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The Young and the Evil

by Martin Kelly

Looking out onto the city lights he saw pain. He saw people out there. People he had protected for many years. He had saved their lives more times than even he could count, and for what? Not once did they ever thank him. No gratitude. Nothing.

Well now it was his turn. He wanted the power. He wanted the money. He wanted everything. With the right attacks he would gain all the underworld power. All the money. All the...

Then he just stood there and thought about it.

He already had money and power. He didn't need anymore. Why put himself through anymore punishment for a couple million when he had billions in his own bank. He didn't even have to work.

He was young, rich, handsome and strong. He had the looks of a movie star and more money than God, and yet he was still a virgin at 33.

All these years he had wasted and now that he was free of all that responsibility and duty to protect his first thoughts were of more work?

Forget that.

And with that, Bruce Wayne hopped on his private jet with two dozen porn stars and headed off to Miami.

He was in trouble. A virus had affected Young Justice, turning them evil, and there was going to be a power struggle. He had always had problems with Superboy, but this was going to be worse. In the past he simply appealed to what passed for intelligence. Now he was just going to kill him, and since Robin didn't have any powers there wasn't much he could do to stop him once they landed at the Justice Cave. And from the way Kon was smiling at him, they both knew it. Even if he just handed the leadership over, he was still in for a brutal beating.

There was only one alternative.

"I guess you'll be heading over to Cadmus now?" Robin said to Kon.

"Now why would I want to do that?"

"Because they know that you have been infected by a virus that has turned you evil. Given that you are as powerful as Superman, they are going to classify you as a grade A security threat and send out all their big guns after you unless you attack them first."

It was true, he knew it. But it was also a way for him to get Superboy away from the team so he could keep control.

"You're right. I'm as powerful as Superman, so why should I be scared of Cadmus?"

"Because they created you, and they know all your secrets and limits. Lets not forget that clone virus Dabny Donovan created. How easy would it be for them to alter it to work on you?"

Robin had him, and he knew it. But he wasn't about to let him get away that easily. He wanted to hurt Robin bad.

"Good point. After I break both your legs I'll head out and trash Cadmus."

"You won't do that." Robin smirked. "I have access to Batman's files on how to take down heroes. I know all your weaknesses and, whilst I wouldn't win in a fight with you, I could give you a hell of a beating. Do you really want to waste time fighting me and letting Cadmus get ahead in their battle plans?"

Robin was bluffing. He had to be. But could he take the chance?

"I don't think so. I've got Cassie on my side. Right?"

"You don't really think she'll side with you? Go on a dangerous mission to save your worthless hide. Not when she could team up with me and get her hands on 20 million dollars. Her share of course."

Wonder Girl's jaw dropped to the floor. She was all set to team up with Superboy just to break Robin's legs but the thought of fighting Cadmus just to help him when she could be a millionaire... She knew which side she was on.

Standing behind Robin she looked Superboy in the eyes. "I've gotta go with Fearless Leader here. Sorry, kid, but I'm in this for the money."

Cracking her knuckles she made sure he got the message. With that, he flew out of the cave to head off to Cadmus.

This left Robin with the rest of the team. Impulse was buzzing around the room getting on his nerves and proving a potential problem in his plans. He knew he couldn't trust Secret, who scared the hell out of him. He barely knew Empress, whose father (head of A.P.E.S) could prove a problem. Arrowette, the skinny blonde archer, stood silently behind her.

"Hey Bart, did you know that if you cut a chicken's head off it will still run around? It's a pretty cool sight."


And just like that he ran off to commit mass chicken genocide. It was a shame he couldn't use Impulse. His speed would be an asset, but his concentration wandered all over the place. Plus, Impulse could easily decide to kill him with only a milliseconds consideration.

Still, things were working out better than Robin hoped. He couldn't control a group this big, and most of them were superfluous. He needed to get rid of as many of them as possible without a fight. He needed to be in top form for what he had planned. If Bart and Kon were anything to go by, he could get the team to a more manageable size with ease.

"So where's this 20 million you were talking about? You'd better not have been yanking me off." Wonder Girl growled at him.

"One moment Cassie. I just have a few things to handle first."

With that Robin headed off towards Secret and Empress who had been talking together. He needed them both off the team. Secret scared him and Empress's dad would bring complications he didn't need right now.

Even before he got to them they had both teleported away.

