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by Chaim Mattis Keller

Well, like last month, a letters page poor in quantity, but rich in quality. Let's dig our forks into…


Subject: Hal Jordan as The Spectre…

Dear Mike,

Are you guys ever gonna do a Fanzing article on Hal Jordan's rebirth as The Spectre, or did I miss it? In any case, what did you think of Hal's return? I remember an E-mail from you saying that you thought "Day Of Judgement" was doing a pretty good job of redeeming Hal for his sins. I thought it was good to see Hal as a Green Lantern again, abeit briefly. Personally, I think that if Hal is brought back, he should co-exist with Kyle as GL and be exonerated for his actions, but this Spectre deal is pretty neat.

Interestingly enough, JM DeMatteis, the writer of Spectre, doesn't like the Hal as Parallax thing and thinks that it was ridiculous.

Anyway, do you think Hal will ever return as GL? I thought that Emerald Knights would have been the perfect way for Hal to return, without bearing the responsibility of Parallax's actions, but DC didn't think so, and I don't think it's a good idea to repeat a story again.

If Hal was to ever return as GL, I think a good idea would be to have a time travel story where Hal as The Spectre goes back in time and accidentally passes on a portion of Spectre's rage to Hal in the past, after Coast City. This is what caused Hal to go insane and do what he did. This would also explain the afterlife stuff; it could be said that The Spectre's rage bonded to Hal's soul, becoming a part of it. This redeems Hal somewhat of his actions, and maybe this hypothetical story could have Hal rejecting The Spectre, but retaining a portion of The Spectre's power, causing several things. One, only those closest to him have memory of Hal Jordan, it's wiped from the rest of the world's memory. This takes care of Hal's identity being public knowledge. Then restore Hal's body and identity to him, with that portion of The Spectre's power manifesting as a GL ring with abilities equal to Kyle's.

I don't think that anything of the sort will ever happen. But this Hal as The Spectre thing is interesting, and the first issue has Jack and Carol setting off to find Hal, whom Jack is convinced is still alive.

We'll see.

--Kevin Riley

Well, you haven't missed a Hal-Spectre article. However, you sound like someone who's really up on that character situation…perhaps you'd like to contribute one yourself? There's always room for more talent!

As for Hal ever returning as Green Lantern…ever hear of "beating a dead horse"? Let the characters progress, I say!


Subject: Unable to obtain access of Invasion Film

Hi there:

I tried to download the Invasion film et al but got an error message saying that the sharing file was disabled.


PS Just wanted to add that I really enjoyed the past article of Mr. Hutchison concerning the state of the Comic industry and hope that DC Marvel et all take the initiative of winning back their fans.

Our editor, Michael Hutchison, replies:

I hadn't updated the Cineplex to reflect that Freedrive decided to end their file sharing. We are looking for other places online to store our files for free, but until then the back-up server location should still work. If you can't download the Invasion movie from this link, let me know:

From: John T.Kacperowski (

Subject: themes

When will you have some new themes posted?


Our editor, Michael Hutchison, replies:

I am completing a Watchmen theme right now and plan to have it posted shortly. I have had some delays with the sounds but have resolved them.

Hey, Michael - has Alan Moore given his approval to this yet? He's scuttled all other Watchmen tie-ins, you know.

Saving the best for last…this kind of stuff just lifts us all up…


Subject: Thank you.

Have just dicovered your site (after a break in comic collecting) ,and would like to send all responsible a big thank you for your time and effort in sharing your interest(passion) with like minded people.

Your wonderful site is a goldmine of info on what I love most, D.C comics, and I look forward to reading through your archived material.

Once thank you and keep up the good work.

Yours in rapture,

Andy Hayward.

You're very welcome, Andy. Just keep those letters coming, folks!

Letters Editor Chaim Mattis Keller, aka Legion-Reference-File Lad, is a computer programmer who lives in New York City with his wife and four children.

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