Too Many Long Boxes!

Hitchhiker's Guide
to the 30th Century

by John L. Censullo

Presented below is an overview of the Milky Way Galaxy, as it will exist in the 30th century. A map of the galaxy, which is based on the one presented in 2995: THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES SOURCEBOOK and LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES [fourth series], shows the locations of the various United Planets member worlds. Following that, one can enjoy a choice sampling of the Encyclopedia Galactica, which describes the histories and cultures of various charted worlds.


Map of the 30th Century!

1. Mercury, Venus,   10. Durla   30. Cargg   50. Lallor
1. Earth/Luna, 11. Quarantine 31. Shwar 51. Khundia
1. Mars, Jupiter, 12. Deltwan 32. Oomar 52. Ankar
1. Saturn/Titan, 13. Lythyl 33. Baaldur 53. Preztor
1. Uranus, Neptune, 14. Taltaro 34. Weber's World 54. Tyrraz
1. Pluto 15. Tharr 35. Janda 55. Grath
1. Rann, 16. Tsauron 36. Femnaz 56. Zerox
1. Amadus 17. Dolminus 37. Myar 57. Pasnic
1. Procyon 2 18. Fresish 38. Starhaven 58. Sklar
1. Altair 5 19. N'cron 39. Zyni'r 59. Extal
1. Antares II 20. Arane II 40. Elia 60. Zirr
1. Thanagar 21. Hykraius 41. Braal 61. Trom
2. Colu 22. Thaun 42. Imsk 62. Darzy 1
3. the Haven 23. Zwen 43. Naltor 63. Orando
4. Avalon 24. Xanthu 44. Talok VIII 64. Venegar
5. Toonan 25. R-K528 45. Grykk 65. Xolnar
6. Daxam 26. Winath 46. Tharn 66. Zoon
7. Takron-Galtos 27. Talus 47. Rimbor 67. Paradise Planet
8. Kathoon 28. Tartarus 48. Ikros 68. Labyrinth
9. Ventura 29. Bismoll 49. Seeris 69. the Asteroid Archipelago


Famous Natives: None.
Native Abilities: None.
History: A small artificial prison, designed by the Wakeets and built by Coluans. This prison orbits just under the surface of Earth's star, Sol, and is protected from the fierce nuclear plasma by a powerful magnetic field.

Famous Natives: None.
Native Abilities: None.
History: A small planetoid located within the orbit of Mercury, hollowed out by billionaire R. J. Brande and transformed into an inhabitable retreat. It has since been abandoned.

Famous Natives: None.
Native Abilities: None.
History: Mercury is the closest planet to the star Sol at a distance of 0.387 A.U.. It is 3,031 miles in diameter. Its day equals 58.65 Earth days and its year equals 87.97 Earth days. With no atmosphere to moderate its environment, the temperature ranges at its surface are extreme. The side of the planet facing away from the Sun is typically a frigid -300 (F while the side facing the Sun reaches a brutal 870 (F. Mercury's gravity is 0.37 that of Earth. Years ago, Earthgov placed Multivac, a medical facility, in a stationary orbit above Mercury. The facility nearly met with disaster when it was discovered that Mercury was home to a native life-form composed entirely of agitated plasma. These life-forms would unknowingly pass through Multivac's protective dome as well as through some of the facility's patients.

Famous Natives: Cosmic King (Laevar Bolto).
Native Abilities: None.
History: Venus is the second planet from the star Sol at a distance of 0.723 A.U.. It is 7,518 miles in diameter. Its day equals 243 Earth days and its year equals 224.7 Earth days. The surface of the world is totally obscured by its carbon dioxide atmosphere and sulphuric acid clouds. There is almost no water to be found on this planet and, because of the "greenhouse effect", its surface temperature reaches 890 (F. Venus' gravity is 0.88 times that of Earth; its atmospheric pressure is 90 times Earth's. Even with these hellish conditions, the planet is home to some dangerous life-forms. Venus was colonized by a splinter culture of Earth humans in the early 21st century. Cities were constructed to protect against both the atmospheric conditions and the wildlife. The residents of Venus have developed a violent distrust of anything non-Terran and thus consider such things as transmutation and shape-changing to be criminal acts.

Famous Natives: Bouncing Boy (Charles Taine, husband of Triplicate Girl/ Duo Damsel/ Triad); Celeste Rockfish/ Neon (Celeste McCauley); Colossal Boy/ Leviathan (Gim Allon, except for "reboot" reality); Computo (Danielle Foccart, sister of Invisible Kid [II]); Crystal Kid (Bobb Kohan); Ferro Lad/ Ferro (Andrew Nolan); Impulse [I] (Richard Kent Shakespeare, "Glorith" reality only); Infinite Man (Jaxon Rugarth); Invisible Kid [I] (Lyle Norg); Invisible Kid [II] (Jacques Foccart, brother of Danielle Foccart, husband of Infectious Lass); Karate Kid [I] (Val Armorr, husband of Queen Projectra); Porcupine Pete (Peter Dursin); Rond Vidar (a Green Lantern, common-law husband of Laurel Gand); Shvaughn/Sean Erin; Spider Girl/ Wave (Sussa Paka); Sun Boy/ Inferno [I] (Dirk Morgna); Tyroc (Troy Stewart - actually from interdimensional island Marzal which reappears once every 200 years in the Earth dimension for 30 years); ERG-1/ Wildfire/ NRG (Drake Burroughs); Comet the Super-Horse (Biron, "pre-Crisis" reality only); Streaky the Super-Cat ("pre-Crisis" reality only).
Native Abilities: Although native Terrans exhibit no metahuman powers, many have gained special abilities through accidents or experiments which have triggered what has been called the metagene -- a specialized gene which enables Terran physiology to be altered to adapt to a situation.
History: Earth is the third planet from the star Sol at a distance of 1.0 A.U.. It is 7,923 miles in diameter. Earth has only one moon, Luna. Earth is the homeworld of humanity. Beginning in the late 20th century, colonists from Earth established societies on planets throughout the galaxy. Eventually, those colonies, along with other non-Terran worlds, joined with the Earth to form the United Planets. The planet Earth remained an important part of the galactic community until June 4, 2995. Due to toxic proton jelly wastes which were buried under Earth's surface during the 24th century, the Earth exploded. Luckily, a few centuries earlier, some of Earth's largest cities were equipped with technologies which enabled them to become space-worthy. Ninety-four cities survived the Great Terran Disaster. The two billion people who were forced to remain behind on the planet's surface were killed. The cities soon linked up to form New Earth. Efforts to recreate the Earth were under way by the end of 2995.