"They wanted to pay Anita's dad a visit. Something about her mother and how he chased after Secret." Arrowette said.

Easier and easier thought Robin. "Don't suppose you know where Lobo went?"

"Something about going fishing. So what's all this about 20 million?" asked Arrowette.

"Like @#$% we're gonna share that with you. You don't even have any powers or skills. What can you bring to the team?" Wonder Girl shrieked at her. Fists that could shatter concrete raised at the young archer.

"I think she can bring a great deal. Especially with her aim. Provided she can use a gun just as easily." Robin smiled. He couldn't really think of any good use for her. He just wanted another cute blonde on the team that he could use. Plus, it would be good to have an expendable scapegoat on the team who couldn't put up any resistance if things went bad.

Cassie turned to object but Robin just kissed her on the lips. "Now, if you would like to follow me I'll explain everything."

He never knew he had such a talent for manipulation. All those years of teamwork and respect whilst Batman just walked all over him. What a waste.

He was sick of being the second best at everything. He wanted the same respect that Batman had. He wanted the same power. The same headquarters and the same money. Of course the only way to get the Wayne fortune was through inheritance. And there was only one way to get that.

With a cruel smile on his lips, Nightwing and Troia flew into the Batcave looking for the only thing standing in their way of several billion dollars.

Looking around Donna walked towards the computers. She only took two steps before she fell to the ground and began convulsing.

Nightwing ran towards her looking around to see where Batman was. He had no idea what was happening.

Then he saw her. Arrowette. Just standing in the middle of the cave challenging him to a fight.

"Guess who's next." She smiled at him.

Robin. It had to be. But what was he doing, sending Arrowette to fight him? She had no chance against him. Especially the way she was charging against him. One kick from him and he could shatter her skull.

"Your funeral brat."

With the greatest of ease Arrowette caught him in mid-air and threw him to the ground. Then she picked him up like a rag doll and threw him at a wall. Before he blacked out, all he could think of was how did she do it. There was no way she was that strong!

Half an hour later, he came to and found himself stripped naked and tied upside down to one of the caves stalagmites. Even his fingers were taped apart and unable to even twitch. In the background he could see Wonder Girl and Arrowette smiling at him and whispering.

He cursed to himself as he realised it was Wonder Girl in Arrowette's costume who he had been fighting. He saw Donna also tied up with a helmet on. It seemed to be restricting how much air she was breathing, keeping her unconscious at all times.

"Hey Dick. The girls were just talking about you and were wondering how you ever got that name."

Nightwing was furious. He couldn't move and there was no way of getting help.

"Now that I have your undivided attention, I would like to make a deal with you."

"What makes you think I'd want to work with a bunch of kids like you?" Nightwing glared as he said it. Robin had him and he knew it, but there was no way he'd give him the satisfaction of showing it.

Robin just smiled and picked up an apple. He calmly placed it between Nightwing's naked thighs whilst Arrowette picked up her bow and arrow.

"What are you doing?" The fear was evident in Nightwing's voice as he was witnessed what was happening.

"You know. Arrowette's never seen a naked man before. Not that there's much to see but you get the idea. She shouldn't shake too much. Don't blink now."

"WAIT! DON'T!!" Screamed Nightwing but he was too late as the arrow flew forwards and the apple exploded between his legs. Robin took a few photos and laughed.

"Next time you ask a stupid question she does it blindfolded. Now the plan is simple. We all now about Bruce's secret stash of cash for his Batman activities. Almost 100 million dollars. I want it. Of course Bruce would know if this disappeared and he would track it down. Which is where you come in. I let you go and you kill Bruce, inherit the money and his cash. You just look the other way when I steal the money."

"Why not just kill him yourself?"

"Why take the risk?"

The plan didn't seem right to him but Nightwing wasn't in a position to argue. The only way out was with Robin's help. All he had to do was agree, and he would be free to get the Wayne inheritance. He would miss out on nearly 100 million but he could always kill Robin and get it back later.

"All right, this looks like an offer I can't refuse." Nightwing tried to smile but found it difficult as bits of apple ran down his body.

She was scared. Nearly all the heroes were infected and had become evil. She was getting reports all over the world as Earth's greatest heroes became Earth's greatest threat.

Even now there were reports of Superboy's attack on Cadmus. Fortunately, an anonymous tip allowed them to prepare in time to capture him. There were even strange reports of chickens being mysteriously decapitated all over the world.

