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by Chaim Mattis Keller

Looks like our Legion Desktop theme made a big hit...I know I use it now...

From: wraken1 (

Subject: Your first desktop theme

Nice work there, Mr. Hutchison. Definitely not one of those annoying sound filled themes that I generally wind up getting and deleting within moments of download. This ones gonna stay on my computer for quite some time now. Good graphics for the backgrounds, nice icons (love the Bouncing Boy recycling bin and the Fanzing Fuzzy dude), and easy on the ears sounds (though I would've liked to see some more for my Outlook and etc,but It's cool...I can always add my own). And best of all, I didn't have any problems with the download or the installation - like I've had with some user created themes. Definitely cool. Again, that was some great work.


Gregg Noon

Our sleep-deprived editor, Michael Hutchison, replies...

"Ah, me public!"

Thank you so much for the feedback, Greg. This gives me strength to do another one!

I'm not sure about the Outlook sounds, but I'll see what I can do. (As far as I can tell, they aren't an option in the theme tools I've used.)


Subject: Desktop themes

Hey, I LOVE the idea of desktop themes, and it looks like your LEGION one is great... but is there anything that can be done for us Mac users? : (

Also, I've enclosed a copy of a Black Canary background I made a while back.

Our editor, Michael Hutchison, replies with his eyes half-closed...

Love the BC theme! May I post it for others to use?

As for Mac users...I'm not sure which elements carry over. If wallpaper, icon and cursor files work on Macs, I could at least package those in a way that Mac users may make use of them. Same goes for Wave files; do WAV files work on Macs? I'm sure the overall theme pack won't work, but you can at least use the elements on your own.

Also, I'd probably need to use that Stuffit utility, if memory serves, instead of Winzip.

Let me know what you need, and I'll see what we can offer. We certainly don't want to leave anyone out in the cold!

Hey, you Mac users are beyond silly little things like desktop themes. You folks think different, remember?

Not only did folks like our Legion desktop theme, they liked our Legion-themed issue as well!

From: The Magister (

Subject: All Legion issue

Hi Guys!

I've only read a couple of issues of your 'zine and I think you guys do a great job. It's very interesting and informative. (No, I don't want anything. hehe) I just finished the two articles, pro/con on the Post-boot Legion. I agree with Brad Parnell about the fact that it is really hard to get into the new Legion, especially when you've been a fan of them for as long as he has. I've been reading comics for almost 30 years and most of that time has been spent with DC Comics. I'm a big fan of the Legion and when the changes came across I was so completely confused that, like a lot of people Brad talks about, I stopped paying any attention to them whatsoever. Fortunately for me, a good friend of mine didn't and proceeded to keep buying them for a good 3 years. I recently acquired his books and sat down over the course of several days and read these books. I'm really glad I did. This where I start to lean towards Nicolas Juzda's point of view. The stories are good, the interaction is good, and the character development is good. However, it is hard to get used to the new names, a minor point I know, but still... Plus, it's hard to get used to the Legion acting more like 90210 than the serious comic they used to be. Other than that, though, I'm liking what I see. They had to do something for heaven's sake, I mean after Giffen blew up the Earth at the end of that run, I mean what else is there to do, but a re-boot? Change comes to all things and it's best that we accept it gracefully, albeit most of the time confusedly. I just wanted to get this out while the Legion was still fresh in my mind. Thanks again, guys.

Mark L. Elliott


The Magister

Well, as one of the world's biggest Legion fans, I've got to agree. I actually corresponded with Mark Waid around the time of Zero Hour, and quite frankly, from his insider point of view, it's clear that a fresh start was needed. And I've got to say that in my opinion, the creative team involved did a bang-up job of it.

From: Adrián Gómez

Subject: Heart of a Champion

Just to let you know that Heart of A Champion in Issue 35 was a delightful read, that did more to humanize Cosmic Boy than dozens of comics have done. I would like you to pass along congratulations to Danell Lites, and maybe there is the potential for similar stories from the point of view of other legionnaires (Like an LSH documentary!)

Thank you

Adrián Gómez Reyes


From: Raphael Laufer

Subject: Legion Lists

I think you missed a real highlight in your list of greatest Legion issues -- the Mordru in Smallville issues (Adventure 369-70 and reprinted in DC Giant C-49). The Forgotten Legionnaires storyline (Adventure 350-351) is goofy, but lots of fun and features every single member from the entire cast of characters (except the Heroes of Lallor). The first Fatal Five story (Adventure 352-353) with the sacrifice of Ferro Lad is another great two-parter. And how 'bout the first Jim Shooter stories (Adventure 346-347) introducing Karate Kid, Jeckie, Nemesis Kid and the doomed Andrew Nolan (as well as the Khunds) -- truly great story telling.