Famous Natives: None.
Native Abilities: None.
History: Earth's moon, Luna, is 2,159 miles in diameter and has no atmosphere. Luna's surface temperature ranges from -280 (F to 260 (F and its gravity is 0.165 that of Earth. Beginning in the 21st century, the governments of Earth established science and mining colonies on the Moon. After that came entire cities with supporting industries. By the late 30th century, vast underground cities existed which weaved their way all through Luna's core. Artificial gravity, a breathable atmosphere, nurturing warmth -- the cities of Luna were complete in every way. On April 11, 2995, the mad Daxamite Dev-Em triggered a Dominator device which destroyed Earth's moon. The effects of the explosion were felt throughout the solar system. The nearly twenty million residents of Luna died instantly.

Famous Natives: Leviathan (Gim Allon, "reboot" reality only).
Native Abilities: None.
History: Mars is the fourth planet from the star Sol at a distance of 1.524 A.U.. It is 4,216 miles in diameter. Its day equals 1.03 Earth days and its year equals 686.98 Earth days. Mars has a thin atmosphere, its surface temperature ranges from -190 (F to 80 (F, and its gravity is 0.38 that of Earth. Mars has two moons, Deimos and Phobos. Centuries prior to the 20th century, Mars was colonized by a race of shape-changers. One such shape-changer, who would assume the name J'Onn J'Onzz, was transported to the Earth in the mid-20th century. It would be some time before he learned that he was transported not only through space but also through time ... he learned to his dismay that his race had become extinct a few centuries earlier. It is almost certain that his race had ties to the red-skinned shape-changers who colonized Saturn's moon, Titan, and may also be related to the ancient Durlans. Mars was first colonized by Terrans in the 21st century. The original Terran colonization zone is now known as Nix Olympia and has grown extensively over the centuries since Man originally settled there. The United Planets had begun terraforming the formerly barren planet, and up until the June 4, 2995 disaster over a tenth of the planet had been populated. Before the Great Terran Disaster, Mars was becoming well known for its vacationing spots and was chosen by many for honeymooning. After being battered by the destruction of Earth, it is expected to take nearly a decade to complete the repairs. Mars is also the location of the Science Police Training Academy. It was during his Science Police training that Gim Allon gained his powers as Colossal Boy/Leviathan.

Famous Natives: None.
Native Abilities: None.
History: Occupying the vast tract between Mars and Jupiter is the Asteroid Belt. It consists of thousands of small bodies ranging from less than 0.6 miles to over 620 miles in diameter. The largest asteroids are Ceres (620 mile diameter) and Vesta (340 mile diameter).

Famous Natives: None.
Native Abilities: None.
History: Jupiter is the fifth planet from the star Sol at a distance of 5.203 A.U.. It is 89,317 miles in diameter. Its day equals 0.41 Earth days and its year equals 11.86 Earth years. Jupiter is a gas giant with no solid surface. The temperature at Jupiter's cloud tops is -235 (F, its gravity is 2.34 that of Earth, and its magnetic field is 20,000 times that of Earth. It has a narrow ring and many moons. The four largest moons are larger than the planet Pluto. The Jupiter colonies were established on Jupiter's larger moons.

Famous Natives: None.
Native Abilities: None.
History: Saturn is the sixth planet from the star Sol at a distance of 9.54 A.U.. It is 74,944 miles in diameter. Its day equals 0.43 Earth days and its year equals 29.46 Earth years. The temperature at Saturn's cloud tops is -300 (F and its gravity is 1.16 that of Earth. Saturn is a gas giant with no solid surface. Its most dramatic feature is its large ring-system. Saturn also has many moons, the largest of which is Titan.