She knew that sooner or later some of them would come for her. She was more than a little relieved when she heard that Batman had left the country to indulge in a orgy of sex and booze. At least he wouldn't be hurting anyone.

But Dick and Tim were different matters. Both were missing and she knew she wouldn't be as lucky with them. Especially as Dick had so much to gain with Bruce's death.

Then she saw him. It was Tim. Walking up the stairs in his civilian clothes. Just him on his own. What was he up to?

As she let him into her apartment, she kept her finger on her security settings whilst monitoring the outside of the building.

"What can I do for you Tim?" She asked politely.

"Whatever I want." The smile was devoid of both humour and compassion as he said this. This wasn't the Tim Drake she knew.

"Tim, you have to know that this isn't you. You're under the effects of the virus. If you come with me I can..."

"You can what? Cure me? I don't want to be cured. I'm having way too much fun as it is. I've exceeded my potential. I took Nightwing and Troia down in a heartbeat. I would never have been able to do that. Too much respect for them and all. It was so easy, too. Use that V-Chip Batman created to take Wonder Woman out on Troia and trick Nightwing into attacking Wonder Girl who was disguised as Arrowette."

"You... Did you..." She couldn't bear to finish the last statement.

"Mmmm. No. But I did strip him naked and get Arrowette to play William Tell by shooting arrows at apples near his... Well, you know his name." He smiled as he said that and then threw her a Polaroid he had taken.

"Where is he?" Barbara asked.

"He's working for me now. Running some errands for YJ." This wasn't the truth, of course. But if he told her where Dick was going, she would have alerted Superman in time to save him and he couldn't have that.

"Now I need you to do a few things for me. Namely hack into the Batcomputer and transfer the hidden funds Batman has into an account in my name."

"Why would I do that?"

Oracle's voice trembled as she asked this. He had already told her that Wonder Girl was on his team. Impulse could be here as well. Ready to vibrate through the walls and her defences and slit her throat in the blink of an eye.

"Well, at this moment Wonder Girl, that incredibly powerful and beautiful super powered girl, is standing outside a house listening to every word we say. If I get cut-off or anything happens to me, like your defence systems for example, she might loose her temper. And you wouldn't want that."

Barbara grew pale at this. She didn't even want to ask.

"Where is she?"

Robin leaned onto her wheelchair moved in closer to her. They were face to face at this point.

"You mean you don't know? I'm astonished Babs. What kind of a daughter doesn't know her own fathers address?"

The blood drained from her face as he said this.

"If you hurt him I'll..."

"Oh don't be frightened. Nothing will happen as long as you're a good little girl and do exactly as I say. Which includes taking your finger of your traps and stuff. Now I need you to hack in since I can't get past all the codes which you created."

There was no reasoning with him. He had all the cards and there was nothing she could do. She could try reasoning with him but with her fathers life at stake she didn't want to risk it. Besides, it was only money which could easily be replaced. As long as she did this lives weren't in danger. That is, as long as he kept his word.

"How do I know you'll keep your word on this?"

"Well, I could say that you'd just have to trust me but I don't see that happening. So I'll just explain. I have plans for the future and I may need you again. It's just for money so you don't need to fear about people dying. Plus I'm sure you can hope I'll get cured. Anyway, what it comes down to is I'll need you again so I have to keep my word otherwise this won't work again. Right? Now stop worrying or I'll have to hurt daddy dearest."

With that he wrapped his arms around and began nibbling her ear as she sat and worked knowing there was nothing she could do.

"Anyone ever tell you that you have a cute body? For a middle-aged computer geek cripple that is."

As he laughed, Barbara could only cry and pray things didn't get any worse.

So many beautiful naked women desperate for sex with a handsome billionaire, so little time. Bruce laughed to himself as he watched a topless women dive into the pool he sat beside. He was loving every moment of it. He couldn't believe he hadn't done this before. He'd wasted his entire life in a quest for vengeance for a couple of corpses. He could have had unbelievable sex with Catwoman, but he turned her down because she stole a few things.

And Talia. He could have had the world, but he turned it down for morality. Perhaps he could look her up and see if the offer was still open.

Then it happened. Like a crash of thunder they appeared. Nightwing and Troia. He knew what they were here for. His money, the Wayne inheritance.

Of course, he'd planned ahead and knew this would happen sooner or later.

