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End of Summer

All-Out War Quiz!

by Michael Condon

Can you solve it before the enemy?

Please note that all questions deal with the pre-Crisis DC Universe.

1. Why didn't the Justice Society just roll right over the Axis armies and end World War II in time for Christmas 1941?

A. The Justice Society members were equally matched by their Axis counterparts such as Baron Blitzkrieg and the Dragon King. Whenever the Justice Society made advances against Axis forces, they were distracted by meta humans.
B. Hitler and Tojo performed mystic rites with the Spear of Destiny and the Holy Grail that placed a magic shield around Axis territory that took control of the minds of the most powerful members of the Justice Society such as Superman and the Spectre. They were fine as long as they weren't in Axis territory.
C. The Justice Society did almost end the war almost as soon as the United States entered it, but Hitler called upon the ancient Germanic God Odin for aid as the Justice Society were beating down his office doors. Odin summoned valkyries and Norse gods to battle the Justice Society, forcing them to retreat. Odin, a war god, decreed that his forces would battle any super humans that entered territory that was conquered by the Axis. However, he said that he would honor the courage of allied soldiers and non-powered heroes like the Atom and Sandman by not interfering with their activities.
D. The Spectre declared that World War II was destined to be the proving ground of humanity, not superhumanity, thus he used his near infinite power to limit the actions of the allied super humans.

2. What was Easy Company's Wildman's civilian identity?

A. School teacher.
B. Librarian.
C. Lumberjack.
D. He was in prison for an unidentified crime.

3. Which group was primarily composed ex cons?

A. The Suicide Squad.
B. The Losers.
C. Hunter's Hellcats.
D. The Hardliners.

4. Who haunts the Haunted Tank?

A. General Sherman. It was a Sherman tank after all.
B. General J.E. B. Stuart .
C. DC's Revolutionary war hero, Tomahawk.
D. Sgt. Bill Craig, the gunner who was killed by shrapnel during the tank's first mission.

5. Who was Tomahawk's greatest foe during the Revolutionary War?

A. Master of Disguise Lord Shilling.
B. Savage Hessian mercenary the Hun from Hell.
C. Chief Bloody Bear.
D. Wily Governor John Bascombe.

6. Who was one of Enemy Ace's major enemies?

A. Black Hawk.
B. Captain Johny Cloud.
C. Balloon Buster.
D. The Flying Fox.

7. Who was Sgt. Rock's second in command ?

A. Jackie Johnson.
B. Wildman.
C. Ice Cream Soldier.
D. Bulldozer.

8. Which of the following was a Japanese national who joined the Allies?

A. Kung.
B. Judomaster.
C. Kana, Secret Shadow Warrior.
D. Katana.

9. Which war comic often featured dinosaurs on the cover?

A. Weird War Tales.
B. Creature Commandos.
C. Doom Patrol.
D. Suicide Squad.

10. Who commanded the Suicide Squad during World War II?

A. Rick Flag.
B. Jeb Stuart.
C. Allen Waller.
D. Captain Storm.


1. B.

2. A. Don't come late to his class.

3. C. The Suicide Squad didn't become a commando group of excons until the modern era. The Losers were a bunch of military personnel who banded together after being haunted by the deaths of the members of their previous units.

4. B. He was assigned to the tank by the spirit of Alexander the Great. Sgt. Bill Craig replaced the original driver, Arch Asher, who had been killed by shrapnel while acting as gunner.

5. A.

6. C. Blackhawk was a World war II flying ace. Captain Johny Cloud was a member of the World war II group, The Losers. The Flying Fox was a member of the Young All Stars.


8. C. Kana's family was executed for being friendly to Westerners. Kung was a shape changing Japanese agent. Judomaster was an American who was trained by Japanese who were opposed to their government. Katana was a member of the Outsiders and is too young to have been involved in World War II.

9. A. While the original Suicide Squad often fought dinosaurs, neither it nor the Creature Commandos had their own series pre-Crisis. I wouldn't be surprised if the Doom Patrol often had dinosaurs on their covers, but they weren't a war comic.

10. A. General Stuart became the leader after World War II, although Rick Flag remained the field commander. Amanda Waller was the head of the Suicide Squad in the 90's. Captain Storm was a member of the Losers.

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