Famous Natives: Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen, wife of Lightning Lad); Saturn Queen (Eve Aries, wife of Matter-Eater Lad); Esper Lass (Meta Ulnoor); Dev-Em (David Emery - actually born to Titanian parents on Earth, "post-Crisis" reality only).
Native Abilities: A variety of psychic powers, varying per individual, which may include telepathy, illusions, mind-reading, offensive mental attacks, and hypnotic suggestion.
History: Titan is the largest of Saturn's many moons and the only one with an atmosphere. Titan's diameter is 3,199 miles. It has an atmospheric pressure 1.5 times that of Earth and a surface temperature of -280 (F. At least a few centuries prior to the 20th century, a race of shape-changers colonized Titan. By the end of the 20th century, this race had all but died out. One survivor reached the planet Earth and went by the name Jemm. It is almost certain that his race had ties to the green-skinned shape-changers who had colonized the planet Mars and, quite possibly, to the ancient Durlans. Titan was again colonized by Terrans during the 21st and 22nd centuries. It is uncertain what caused the Terran colonists to develop their psychic abilities. Some attribute the powers to the hypnotic and psycho-sympathetic gemstones which can be found on both Titan and in Saturn's rings. The mental powers appear to have no set genetic pattern as far as being passed on to offspring. These psychic, often intrusive, abilities have made the Titanians the targets of xenophobia from some -- most often those who have something to hide. A monarchy was established on Titan during the chaotic 28th century and continues its rule to this day. Titan has been considered a popular resort planet, even though it was affected by the June 4, 2995 destruction of Luna. The combined advanced technology and hard work of the Titanians has helped keep the problems under control.

Famous Natives: None.
Native Abilities: None.
History: Uranus is the seventh planet from the star Sol at a distance of 19.18 A.U.. It is 31,752 miles in diameter. Its day equals 0.72 Earth days and its year equals 84.01 Earth years. The temperature at Uranus' cloud tops is -350 (F and its gravity is 1.15 that of Earth. Uranus is a gas and ice-rich planet with a narrow ring-system and a number of moons. Uranus was tipped on its side by some early catastrophic collision. The Uranus colonies were established on Uranus' larger moons.

Famous Natives: Ron-Karr.
Native Abilities: None.
History: Neptune is the eighth planet from the star Sol at a distance of 30.07 A.U.. It is 30,783 miles in diameter. Its day equals 0.73 Earth days and its year equals 164.79 Earth years. The temperature at Neptune's cloud tops is -300 (F and its gravity is 1.12 that of Earth. Neptune is a gas and ice-rich planet much like Uranus and also has a ring-system and a number of moons. The Neptune colonies were established on Neptune's larger moons.

Famous Natives: None.
Native Abilities: None.
History: Pluto is the ninth and final planet from the star Sol at a distance of 39.44 A.U.. It is 1,419 miles in diameter. Its day equals 6.4 Earth days and its year equals 247.7 Earth years. The temperature at Pluto's surface is -390 (F. Its moon, Charon, is 740 miles in diameter and only 10,559 miles distant from Pluto, making Pluto and Charon less a planet-moon system and more a double-planet system. Pluto, in its eccentric orbit, actually comes closer to the Sun than Neptune for a period of 20 Earth years. A small outpost is located on this desolate world.

Famous Natives: XS (Jenni Ognats, "reboot" reality only).
Native Abilities: None.
History: Nothing extraordinary can be said of this typical human colony world other than it is the homeworld of the Legionnaire named XS. Jenni Ognats, XS, is the daughter of the Aarokian Jeven Ognats and his wife, Dawn Allen of Earth.

Famous Natives: Kinetix (Zoe Saugin, "reboot" reality only).
Native Abilities: None.
History: Aleph is ruled by a governmental body called the Council. When the citizens of Aleph learned that one of their own, Zoe Saugin, acquired the ability to manipulate and restructure inanimate objects, they considered her an aberration of nature. When the Council introduced Ms. Saugin to the Legion of Super-Heroes as their planet's representative, they assured the Legionnaires that they did not agree with that sentiment. The truth of their words is suspect.

Famous Natives: Proty [I] (faked the sacrificing of his own life to revive the recently dead Garth Ranzz/Lightning Lad, secretly inhabited Ranzz's body); Proty II; Kid Quantum a.k.a. the Soul of Antares (aliases used: James Cullen, Rouvin).
Native Abilities: Shape-shifting, telepathy.
History: The second planet in the Antares star system is home to the peaceful race called the Proteans. Originally, the Protean race resembled globes with eyes. They acquired their protoplasmic forms many centuries ago during the Second Llorn Age. The scientific humanoid race called the Llorn landed there and adopted the creatures as pets. When a passing star altered the orbit of the planet, the climate changed and became too hot and dry for the Llorn to remain there. Using an evolution device, the scientists altered the Proteans so that they could survive and adapt to the different environments which would surely follow. The Llorn trained the Proteans in self-actualizing mental exercises that, when combined with the Llorn's science, allowed the Antaran natives to blossom into full-fledged telepathic shape-shifters. In early 2973, one of the Proteans violated the teachings of the Elders and revealed secrets of their world and powers to an enchanting visitor. They were attacked and about to be enslaved. The Proteans gathered their minds together and transferred them into the one who had inadvertently betrayed them. This vessel, known as the Soul of Antares, assumed human form, was stripped of his telepathic and shape-changing powers, and was smuggled off the planet. Only seven Proteans retained their sentience, so that when the threat to their race was ended, they could recover and restore their race's intelligence. Unaware that the seven were hiding amongst their mindless brethren, and believing that the population of Antares II were now useless, untrainable protoplasmic husks, the conqueror left the Protean homeworld. Although the Proteans are very intelligent, it took many years for the United Planets to recognize them as sentient beings with full rights.

