Too Many Long Boxes!

Legion of Superheroes

by Michael Condon

Can you solve the quiz before the 30th century?

1. Not counting Superboy or Supergirl, who was the first Legionnaire to get their own book?

A. Karate Kid.
B. Mon El (Valor).
C. Cosmic Boy.
D. Timber Wolf.

2. One of the surprises during Zero Hour was the Time Trapper's true identity. Who was he?

A. Rond Vidar.
B. Brainiac 5.
C. The Pocket Earth Superboy.
D. Cosmic Boy.

3. Pulsar Stargrave claimed to be the 30th century incarnation of which 20th century villain?

A. Amazo.
B. Evil Star.
C. Brainiac.
D. Starro the Conqueror.

4. What group did Monstress belong to before joining the Legion of Superheroes?

A. Legion of Substitute Heroes.
B. The Wanderers.
C. The Heroes of Lallor.
D. The Uncanny Amazers.

5. What was the post zero hour Mano's problem?

A. He's just a complete psycho who killed everyone on his home planet for fun. He joined the Fatal Five in order to cause more mayhem.
B. He was one of the few voices for peace in a world at war. The chemical weapons sold by Leland McCauley wound up killing everyone on his planet but him.
C. He was the first in a line of cyborg super soldiers created by McCauley for the highest bidder. He was a peaceful man overridden by his murderous machine brain. The first mission given to him by his owner, Tharok, was to kill McCauley so that no other cyborgs could be built.
D. He was a low level street thug who was given an energy blast power by a demon as part of the Underworld Unleashed crossover. The only catch is that he has to kill at least one person a day or the power will consume him.

6. What was Validus's origin?

A. He was a bio weapon designed by the people of the planet Pasnic to battle the Suneater.
B. Hearing about how Ultra Boy gained his powers through being ingested by a space dragon, space criminal Krul Dath piloted his space ship into the maw of a space dragon. His rescue hit a snag and he was inside the dragon for a week instead of the day that Ultra Boy had stayed. He came out looking normal, but quickly mutated when he tried using his powers after challenging Ultra boy to a duel.
C. He was a horribly mutated clone of Superman designed by Brainiac to be an engine of planetary destruction. Brainiac never had a chance to release the monster, and it lay in stasis until Brainiac 5 unwittingly released it when inspecting one of his ancestor's bases.
D. Darkseid kidnapped the son of Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad while he was inside her womb and mutated him into a brain lighting wielding behemoth and then transported him back in time.

7. How did R.J. Brande make his fortune in the pre zero hour timeline?

A. He created custom designed stars.
B. He had a modest sum in a Naltorian bank during his stint in L.E.G.I.O.N, after time travelling for almost a thousand years compound interest made it a considerably bigger sum.
C. He designed Stargates, spacewarps that allowed travel between the stars.
D. He was an expert salesman and diplomat who was able to get the various worlds to set aside their differences for the purpose of trade. This trade confederation became the United Planets.

8. Which reboot Legion ally is the child of a super villain?

A. Rond Vidar is Universo's son.
B. Lori Morning is Chronos's daughter.
C. The White Witch is Mordru's daughter.
D. Impulse is Professor Zoom's son.

9. Which Legionnaire was never a member of the Legion of Substitute Heroes?

A. Star Boy.
B. Dream Girl.
C. Polar Boy.
D. Magnetic Kid.

10. Which of the following did Mordru do in the twentieth century?

A. He sent demons through the curtain of time to torment the Legionnaires who were trapped in the Twentieth century.
B. Fight the Justice Society in order to usurp the powers of Dr. Fate.
C. He tried draining the magical energy from Rann to gain the power to rule the galaxy. Adam Strange, Sentinel and Green Lantern buried him at the center of the planet
D. All of the above.

11. Which Legionnaire was proved to be an imposter in a pre-crisis storyline?

A. Lighting Lad was killed in action in an early adventure but was later reanimated by the mind/spirit of Chameleon Boy's pet protean. The Protean pretended to be Lightning Lad in order to spare the Legionnaire's feelings.
B. Brainiac 5 was replaced by Pulsar Strargrave for several issues culminating in his using the Miracle Machine to unleash Omega on the cosmos.
C. Shrinking Violet was held prisoner by Imskian rebels while replaced by a Durlan for over a year's worth of issues.
D. Widfire's costume was inhabited by a sentient plasma creature allied with Dr. Regulus while the real Wildfire's helpless anti-energy form was held prisoner. The Widfire imposter grew to admire the Legionnaires and sacrificed himself battling Dr. Regulus in an attempt to rescue Wildfire.

12.Who did Timber Wolf think he was when he first met the Legion?

A. Superboy. It was part of a plot by Universo.
B. A Khund commando. He had been brainwashed by the Khunds.
C. A man hyper evolved from a wolf.
D. An android.

13. Which 20th. Century Supervillain did the pre Reboot Legion not fight?

A. Lex Luthor.
B. Professor Ivo.
C. Vandal Savage
D. Darkseid.

14. Who was the last leader of the Legion before it broke up in the wake of the Black dawn Crisis five years?

A. Sun Boy.
B. Sensor Girl.
C. Timber Wolf.
D Polar Boy.

15. Which Legionnaire came from a long line of planetary champions?

A. Star Boy.
B. Element Lad.
C. Shadow Lass.
D. Shrinking Violet.


1. A. Karate Kid got his series in the 70's. Cosmic Boy in the late 80's. Valor and Timber Wolf in the 90's.

2. D.

3. C.

4. D.

5. B. A was the original Mano's problem.

6. D. A was the origin given by President Chu to lure the Legion into coming into contact with the behemoth.


8. C. The Pre boot Rond Vidar was Universo's son. Lori Morning was the daughter of one of Chronos's henchmen. Impulse is a distant descendant of Professor Zoom.

9. D. Star Boy joined when he was thrown out of the Legion for taking a life in battle. Dream Girl quit the Legion and joined the subs to be with her boyfriend. They were later sponsored for membership by Superboy and Supergirl and proved themselves while disguised.

10. B.

11. C. Lightning Lad was revealed to be an imposter in volume 4. Interestingly enough, Braniac Five himself unleashed Omega upon the world while insane.

12. D.

13. C. Vandal Savage was a Justice Society villain, and I'm not even sure if he had an Earth one counterpart. The Legion fought Lex Luthor or his surrogates often in their early days. My favorite was the killer robot Urthlo who when defeated was found to have Lex Luthor's face and had a chest cavity filled with reel to reel tapes that said Hate Superboy, Hate Legion and Hate Hate Hate. Professor Ivo was kept in cryogenic facility and let out a few days a year. During that time he sent killer robots after the descendents of members of the Justice League. He attracted the Legion's attention when one of his robots fired a kryptonite bullet at Laurel Kent, who was Superman's descendant before DC made her an android sleeper agent for the Manhunters.

14. D. Sensor Girl was the last elected leader. She resigned to regain the throne of Orando making Timber Wolf Leader. Timber Wolf had a breakdown and Sun Boy was made unofficial leader. Then Sun Boy resigned from the Legion and appointed Polar Boy unofficial leader. Thanks to the FAQ page on Bits O Legionnaire Business for the proper sequence.

15. C.

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