Also, how could you leave Dave Cockrum off of your list of greatest Legion artists?

Long live the Legion!

Raphael Laufer

Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc.

2000 North Beauregard Street, Suite 400

Alexandria, Virginia 22311-1712

Well, the lists are clearly the opinions of their writer...far from forgetting Cockrum, we have in that issue an article by one of our other contributors dedicated exclusively to him!

Not only is Legion history confusing, but apparently our Legion history chart was confusing as well!

From: David W Toomey (

Subject: Issue 35 Legion Roster

Will there be a cleaned-up version of the Legion Roster chart? Everything got jumbled in the reboot universe, and some in other columns as well, I believe?

Or is this a case of 'looks fine under IE4, but Netscape garbles it'?


David W Toomey

I'm not sure what you're referring to. The list is in the order in which the characters joined. It is not supposed to be read across from one column to the next in a way that the characters match up (although I'll admit to making the same mistake when I first saw it). Is this the "error" you're referring to?

(the above translated from the snores of our editor, Michael Hutchison)

From: David W Toomey (

Re: Subject: Issue 35 Legion Roster

Seeing as the column headers listed the 4 time periods, I assumed that the listing across was to show how the character changed across the times.

That worked for the first few (Cosmic Boy/Saturn Girl/Lightning Lad) then started to get odd. In most places, the first 3 columns lined up perfectly, but the 4th was up a row or two, as if some entries didn't have a 4th column entry and the next entry had scrolled up. The same thing occurs after a while with some of the third column entries.

I had assumed from that that the rows were *supposed* to line up. Otherwise, it just looks confused....

Thank you for responding.

David W Toomey

I'll bet we'll see this guy's writing here soon...

From: Brian Daugherty (

Subject: Whatever happened to Choices?

Dear Mr. Hutchison:

First of all, compliments on Fanzing. I've been a faithful reader from the time I discovered it shortly after I got online about three years ago and enjoy it to this day. I especially like the stories, and Choices has been one of them. Marilee Stephens has done a FANTASTIC job with the series; I wish that DC would option it as an Elseworlds miniseries.

I understand that the writer is in medical school and she needs to take care of those responsibilities first. But it's been two months since the last installment and, well, it would be a disappointment (to say the least) if it cut off right there without a conclusion. If you receive no other inquiries about Choices, at least you know there's one reader out there waiting anxiously to see how it turns out.

Two other questions:

1) How about an Elseworlds issue?

2) I'm a freelance sportswriter for my local newspaper and am looking at trying my hand at fan fiction. In journalism, one typically starts at the bottom and works his or her way up the ladder. Are the rules different or similar in fan fiction?

2a) And if I wanted to answer your latest writing Challenge--say, with some kind of LSH/Star Trek story--would that be too high up on the ladder for a rookie to climb to?

Thanks for your time,

Brian Daugherty

1) We had an Elseworlds issue back in March 1999. I doubt we'll repeat that theme too soon, considering what a wide world of DC Comics there is out there, but I suppose if this fanzine keeps at it long enough, repeats become more likely.

2) Yes, you definitely have to start at the bottom. I'm still stuck at the unused characters - Star Hawkins/Space Cabby level; with a few more years of service I hope to be allowed to write occasionally-used characters like Elongated Man. The next level is second-tier own-title stars like the Titans. Ultimately, I'll get my Doctorate of Fanhood and be allowed to legally write a story featuring Superman, Batman or the JLA.

I'm just kidding, of course. We have one rule for fanfic here: "It must not suck." Write whoever and whatever you feel like writing, and as long as it's readable, we'll consider it. And certainly the writing challenges are open to all. We eagerly await your submissions.

As for "Choices," I'm sure Marilee will eventually complete it. But as is often the case when getting something for nothing, we're going to have to wait it out on her terms.

From: becky shea (

Subject: comic books for kids up to grade 6

Where could I find a list of comic books/distributors, etc. suitable for kids up to grade 6? I want to suggest this to my local library.



Incredibly, I can't seem to find a web site dedicated to such a thing. In DC Comics, I'd certainly recommend the "Animated" style books as well as the "Young Justice" title. Also good for children would be the offerings of Archie Comics.

Does anyone else have anything better to offer Becky than this?

This article still continues to generate feedback...

From: Christopher Lee (

Subject: Invading your mailbox...


Just read your article on "Saving the Comic Book Industry" and I have to say it was some of the best writing on the subject that I have seen-to-date. I just found your site via some links from a friend's site, and I am enjoying it immensely. Kudos (if I can use that word) for putting out a wonderful resource!

And that's it for this month's mailbag. Until next month...

Letters Editor Chaim Mattis Keller, aka Legion-Reference-File Lad, is a computer programmer who lives in New York City with his wife and four children.

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