Famous Natives: Phantom Girl (Tinya Wazzo); Phantom Lad (Solon Darga); Phase (Enya Wazzo, cousin of Phantom Girl, transported to the 20th century).
Native Abilities: A small selection of natives have the ability to shift themselves through a limited group of dimensions -- including their own "Bgztl dimension" (typically known as the Phantom Dimension), the "Earth dimension", and the Buffer Zone -- a dimension between the Earth and Bgztl dimensions.
History: A near duplicate of Earth, the planet Bgztl exists in exactly the same space as Earth, only in another dimension. Near the end of the 20th century, a youth named Bgztl had led a group of his peers, all of whom had the ability to phase through other objects, from the Earth dimension to the world that would come to bear his name. Records indicate that a civilization of ordinary humanoids was already in existence on the planet at that time, but Bgztl and his clan quickly became a dominant force in their society. The natives of Bgztl learned centuries ago that they could travel to the Earth dimension, but up until the 24th century, when they sent an ambassador to establish relations between the two planets, they were believed to be ghosts or phantoms. Most Bgztlrs require technological assistance to shift into the Earth dimension, traveling in ships or using other devices, but a select few have such control over their abilities that they can travel back and forth without assistance. Lying between Bgztl and Earth is the Buffer Zone, a dimension the Bgztlrs shift into when they become intangible and are able to phase through solid objects.

Famous Natives: Calorie Queen (Taryn Loy); Matter-Eater Lad (Tenzil Kem, husband of Saturn Queen).
Native Abilities: Able to eat and digest matter of any kind.
History: The planet Bismoll was colonized by Terrans a millennium ago. After a few years there, the colonists learned that a deadly microbe was poisoning them and rendering their food supplies inedible. Unable to evacuate the planet, the colony scientists bio-engineered enzymes which enabled the Bismollians to digest the poisonous food supplies. The descendants of these colonists discovered that the enzymes caused a change in their genetic structures which also enabled them to digest inorganic matter as well. By the 30th century, Bismoll developed a political system which selected its leaders through a draft. The Legionnaire named Matter-Eater Lad was forced to leave his teammates when he learned that he had been drafted into political office.

Famous Natives: Cosmic Boy/ Polestar (Rokk Krinn - actually born to Braalian parents on Earth, husband of Night Girl); Magnetic Lad/Kid [II] (Pol Krinn, brother of Rokk Krinn); Magno Lad (Kort Grezz).
Native Abilities: Ability to control magnetic fields.
History: A hostile world occupied by deadly metallic creatures, Braal was colonized a millennium ago by a warrior race whose world was destroyed by the Dominators. Prior to their escape, the Dominators had performed experiments on the humanoids, genetically engineering them to have magnetic powers. After occupying the planet, the colonists used these abilities to ward off the menacing metallic beasts. After gaining a foothold on the planet, the new Braalians began to establish their new society, and by the 30th century had not only managed to have a better control over their bestial neighbors, but had developed into a technologically advanced civilization. Small outposts have been established on a number of planets in the star system, with Braal-13 being the outermost populated world. At 14 years of age, youths are considered "of majority" and are sent to work -- typically off-planet. Many of these youngsters become contestants in magno-ball, the native sport that attracted many tourists to Braal prior to the economic disaster brought about by the disbanding of the United Planets. Braal had survived many economic recessions in previous years, but this galaxy-wide collapse could not be withstood. The planet's leaders chose to instigate a war with Imsk in the hopes of reviving their planet's economy, but the result was dismal failure. The Imskians successfully rebelled, and many lives on both sides were destroyed in the Venado Bay Massacre of October 2991. The Braal-Imsk war ended with the Imskian occupation of Braal.

Famous Natives: Triplicate Girl/ Duo Damsel/ Triad (Luornu Durgo Taine, wife of Bouncing Boy).
Native Abilities: Triplicating into three separate bodies.
History: This planet, a Terran colony established a millennium ago, exists in a complicated orbit around three suns -- the only planet in the known galaxy to have inhabitants living in these bizarre conditions. Underneath the continuous exposure to light have grown plants capable of living only in these conditions. The high exposure to solar radiation not only makes Cargg a beautiful, lush planet, but also one that is not very welcoming to visitors. Non-natives are required to wear protective gear at all times. Most Carggite triplicates possess the exact same emotions -- those who don't are considered something of a social outcast, requiring psychological treatment. In most cases, the death of any of the triplicates will result in the death of the others. Shortly after the collapse of the U.P. economy in October 2989, a major meteor impact clouded the atmosphere, intensifying the planet's perpetual winter. During recent years, the Dark Circle has attempted to overrun the planet. This take-over attempt was defeated with the assistance of Valor and Shadow Lass.

Famous Natives: Brainiac (20th century villain: a robot in "pre-Crisis" reality, Vril Dox I in later realities); Brainiac 5 (Querl Dox, descendant of Vril Dox II); Mr. Starr/ Pulsar Stargrave (artificial humanoid form for the Computer Tyrants of Colu); Vril Dox II (founder of L.E.G.I.O.N., son of Brainiac, father of Lyrl Dox, except for "pre-Crisis" reality).
Native Abilities: High intelligence.
History: Colu is one of the rim worlds, located about 20,000 light years from Earth, out on the approach to the Magellanic Clouds. It is the fourth planet from its sun and its surface is almost exactly 50% land-50% sea. The planet has six moons. Colu is the leading technological world in the United Planets. The Coluans are not only the most advanced humanoid intellects known but also the longest living mortals in the galaxy, with average life-spans of 600 years. Two millennia ago, the planet was taken over by a world-wide computer network which, because of their malevolent nature, became known as the Computer Tyrants of Colu. By the late 20th century, the planet's people were like helpless children, brainwashed for obedience at birth. One exception was the evil scientist Vril Dox, who served the Tyrants willingly. Vril Dox had a son of the same name who was accelerated to adulthood, however he did not share the views of his traitorous father. Eventually, the Tyrants grew nervous and ridded themselves of the elder Vril Dox. The mind of the elder Dox survived and took over a Terran's body, becoming the villainous Brainiac. The younger Dox was handed over to an Alien Alliance. After escaping from the Alliance, Vril Dox II formed L.E.G.I.O.N., an interstellar police force, and freed Colu from the Tyrants' rule. The Tyrants transferred their collective minds into a humanoid form and adopted the name Mr. Starr. The Tyrants would resurface a thousand years later as Pulsar Stargrave. In the late 30th century, Querl Dox, a direct descendant of both Vril Doxes, joined the Legion of Super-Heroes under the name Brainiac 5. Like others in his family line, Querl has a 12th level intelligence.

