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Vile Vial Judging

We need your help!

Because the judges have contracted a rare kissing disease, we're going to allow readers to vote for their favorite piece of Vile Vial fiction.

Voters should send a ballot consisting of their favorite three pieces of fiction to fiction@fanzing. Voters' first favorite entry receives 3 points, second fave receives 2 points, and third fave receives 1 point. If you don't want to put a second or third favorite, that's fine.

I'll tally the votes, and the entry with the highest amount of points wins. Only one ballot per e-mail address (or if you have more than one address, only one vote per person).

I reserve the right to throw out any ballots that I think may be fraudulent (i.e. If I think someone is stuffing the ballot). All stories are eligible, even those done by ye old editor and assistant editor.

All contributors of stories are allowed and encouraged to vote as well. Nicolas Juzda's three part epic will be counted as one story in terms of judging, but voters can specify which of the parts they liked the best.

HERE are the contenders:

Prometheus Justified -- David J. LoTempio -- A Catwoman who can't steal, Prometheus a member of the Justice League, and an ending that threatens justice for all.
Scarlet Speed Trap -- David R. Black -- A JLA team attempts to stop the Flashes.
We Now Take You Live -- Nicolas Juzda -- WHO can stop...the INFERIOR FIVE???
That Was Then -- Ed Buckler -- Ralph Dibny & Plastic Man make an evil elastic duo
Legacy -- Michael Rees -- Can anyone stop an infected Green Lantern?
Invasions from Other Planets -- Nicolas Juzda -- Adam Strange confronts an alien armada...and the Vile Virus goes intergalactic.
Invasions from Other Planets - Part 2: Overwhelmed and Fallen -- Nicolas Juzda -- Adam Strange must stop the virus from spreading across Rann!
Invasions from Other Planets - Part 3: Resistance -- Nicolas Juzda -- The astounding conclusion to the acclaimed Adam Strange epic!
Winds of Change -- Mark Anderson -- An evil Mr. Teriffic corrupts the Red Tornado and releases him on an unsuspecting Happy Harbor!
Opposite Perceptions -- David R. Black --Count Vertigo and Blythe Bonner head to Metropolis to deal with the fallout from Scarlet Speedtrap and Prometheus Justified!
Traduce-- D. J. LoTempio -- Metropolis Ablaze! The White House Destroyed! Luthor vs Batman! And the only man whom can save us is Commissioner Gordon!
The Young and the Evil -- Martin Kelly -- With the help of Young Justice, Robin plots to destroy Batman.
Feast of Fools -- Matt Morrison -- To stop a viral infected Bat-Family, Scarecrow must send a special team into Gotham. With Harley Quinn, The Trickster and most of Batman's Rogues Gallery!
Vile Vial: Are You Interested in the Watchtower? -- by Michael Hutchison -- Will Superman use the JLA alpha files to stop the infected heroes? Plus: Will G'nort go bad?
Vile Vial: Eve of Destruction -- by Black, Juzda, LoTempio, and Morrison -- The conclusion to the Vile Vial saga!

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