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Fanzing Challenge

Birds of Prey Quiz

By Michael Condon

1. Which supervillain did Batgirl go up against in her first appearance?

  1. The Joker.
  2. Catwoman
  3. Harlequin.
  4. Killer Moth.

2. Never trust a woman in a leather bathing suit and fishnet stockings. Black Canary first appeared as a guest in this hero's feature in Flash comics #86, and wound up taking over his spot in issue #92. Which Golden Age hero did she do wrong?

  1. Starman.
  2. Wildcat.
  3. Dr. Midnite.
  4. Johny Thunder.

3. Although Barbara Gordon was originally a librarian, in the 70's she had a more dynamic job. What was it?

  1. Actress on the Soap Opera Secret Hearts.
  2. Gotham's Representative in Congress.
  3. Head of Public Relations for the Gotham City Police Department.
  4. Vice President in charge of operations for Wayne Corp.

4.What was the official Pre-Crisis origin for the Black Canary's cry?

  1. She developed her powers after being irradiated by the cosmic energy of the Supervillain Aquarius.
  2. The Wizard placed a curse on the infant Dinah Lance giving her a voice powerful enough to kill her parents with her cries.
  3. She was a mutant with an extra vocal chord.
  4. She injured her throat in an early crossover between the Justice League and the Doom Patrol, losing her voice. The Chief provided her with an artificial larynx that not only restored her voice, but also gave her a super scream.

5. What other superhero had librarian as an occupation.

  1. Hawkgirl.
  2. AirWave.
  3. Liberty Belle.
  4. Captain Comet.

6. How did the Black Canary lose her sonic scream?

  1. She lost it after being hit by the effects of the gene bomb.
  2. Amazo stole her powers permanently.
  3. She blew out her voice saving Green Lantern and Green Arrow from Sonar.
  4. Her extra vocal chord was cut while being tortured by criminals.

7. What did Cliff Carmichael do before becoming the cyberpunk villain The New Thinker.

  1. He was a computer hacker who was captured by Batgirl in her final appearance in Batman Family.
  2. He was the school brain and foil for high school athlete Ron Raymond, otherwise known as Firestorm.
  3. He was a resentful graduate student of Ray Palmer's whose budding crime career was cut short by the Atom.
  4. He was a computer programmer who determined that Superman was Clark Kent for Lex Luthor and wound up being fired by Lex Luthor for coming up with such a ridiculous conclusion.

8. What was the Black Canary's occupation before becoming a full-time superhero?

  1. Policewoman.
  2. Reporter.
  3. Florist.
  4. School Teacher.

9.Shortly after the Crisis, Powergirl was basically a female version of Superman. What caused her to power down?

  1. She was briefly exposed to Gold Kryptonite.
  2. Garn Daanuth drained most of her power into himself in a bid at taking over the worlD. This power dissipated when he was destroyed by Arion, Powergirl and Aquaman.
  3. She lost most of her power after being critically injured by the Gray Man.
  4. Arion only granted her a finite amount of power. The more she uses in one adventure, the less she has for subsequent ones, although the loss of power seems to have leveled off since Zero Hour.

10. Whatever happenned to the original Blue Beetle?

  1. The strain of fighting off the mental control of the evil alien intelligence that inhabited the scarab gem killed him. The scarab gem was trying to force him to kill Ted Kord.
  2. He was chosen to join the Egyptian god Horus's host of warriors.
  3. He lost his nerve after losing his arms during one of Locus's experiments and getting severely beaten by Apellexian aliens shortly after being healed. He let Ted Kord take on the Blue Beetle identity, but died saving his successor from Hastor.
  4. A street gang, mistaking him for his successor beat a powerless Daniel Garret to death .


1. D
2. D
3. B Supergirl was the actress on Secret Hearts.
4. B This was the origin written by Roy Thomas in 1983. A. is the original origin for her canary cry. C. Is the current origin. D. Was playing around with the events of JLA Year One.
5. D
6. D
7. B
8. C
9. C
10. A

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