Famous Natives: Mon-El/ Valor (Lar Gand, husband of Shadow Lass); Dev-Em (Dev-Em, "Glorith" reality only); Laurel Gand/ Andromeda (Laurel Gand, descendant of Lar Gand, common-law wife of Rond Vidar, "Glorith" and "reboot" realities only); Ol-Vir; Roxxas the Butcher (Kivun Roxxas, "reboot" reality only).
Native Abilities: All natives of Daxam gain a wide variety of super-powers when exposed to the rays of a yellow sun (super-strength, invulnerability, vision powers, flight powers, and more).
History: The planet Daxam orbits a red sun in a star system located at the rim of the United Planets and is home to a race of xenophobic humanoids. It wasn't until the late 20th century that Daxamites learned that they had a lethal reaction to exposure to lead, an element scarce on their homeworld. Like Kryptonians, Daxamites gain incredible powers under the influence of a yellow sun. In fact, it is believed that Daxam is either a colony world of Krypton or that Kryptonians and Daxamites both originally come from a common star system. This is supported by the fact that the only anti-lead serums ever created have had kryptonite as their essential ingredient. Daxam was revered throughout the galaxy as leaders in the field of biogenetic engineering. This changed to fear however when Darkseid conquered Daxam and sent its inhabitants on a rampage throughout the United Planets. Although Daxam was soon freed by the Legion of Super-Heroes, it was later destroyed by Glorith, the mistress of time. The only survivors of this calamity were Valor (Lar Gand of the 20th century), Laurel Gand, and Dev-Em.

Famous Natives: Brik (member of 20th century Green Lantern Corps); Strata (member of 20th century L.E.G.I.O.N.); Blok; Lazon (Chey-Nu); Mist Master (Ye Sti-Tuan); Neutrax (Wi Kan Muur); Silver Slasher (Ki-Lan); Titania (real name unknown).
Native Abilities: Native silicon-based sentients: invulnerability, strength; Human colonists: none.
History: Dryad was a quiet world, located on the fringe of the galaxy. It was a beautiful place, containing a breathable atmosphere and teeming with flora; its sky filled with a dozen moons. While it was devoid of animal lifeforms, it did serve as home to a sentient race of silicon-based rock-like humanoids. During their equivalent of puberty, called "gendering", Dryadians would shed their outer skin and discover what sex they were. As they got older, Dryadians grew larger and slowed down, eventually spending much of their time in dormancy. This planet was off the beaten track and rarely encountered. In the 20th century, one native of Dryad was captured and imprisoned by an alien Alliance, later escaping and founding L.E.G.I.O.N., while another was chosen for the Green Lantern Corps. This planet was all but forgotten for many centuries. In the early 30th century, human U.P. settlers landed on the planet, unaware of its inhabitants, and named it Korlon. The silicon people chose to observe the humans for a time and, only after learning their language and deciding they were benign, finally made contact with the humans. After the initial shock, both races lived in harmony. Later, in 2979 A.D., the world's sun began to go nova! Luckily, the United Planets, along with five Legionnaires, arrived in time to evacuate the planet. The humans were brought to other colonies while the natives chose to enter their dormant state, allowing themselves to be set adrift in space. From the evacuation ship windows, the humans, and one young native Dryadian who went with them, saw their world explode due to the planet's unstable core. In 2983 A.D., five of the human children and the young Dryadian, falsely believing that the Legionnaires destroyed their world, formed the League of Super-Assassins. Only the native Dryadian, Blok, realized their mistake and soon joined the very Legion that he had once hated. Blok, believed to be the last of his kind, was killed in 2994 A.D. by the butcher Roxxas.

Famous Natives: Rene' Jacques Brande (Ren Daggle, father of Chameleon Boy); Chameleon Boy/ Chameleon (Reep Daggle, son of R. J. Brande); Chameleon Kid (Toog Lintens); Yera (wife of Colossal Boy).
Native Abilities: Shape-shifting
History: Having survived a devastating nuclear holocaust on their world 3200 years ago, the shape-changing natives of Durla have adapted to their brutal surroundings. The Durlans now live in tribes, each typically taking a unique form so as to distinguish its members from those of another tribe. The nomadic people are very independent and competitive, often fighting with other tribes. Durla is an extremely xenophobic world, not trusting, and feared by, non-Durlans. Few have left the planet and found success in other areas of the galaxy.

Famous Natives: Tellus (Ganglios).
Native Abilities: Limited telepathy and telekinetics.
History: Hykraius was only recently discovered by the Gil'dishpan. The planet is covered by what the inhabitants call Great Mother Ocean, a liquid soup composed of water, methane, and other elements common to the atmospheres of other inhabitable worlds. The Hykraians, the intelligent lizard-fish native to this world, swim along the tides of the methane oceans. Because of its remote location and hostile atmosphere, Hykraius is rarely visited by members of the United Planets. In fact, members of the Legion of Super-Heroes were among the first non-natives to see this world other than the Gil'dishpan.

