history all together and keep the continuity straight. Thought the early history that was retconned summarized perfectly, except that you stated in the early days of the JLA Batman did not yet have a partner. I liked how you kept Hawkman's introduction clear of all the confusion of which Hawkman joined in the early 60's, and buzzed over all the latter incarnations of the JLA/JLE/Task Force.


Bob Herman


P.S. Don't think Gypsy died with Vibe and Steel, she remained a vital part of Jonn Jonzz life for some time. Thanks for the recap, it bought back a lot of memories for this 48 year old comics fan.

From: John Ellis (

Subject: Correction to your look at Morrison's League…


Mark Waid wrote the Julian September and Adam Strange stories. He was filling in for Morrison those issues. Otherwise, a good article.

Our editor's column last issue struck a chord with this reader:

From: John Fiala (

Subject: 3:00 AM and seatbelts



On July 5th, my car was hit on the left hand side by a van running a red light. My car was totaled, and the door had to be removed to allow me to exit. However, because I was wearing my seatbelt all that happened to me was that I had the wind knocked out of me, some minor scratching on my elbow (from flying glass), and I banged my knee. A week later, the only evidence of the crash was scabs on my elbow.

Wearing seatbelts is indeed important, and I'm glad you wrote that up in your editorial.



"There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast." - Unknown

From: Greg Plantamura (

Subject: Starman essay


Wow! Great essay on "The Concept of 'Family' in James Robinson's Starman" by David J. LoTempio. A very intelligent and insightful analysis of an intelligent and insightful series.


Greg Plantamura

And this reader has an idea for our desktop themes…


Subject: Suggestion of screen saver


Though not a theme, I think it would be cool. Please allow me to precursor this by stating I am 36 years old. Now, how about a screen saver that you can adjust the speed it moves (slow to very fast), is just a red and yellow blur, but stops periodically to reveal the Flash smiling and giving a friendly wave?

Would this not be cool? A true alternative to After Dark, I think. I agree wholeheartedly, there is just not enough superhero (well known OR obscure) stuff out there.

How about a spiderman screen saver where he swings around/crawls around edges of screen? WHY isn't this stuff out there? Major comic companies are really missing out on a big market here! I hope you guys fill in the gaps! Keep up the good work!


James LeFebvre

This reader begs to differ about the quality of comics since the Silver Age…

From: Scott Rogers (

Subject: Bronze Age? Bah! It's the SUPER AGE!!!


Hi Fanzingers…

I was reading the article on the Bronze Age Superman and Batman and nearly lost my ever-lovin' mind. Not because the article was bad or mis-researched or even too short! Nope, it was a well written piece of opinion. However, what REALLY chafed my hide was the use of the phrase, the Bronze Age.

If there ever was a lack-luster phrase for one of the greatest eras of comics, it is this. Bronze Age implies that things were worse than the Golden and Silver Ages, more primitive, less sophisticated. It couldn't be further from the truth. 1970 to 1985 is when we got O'Neil's Batman and Green Arrow, Spidey's anti-drug issues, 80 page giants re-introduced, treasury sized specials not to mention superheroes were EVERYWHERE from cartoons to movies to mego figures to slurpee cups!!

This is why I think we should start a fan-wide effort to re-name this great time in comics THE SUPER AGE.

I need your help on this one, I can't do it alone.

Whaddya say?

Sincerely and seriously,

Scott Rogers

"Super Age," eh? Has a definite ring to it…and getting rid of the "metals heirarchy" means we don't have to call the current era the "tin age" or some such…

Mail from a long-time contributor…

Subject: Re: Congratulations!

Gee, thanks, Michael! I'm thrilled to be counted among the enviable likes of the Starman Compendium and Cheeks the Toy Wonder Page. ;-)

You know there was an idea or two I just wished I had a chance to contribute to Fanzing's JLA issue. On my site, I'm actually constructing a comprehensive JLA Hypertimeline. I was hoping to debut it in Fanzing. But alas, time was not on my side. :-/ Ah, well it will be weeks before I actually do complete it…

BTW the JLA furballs are just wonderful.


And finally, a general comment…


Subject: Great Page

Your page is great. I really enjoy reading it. Question: Any idea if DC and Alan Moore will ever make-up to release the Watchmen toys and trade book?

Keep up the excellent work.

Good question. I think Alan Moore is very well capable of holding out in his protest against DC. What it would take for DC to make him change his mind I have no idea…but I don't see Watchmen figures coming out until that happens.

And that wraps up another edition of the Fanzing Mail Column! See you next issue!

Letters Editor Chaim Mattis Keller, aka Legion-Reference-File Lad, is a computer programmer who lives in New York City with his wife and four children.

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