As Troia moved towards him, and all but one of the women ran away. The one woman flew at her and punched her into the mansion wall.

"Power Girl!" Nightwing cursed. It made sense Batman would hire super powered bodyguards. With all the heroes infected he would have the pick of anyone looking for work. He was probably paying her to do a lot more than just guard him as well.

Suddenly the sky seemed ablaze as a woman made of fire flew towards him blasting green flame at him. Barely dodging, Nightwing ran for cover as Troia fought against Power Girl.

He was in trouble and he knew it.

As Oracle finally finished the work and transferred the money over she turned round to Robin with tears in her eyes. Thankfully he hadn't attacked her but the way he held his arms around her, the way he licked the side of her face was a nightmare. This was made even worse by the fact that he was once a close friend of hers. A kind and compassionate boy who put others before himself and always respected his friends. He would never have done this before the virus.

"I've done what you asked me to. Now let my father go."

"Say please." Robin teased.

"Robin, this isn't you. You can..."

"What? Turn myself in and give up all this money? Like Hell. But you did do your part so I guess I should do the same. It's good business if I need you again. Now remember, no stealing the money back. I know where you live. Not to mention your father and loads of other friends. You can't protect everyone from me."

"Get out."

"Be nice Babs. This could have been worse. It still could so no bad words okay? Oh, before I go. I lied about Nightwing and Troia. They're on their way to kill Bruce. If you hurry you might be able to get Superman there in time. But I doubt it."

With that he disappeared into the night leaving Oracle to contact Superman in a panic.

As he looked out onto the world below him all he could think was how they were screwing it up. All the pollution and famine and corruption and wars. He could end it. All he had to do was just step in. He was Superman and he could run the planet better than them.

He shook his head. He couldn't do that no matter how tempting it was. He was just exhausted. He always had these feelings. Always.

"WHAT!!" He shouted as Oracle came over the computer.

This caught her by surprise and she panicked some more. Was he feeling angry with all the pressure of this case or was he being infected as well. No, he couldn't be affected. His alien immune system had to be able to fight it. He had to be well because at this moment there was no one else she could contact in time to save Batman.

"Superman, this is Oracle. I've just discovered Nightwing and Troia are about to kill Batman. Nightwing wants the Wayne fortune he'll inherit once Bruce dies. I'm transmitting co-ordinates now."

"Great, something else for me to do."

Superman breathed in and headed off to save his friends from themselves.

As Robin headed out into the night he became aware someone was watching him. Following him. He knew who it was.

"Tim, wait up."

He really hated it when she used his name ever since Batman betrayed him by revealing his identity. Especially after telling him not to tell YJ.

"I thought I told you never to call me that."

"I'm sorry, I'm just on edge after hearing about that virus. All the heroes affected and turning evil. God, can you imagine what Batman must be like?"

"Pretty bad I guess. How did you know I wasn't infected?"

"Come on, its the JLA and all the other greats involved. I mean you wouldn't be..."

"Involved? Because I'm not in their league?

"Don't be like that. You're still my hero, Tim."

She laughed gently as she came up to Robin. Laughing like an innocent girl in love. Screaming as he smashed his fist into her jaw.

"Don't call me Tim."

"Oh God, oh God, oh God. He's infected. He's infected and he's evil and he's going to kill me."

With a kick he broke two of Spoilers ribs. He was too fast for her. She didn't stand a chance. All she could do was scream for help.

"You wouldn't believe how long I've wanted to do this. You follow me. You break my trust all the time. And worst of all you're screwing every guy around except me. How do you think that makes me feel. My girlfriend with child. Thank God I never told my friends about you. I'd never live it down. What? You think I kept my Id secret because of Batman? I never let you in because I'd never let my mates know I was hanging with spoiled goods."

"NO!" Spoiler screamed as she ran away. "This isn't you. It's that virus that's making you say this. You don't mean it. You can't."

"Yeah, see if I mean this." At that Robin threw a Batarang around her legs tripping her up and he began to reel her in. Dragging her towards him.

"Back off punk and... Robin?"

"Hey Helena. What's with the whole attitude?"

"Huntress, he's insane. It's the virus. You have to help me."

"But you're not infected are you? Guess it's true what Steph said. Only the big heroes got it."

"Damn it kid. Don't make me hurt you."

