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Our last contest centered upon action sequences. Dramatic interplay between characters isn't often stressed in fan art, which often centers on straight poses or solo action. Thus, we wanted to push our artists into showing dramatic fight scenes.

Here are the results:


"Capes" by Nikoru-chan

It's rough and uncolored, and Batman's anatomy looks a little off, but we like the kinetic motion. Look! Movement lines and impact bursts! All in all, this one did a good job of conveying an action scene…the pivotal criteria for the judging of this contest.

Wonder Woman hitting Superman

"Wonder Woman vs. Superman" by Fred Sadek

Fred has a thing for Wonder Woman in mid-air. (See the last swimsuit challenge if ya don't believe us.) But it's the work on Superman's figure which is most compelling. An impressive job of shading and coloring all around.

What this piece lacks is a feeling of motion. There are no blurs, no movement lines, so that we're left with a static shot of characters in motion…like a snapshot using high-speed film. Now, there's certainly a school of art that prizes the static shot; that's basically what attracts people to the lifelike work of Alex Ross. In the future Fred might want to experiment with using his paint program to add blurs, streaks of movement, etc.

But all in all, an enjoyable entry.

Girls Night Out.

"Girls Night Out" by Adrianne

Michael Hutchison says:

"On my home computer this piece is so dark I can't even see who is at the bottom of the frame. On my work computer, I could just make out that there is a figure at the bottom who is in a Bat-costume, and I'm guessing it's Batgirl.

I'm not sure if Harley is kicking her or hanging from something or floating in midair or if I have the picture upside down and she's unconscious on the floor. In fact, looking at it again, I wonder where her legs end.

In other words, this piece shows some real talent but suffers from the very dark coloring. I'd really like to get a gander at Adrianne's pencils."

All in all, we like Adrianne's first contest entry and hope she contributes again. She obviously has it where it counts in terms of drawing.

Superman vs. Bizarro

"Superman vs. Bizarro" by Phil Meadows

Nice movement line in Superman's punch. Bizarro looks odd in his stance, but that's probably normal for Bizarro. The details on the characters and the background are both good, especially the muscle definition. We also like the canted angle of the picture.

"Darkseid vs. Ambush Bug" by the Brothers Grinn

Finally, we have the entry by the Brothers Grinn.

Ambush Bug, in a rather uncharacteristic burst of athletics, takes on Darkseid himself. Let's file this under "unlikely" and look at the artistic merits. First off, the details and coloring are even better than their usual quality. And, as always, it's hilarious.

But on the merits of character interaction and movement, this also works quite well. Ambush Bug himself isn't given any motion aside from the natural freefall of a non-flier, but the omega beams and the sound effect, and even the Cheeks doll, give the image a lot of energy.

Ladies and gentleman, I'm proud to announce that the Brothers Grinn have won the Action Art Challenge! Surprisingly, despite entering excellent entries in every art challenge, it has been a long time since they've won. Congratulations, guys!

I hope all of our art competitors will enter the new Villain Art Challenge.

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