Famous Natives: Micro Lad/ Micro (Lalo Muldroon); Shrinking Violet (Salu Digby).
Native Abilities: Imskians can shrink to sub-atomic size.
History: The Imskians are descendants of a Krill colony which arrived on the planet Imsk, in the Irulan star system, almost one million years ago. In their eleventh year there (Earth time), the planet began to shrink! As the world slowly shrank, the colonists began to starve. After 50 days of this, one of their scientists developed a shrinking ray from radiation found in the planet's unique rock. Imskians require yearly doses of this radiation in order to retain their powers. The planetary shrinking occurs once every 10 Earth years and lasts for 90 Earth days. Unfortunately for the Imskians, space dragons ate all of the radioactive rock and so they must constantly harvest the radiation from the creature's scales. Imskians can shrink to microscopic size, apparently shunting their mass into another dimension when they do so. In the aftermath of the Great Collapse, Imsk was attacked by the planet Braal. The Imskians developed a method of removing the Braalian's magnetic powers and succeeded in occupying the invading world.

Famous Natives: Superboy/ Superman (Kal-El a.k.a. Clark Kent); Supergirl (Kara Zor-El a.k.a. Linda Lee Danvers, cousin of Kal-El, "pre-Crisis" reality only); Dev-Em (Dev-Em, "pre-Crisis" reality only); Krypto the Super-Dog ("pre-Crisis" reality only); Beppo the Super-Monkey ("pre-Crisis" reality only).
Native Abilities: All natives of Krypton gain a wide variety of super-powers when exposed to the rays of a yellow sun (super-strength, invulnerability, vision powers, flight powers, and more).
History: At the time of its destruction in the mid-20th century, the planet Krypton had become an advanced technological society. It is ironic that such a society would ignore the warnings of one of their most distinguished scientists, Jor-El. Jor-El was certain that, very soon, Krypton would explode. His warnings went unheeded and, in Krypton's final moments, he sent his only son Kal-El to the planet Earth in a rocket-ship. Kal-El would grow up to become one of the galaxies greatest heroes ... Superman. All that remains of the once-great planet Krypton is the deadly radioactive debris which now orbits its red star, Rao.

Famous Natives: Blackout Boy (Graah); Magnetic Kid [I] (Xaxan); Size Lad (Aarl).
Native Abilities: None.
History: Located on the planet Murra was a military power which had intentions of invading the planet Earth. They learned to their dismay that the Legion of Super-Heroes had heard rumor of a pending invasion and discovered that the Legion intended to implement "Plan-R" to successfully defend against the invading forces. Murra's military power sent three spies to infiltrate the Legion of Super-Heroes so as to steal the secrets of Plan-R. The spies took pills which gave them special powers, posed as Legion applicants, and were inducted as members. They found the plans and headed back to Murra. What they did not know was that the Legion was on to them the whole time. The induction of the three spies was a ruse which allowed the Legion, and thus the United Planets, to locate and neutralize the planned invasion.

Famous Natives: Nemesis Kid (Hart Druiter).
Native Abilities: None.
History: Myar was one of the few worlds remaining in the 30th century which retained its ties to mysticism. It was on this world that a man named Hart Druiter used alchemy to give himself the ability to defeat any one foe. When the fierce and powerful Khund Empire began plans for an invasion of Earth, they hired Druiter to infiltrate the Legion of Super-Heroes as their spy. Druiter joined the Legion as Nemesis Kid. At about that same time, the United Planets learned that the Khunds were preparing a large military operation and notified the Legion. One of the Khund warlords contacted Earth and gave it one hour to surrender. Legionnaires were sent out to different locations on the Earth to protect from sabotage the three existing electro-towers, devices which could repel such an invasion force. All three towers were destroyed and the Khunds attacked. One of the towers turned out to be a decoy and the real, remaining tower blasted the Khund fleet. Nemesis Kid was discovered to be the traitor but was able to escape. The planet Myar suffered greatly following the Magic Wars.

Famous Natives: Dream Girl (Nura Nal); the Hag/ the White Witch (Mysa Nal, sister of Nura Nal, wife of Mordru).
Native Abilities: Precognition.
History: A few centuries ago, people from the Sorcerers' World settled this uninhabited planet. The humanoids of the planet Naltor are blessed (or cursed, depending on your point of view) with the ability to see brief glimpses of the future. Naltor's government and economy are completely based on the people's ability to see the future. Despite the fact that the sciences flourish on this world, Naltorian society and its government are structured on mysticism. Naltor is ruled by the High Seer, the planet's ultimate authority. Naltor is a matriarchal society.

Famous Natives: Captain Frake (Alisia Frake); Dynamo-Boy (Vorm).
Native Abilities: None.
History: This asteroid is a base for many of the galaxy's space pirates, earning it the name "the Pirate Planetoid". New Tartuga follows in the shadow of a gas giant which is in orbit around an orange star. The space pirates control the planetoid with a rule of terror.

Famous Natives: Princess Projectra/ Queen Projectra/ Sensor Girl (Projectra, wife of Karate Kid [I]).
Native Abilities: Mysticism.
History: Orando, the only inhabited planet in the Valar Three star system, has a culture and technologies equivalent to that of feudal England. Until recently, the people of this world resisted all contact with outside traders and technos, and refused to allow the construction of a space port facility on their planet. In the late 30th century, the planet's monarch King Voxv, and later his daughter Queen Projectra, allowed limited development of Orando's mineral resources. Their efforts were doomed to failure. First, Projectra's cousin challenged her ascension to the throne upon her father's death. Later, the planet was seized by the Legion of Super-Villains and Projectra's husband Val Armorr, the former Legionnaire named Karate Kid, was murdered. After the defeat of the Super-Villains, Queen Projectra used the villain's technology to transport Orando into another dimension. Five and a half years later, Projectra returned Orando to its proper place in normal space.

