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In Memorium:

Bob Riley

By Michael Hutchison


Fanzing contributor and comic enthusiast extraordinaire Bob Riley passed away April 22nd, 2001, of an embolism. He was 31.

Bob had a real talent for rendering DCU characters in the Dini/Timm animated style, and he collaborated with yours truly to do a number of short proposals in Fanzing back in 1998/1999. He also submitted a different logo for Fanzing every month patterned after a classic DC Comics logo. He designed our animated "Best of Fandom Award" and numerous other graphics for our site. It is to his credit that he never failed to come through when we requested something...usually ahead of the deadline and always looking stellar.

I should like to point out that Bob's strength wasn't just in emulating the popular animated style. Bob was a skilled artist in his own, he was an excellent mimic. I've compared the "Dibny: Animated" cover to the left which Bob did with the actual cover of "Batman: Animated" and marveled at the similarity. He nailed it!

As time went on, Bob's own collection of web sites grew and he had less time for Fanzing...especially when he began working for Alex Ross and other industry pros! Bob's art skills can be seen in the web sites he worked on. Obviously, his enthusiasm and skills were getting noticed and rewarded. Still, he was always quick to reply to e-mails and graciously contributed when he could.

I had the good fortune to finally meet Bob at the Alex Ross booth at Wizard World 2000. He was just as friendly and kind in person as he was over the Internet.

Our prayers go out to his family, who must be hurting right now. We miss him already.

Bob's work can be seen in our archives. Here are links to some of his more prominent contributions:

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The Metal Men

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