Huntress was nervous. She's heard about the virus and went on patrol to keep an eye out for Batman. She hadn't expected this but she couldn't leave Spoiler here with the animal Robin had turned into. As she moved towards him looking out for his tricks an arrow hit her in her shoulder.

Nightwing was running for his life. He couldn't keep far enough ahead of Fire and he didn't have a chance to change his tactics. He threw one fire suppression capsule after another but it barely slowed her down as she kept dodging them. Troia wasn't fairing much better as she fought against Power Girl.

Sooner or later Batman's body guards would get in a lucky shot and they would be dead. Bruce knew this and was having an excellent time filming the whole slugfest. He didn't know if he should sell it for a fortune or keep it for personnel use.

Then with a clap of thunder the whole thing ended. Power Girl and Troia were unconscious and tied up. As was Nightwing and Fire, whose flames were snuffed out. The only man standing was Superman.

He stood up and glared at Bruce Wayne who came towards him smiling.

"Thank you for your timely assistance but I believe I can handle things now."

"Not so fast Wayne. These people are under quarantine. I'm taking them away. You too."

"But my staff haven't done anything wrong. They were just defending me. And I can't see why you would want a humble legitimate business man like me. I'm sure my lawyers would agree."

Bruce loved to see Clark squirm whenever he did something that the alien couldn't, no matter how powerful he was. He just wished he'd brought a sample of Red Kryptonite but he had destroyed it all after the Tower of Babel incident.

"Actually my powers are granted by the Government. National security and all that. As for you..."

He paused. He suddenly realised he had no reason to arrest Bruce Wayne. If he did he'd give away his identity. Given the effects of the virus there was every chance Batman would blow his identity as well.

"You're right. My apologies. But they are coming with me."

With that he flew off knowing he couldn't contain Batman without risking his identity.

And Batman's as well of course.

Huntress was in trouble. Her kevlar vest saved her life but she was still hurting.

"Well this is fun. I guess I'm glad I had backup. It's a shame you weren't infected. I really could have used a lady with your talents."

Arrowette stood out from behind the shadows and walked up to his side, kissing him on the lips.

"What do you need her for when you have me?"

"Cleavage." Robin joked before kissing her passionately.

"Now, I'm on a bit of a time limit, so whilst I'd love to kill you both, I have to get moving. I sent Nightwing off to kill Batman, and I think he'll have accomplished this before getting caught by Superman. Since Nightwing won't be inheriting the Wayne fortune, it should be quite easy for me to stage a take-over."

"Wait, what's going on. How can Nightwing inherit the Wayne fortune by killing Batman? Oh God."

Huntress gasped as she realised what was happening. Bruce Wayne was Batman and Nightwing, his son, was going to kill him to inherit the company but if Superman caught him then that wouldn't happen. Somehow this would allow Robin to take over the company. But how? Was he also an heir? Did he have a company that could lay claim to its assets or just buy it out with loads of money?

She didn't know much about the situation. It was moving too fast but she did know that she had to stop him.


"I wouldn't do that if I were you." As Robin said this Arrowette levelled her crossbow at her.

A single word from me and my associates can e-mail your identity with photographic evidence to every mob boss in Gotham. Not to mention your address, the location of your hideouts as well as the names and addresses of all your pupils."

She froze. He could do it as well.

"I won't let you hurt that girl."

"Don't worry, she's not worth it really."

Spoiler curled up in pain. As much emotional as physical.

"I guess this means you owe me. I'll collect some day. But right now I need to leave. Bye."

All she could do was just stand there and watch as the two teenagers walked off into the night leaving her to tend to Spoiler.

Later that week Tim lay back on a beach and began to think about everything that had happened. He had originally planned to send Dick to kill Bruce and then have him arrested, so that not only would they be out of the way, but it would be open for him to take control. Unknown to both Bruce and Dick, Tim knew that he was in Bruce's will as an heir should anything happen to both Bruce and Dick. This would have enabled him to take control of Wayne Corp. With the money stolen from his accounts Tim would have been able to do anything but now he had to settle with 100 million.

He hadn't counted on Fire and Power Girl guarding Bruce and saving him. He had hoped Superman would have gotten there too late and only been able to arrest Dick.

Still, he had the money. He still had Arrowette, should he ever need a scapegoat or decoy in the future. And Wonder Girl was serving him a nice cold drink in a skimpy bikini whilst Arrowette rubbed sun tan lotion over his chest.

All in all things had gone pretty well for him.

The End

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