Famous Natives: Chemical King (Condo Arlik).
Native Abilities: None.
History: Phlon is one of the newer colony worlds in the United Planets. It is an important world due to the abundance of valuable and rare minerals located under its hostile surface. Beneath the specially designed pressure domes, the colonists are responsible for the synthesis of many of the mineral ores that are too dangerous to transport in their raw state. The planet is governed by a U.P. commission and has yet to be named a self-supporting entity and sovereign world.

Famous Natives: Command Kid (Jeem Rehtu).
Native Abilities: None.
History: Preztor is an ocean world with almost no land masses. Its people live in undersea, domed cities. One of the few islands on the planet is deemed off-limits by the world's citizens who believe that a mountain on the island is inhabited by evil demons. It is for this reason that the island is named Taboo Isle. The demons can be exorcised from a possessed host by exposure to gold, the demons' one weakness.

Famous Natives: Reflecto [I] (Stig Ah); Ultra Boy/ Emerald Dragon (Jo Nah).
Native Abilities: None.
History: Rimbor, a world at the edge of U.P. space, was originally home to a race of humanoids who became extinct circa 5,000-4,000 B.C.. The planet was re-colonized by humans in the 25th century. Rimbor is located near a heavily-mined asteroid belt and serves as a way station for miners. Most of Rimbor's city-states are considered rough, lower-class areas, however some affluent regions do exist. The Legionnaire named Ultra Boy grew up in one of those wealthier areas.

Famous Natives: Dawnstar.
Native Abilities: Flight.
History: The colony world known as Starhaven is the only planet in orbit around its yellow sun. It is located in the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy and thus its night sky is filled with stars. The planet's population is descended from Earth's Amerinds who emigrated from Earth in the late 23rd century in hopes that they might retain their gradually vanishing cultural heritage. Since their colonization of this world seven centuries ago, the people of Starhaven have developed functioning wings which were the result of genetic experimentation. Starhaven is governed by a Council of Elders, representing each of the Amerind tribes. The planet has a totally unspoiled environment and the government severely restricts visitors to ensure the planet's continued conservation.

Famous Natives: Lyrissa Mallor (one of the charter members of the 20th century L.E.G.I.O.N., mother of Lydea Mallor); Lydea Darkstar (Lydea Mallor, member of the 20th century L.E.G.I.O.N., daughter of Lyrissa Mallor); Shadow Lass (Tasmia Mallor, wife of Mon-El/Valor, cousin of Grev Mallor); Shadow Kid/Lad (Grev Mallor, husband of Kahnya Nahtahnie, cousin of Tasmia Mallor); Lady Memory (Kahnya Nahtahnie, wife of Grev Mallor).
Native Abilities: None.
History: Talok VIII is the eighth planet in orbit around the star Talok. Talok VIII is populated by a humanoid race which is blue-skinned , black-haired, and pointy-eared. The ruling class on Talok VIII, the City People, live in highly technological cities on the plateaus and valleys while the lower class, the Hill People, struggle to survive in the surrounding peaks. Wars between the two peoples were frequent and bloody. For the last millennium, beginning with a man known only as Mallor, the people of Talok VIII have been protected by a planetary champion. The Mallor bloodline has produced one individual per generation who is granted shadow powers with which to fulfill this role. After the death of Sarven Mallor in the late 30th century, two individuals, Tasmia and Grev Mallor, obtained these powers. To encourage unity between the world's two factions, the City People's champion Grev Mallor and the Hill People's Lady Memory, Kahnya Nahtahnie, have wed.

Famous Natives: Quislet (unpronounceable).
Native Abilities: All creatures from Teall are composed of pure energy. Teallians can inhabit and animate nearly any matter, however the inhabited object quickly breaks down and disintegrates.
History: Teall is not so much a world as a dimension. Teall is believed to be a microdimension accessible only through a black hole. Like the dimension itself, the inhabitants of this realm are composed of pure energy. The sentients there are actually remote forms of a group mind. The energy beings created a solid spacecraft, the Trans-D-Vessel, which would enable one of their number to search for other energy creatures who could be converted to the Teallian group mind. The being who would later be known as the Legionnaire named Quislet, a singular entity with an atypical degree of independent thinking, was chosen to be the ship's pilot. Quislet, however, enjoyed his free existence and had no desire to merge with the central mind. He took the craft straight into a black hole, eventually emerging in the Earth dimension. The Teallians later learned of Quislet's location and attempted to retrieve their craft and punish the traitor. With the help of friend and fellow Legionnaire Wildfire, Quislet escaped the wrath of the energy beings. Quislet was forever exiled from the place of his birth. It is unlikely that any other Teall natives would venture into our space.

Famous Natives: Polar Boy (Brek Bannin).
Native Abilities: Generation and projection of intense cold.
History: The planet Tharr is a Terran colony, established a millennium ago. Tharr is the sole planet in orbit around its giant blue-white star. It is an extremely dry and hot world, almost uninhabitable. When its mineral deposits were surveyed, it was deemed too valuable to ignore. The colonists of Tharr needed to develop new environmental technologies just to survive there. They constructed underground dwellings with massive cooling towers to chill and circulate the outside air. Over time, the Tharrians developed the ability to generate fields of intense cold to counter the heat. Most of the buildings on the planet are constructed underground to take advantage of Tharr's geologically cold core.

