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Legion Characterization: The Best and Worst

by Todd Schoonover

Best Characterizations of the New Legion

1) Triad

Lu seems a bit older and more in control of herself and her future here, and the split personality doesn't seem as prominent. Her intelligence and cunning shows through thanks to her dealings as Brande's executive assistant.

2) XS

I wasn't too thrilled when I heard that they were going to be introducing new characters, but Jenni has taken a shine in my eye. Of course, of all the Legionnaires she has been the one with the most character development.

3) Brainiac 5

Now this is exactly how I always pictured Brainy, aloof and caring more about his research and experiments than the incidentals of life. I especially like how he ignored the antigrav material and feels that Lyle can cut it intellectually.

4) Colossal Boy

Forced into a leadership role, Gim showed that he's got the guts to admit that he was in over his head. This more than anything has made me place him among my favourites so far this era for the Legion. I'm looking forward to his revenge storyline.

5) Cosmic Boy

Rokk is still the consummate good guy. He's got that natural leadership ability that continues to keep him in the leadership role for the Legion. His focus is on doing what's best for the Legion and the universe, not what's best for the individual.

6) Invisible Kid

He's cocky, but he also delivers in the end. He's a practical person, looking at what needs to be or can be done, not dwelling in theory like Brainy. Best of all he's got his flaws, and isn't willing to admit them either, just like most of us.

7) R.J. Brande

Who knows if he'll turn out to be the Durlan from the 20th century again, but he's still shown he's got a heart of gold and has a great respect for the heroic tradition. He'd stand up to the U.P. for the Legion if he felt it could do anything good.

8) Evolvo Lad

He considers himself to be a monster so he stays in his future form. He's intelligent in that form, but gorgeous in his true era. I liked his interaction with Brainy and Imra, and how he acknowledges that he can't control his ape form.

9) Leland McCauley IV

The consummate control freak, he insists on dictating every move that the Work Force makes. Sure he's still the cold and manipulative villain that he's been of late, but he's become even more conniving by creating his own Legion.

10) Mano

I was thrilled when they decided to bring back this villain among the first. We finally get to see a real story with him, and he actually comes off as somewhat sympathetic in this story. I like the revenge kick against McCauley that motivates him.

Worst Characterizations of the New Legion

1) Karate Kid

I'm thrilled that Val has shown up so early in the series, but I have a real problem with his characterization. When he explained that he was employed by McCauley for ulterior motives, it just seemed so out of character for the Val I loved.

2) Spider Girl

I didn't like they way she was being portrayed in McCraw's Legion as a spineless woman who let Jo abuse her, and I don't like her as a leech at Jo's side either. Surely she can go back to being a strong female who can stand on her own.

3) Lightning Lass

I don't like this doting sister routine that is going on right now. Sure, she's smarter and loves her brother, but let's admit it, she likes being in the Legion and is glad that she's taken Garth's place. I do like her impulsiveness though.

4) Apparition

The interaction with her mom is nice, but I have to admit that I like Tinya to have a bit more of a spine than she's been showing lately. That was one thing I liked about her, her strength. And this gaga eyes over Jo is really lame too.

5) Inferno

Well, first off I wish she was Dirk instead of Beauty Blaze, but that's a different problem than her characterization. The blood-thirsty killer routine just doesn't cut it. I can't see McCauley hiring someone he obviously can't control or trust.

6) Saturn Girl

I have to admit that she's showing her true colours more here than she has in previous incarnations. She's being much more invasive in her telepathy. I just wish she'd be shown to be more manipulative and bad like we all know she really is.

7) Chameleon

I like how he doesn't know Interlac, it fits in well with the isolationism of the Durlans. The thing I don't like though is how his alien nature is being used for comic relief. Sure it's some great lines, but Cham isn't the Legion comedian.

8) Ultra Boy

I miss the bad boy, dumb jock Jo that hid his true intelligence in order to catch people off guard. I also don't like his obsession with Tinya, particularly when he's already in a relationship with Sussa. Ditch her and then he can pursue Tinya.

9) Kid Quantum

Overly cocky and way too sure of himself, I can't believe a planet would choose him to be their representative in the Legion unless they were trying to get rid of him. His flaws were what got him killed and I say good riddance.

10) Lightning Lad

Garth is real close to being what I expect. I like his impulsiveness which plays well off of his lightning powers. I would expect him to be a bit more family oriented though, as he should be working with Ayla to find his brother.

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