Famous Natives: Element Lad/ Alchemist (Jan Arrah).
Native Abilities: Transmutation of elements.
History: The planet Trom suffers from dangerously high radiation levels. A single broad valley, free of radiation, does exist on the planet and enabled a humanoid race to evolve there. The high background radiation still affected the developing humanoids however. Over many generations, numerous residents died from the damaging environment. Those that survived evolved a tolerance for the higher radiation levels and eventually developed the ability to transmute the elements. The Trommite people saw their ability as a divine gift and developed into a highly spiritual society. When they were contacted by the United Planets, the Trommites hid their ability for fear that they would be exploited. Their fears were realized when a pirate named Roxxas discovered their secret and attempted to force them to do his bidding. When they refused, the enraged pirate had the planet's small population completely wiped out. A sole survivor, Jan Arrah, escaped and helped the Legion of Super-Heroes bring the butcher to justice. Jan Arrah joined the Legion under the name Element Lad.

Famous Natives: Gates (real name unknown, "reboot" reality only).
Native Abilities: None.
History: Vyrga is home to a race of intelligent insect-like creatures. These sentients live in the jungles of their planet, enjoying a more natural, less technologically-oriented lifestyle. One of Vyrga's natives has the ability to teleport himself or other objects short distances. He was drafted as his planet's representative in the Legion of Super-Heroes but refused to go. Eventually, his leaders "persuaded" him to join.

Famous Natives: Lightning Lad/ Live Wire (Garth Ranzz, twin brother of Ayla Ranzz, husband of Saturn Girl); Lightning Lass/ Light Lass/ Spark (Ayla Ranzz, twin sister of Garth Ranzz); Lightning Lord (Mekt Ranzz, older brother of Garth and Ayla Ranzz); Validus (Garridan Ranzz, son of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl, twin of Graym Ranzz; temporarily transformed into a behemoth and sent back in time by Darkseid).
Native Abilities: None (The Ranzz siblings gained their lightning abilities through an accident on the asteroid Korbal).
History: Winath was one of the earliest planets settled by Terran colonists, established a millennium ago. The new colonists became part of the unusual symbiotic relationship all of the native organisms share with the planet -- every organism, whether flora or fauna, has a twin. The ratio of twin births to single births is calculated to be 983 to 1. Any being without a twin is considered "unbalanced", something of an outcast to Winathian society. Winath is well known throughout the United Planets for its agricultural production -- the 8 million natives being mostly farmers and traders living in small communities. Winathians rarely leave their home planet, hiring off-worlders to do their trading for them while they develop more farming communities. It is traditional for a set of Winathian twins to marry another set of twins. After the Great Collapse, Winath became an important food source for the rest of the United Planets.

Famous Natives: Atmos (Marak Russen); Devlin O'Ryan; Star Boy (Thom Kallor); second home to Kid Quantum ("Glorith" and "reboot" realities only).
Native Abilities: None.
History: Xanthu is one of the older colonies set up by Earth descendants. Due to its unusually clear atmosphere, this planet is very popular with astronomers. In fact, numerous space stations orbit this world of stargazers. Xanthu is ruled by the Tribune, a hereditary ruler. Xanthu was the home of three heroes who, at different times, were members of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Famous Natives: Mordru (Wrynn of Gemworld, husband of the White Witch); Second home to the White Witch.
Native Abilities: Most residents of this world study the mystic arts.
History: Over a millennium and a half ago, sorcerers from Earth decided to leave their homeworld and found a new land for themselves. Thus they established Gemworld, a suitable planet located in another dimension. They funneled their magic into twelve gemstones, each representing a different kingdom. Power struggles occasionally troubled Gemworld, however all that ended in the late 20th century when the legendary Amethyst consolidated the power into her being and then merged with the planet. She returned briefly in the early 21st century to stop the corrupted mage named Wrynn, now called Mordru, from threatening Gemworld. Amethyst buried Mordru within Gemworld for nearly a thousand years. Sometime between the 20th and 30th centuries, the entire world of Gemworld was moved into the Earth dimension. This planet would eventually become known as Zerox, the Sorcerers' World. Zerox was covered by great oceans and had very little dry land. Its population was distributed across numerous chains of islands. One such island was the Teacher's Isle, home of the most powerful sorcerers on the planet. Mordru escaped his confinement in the 30th century but his evil nature was not at first apparent. He studied on Teacher's Isle and instructed Mysa Nal, who would later be known as the White Witch. Eventually, Mordru's true nature was revealed and he would spend decades trying to conquer the galaxy. In 2989, a powerful entity known as the Archmage freed itself from the planet's crust and unleashed magic across the physical plane, starting the Magic Wars. The spirit of Amethyst arose once again and helped the Legion of Super-Heroes battle the evil being. The Archmage was tricked into destroying Zerox, killing himself and freeing the spirit of Amethyst.

Famous Natives: Lone Wolf/ Timber Wolf/ Furball (Brin Londo).
Native Abilities: None.
History: The planet Zoon is a world ravaged by centuries of extremely thorough exploitation. A highly ductile and malleable metal known as zuunium can be found here. Mining this rare metal has devastated the planet, poisoning its seas and fatally polluting its atmosphere. The residents of Zoon live in small communities within the caverns which crisscross beneath the surface. Zoon orbits within a highly unstable triple star system.

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