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Etta Candy

by John Wells

Captain Etta Candy Trevor (created by William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter) was an Air Force attaché to Colonel Stephen Trevor when they and other officers testified before a Congressional Investigation Committee about abuses of power by a trio of Generals, including Gerard Kohler and George Yedziniak (Wonder Woman [current] # 32). Three years later, Steve was accused of murdering Kohler and sought Lt. Candy's help in opposing a threat of global proportions. Standing beside them was Wonder Woman, a heroine new to American shores (WW # 2-6). In the weeks to come, as Colonel Trevor's unhappiness with the Air Force led him to contemplate resigning, the U.S. Military asked Etta to serve as a liason between them and the Amazon Princess (WW # 8).

The beautiful Amazon's presence also made the overweight Etta insecure about her looks. This, along with Etta's devotion to the Air Force and her secret infatuation with Steve Trevor, motivated her decision to embark on a diet program. Ultimately, she realized that she was being selfish when she tried to convince Steve to stay in the military and confessed that, no matter what he decided, she would always love him. Steve admitted that he'd fallen in love with her, too (WW # 14).

Now the aide to General John Thomas Hillary, Etta continued to risk her life on behalf of her country, most significantly when he alerted the Armed Forces to the threat of Khunds on a South Pacific island during the extraterrestrial invasion of the Alien Alliance (WW # 24-25). After General Hillary was transferred, Etta fell under the command of her old nemesis, General George Yedziniak (WW # 32), and endured a stormy period in her life due to his harassment, her own arguments with Steve and a prolonged mission in the Mideast (WW # 52). Though General Yedziniak eventually received a reprimand of sorts (WW # 62), Lt. Candy took a leave from her beloved Air Force to help Steve set up a commercial air service (WW # 72). Her continued efforts at weight loss eventually threatened her health (WW # 78) and she has since returned to a more realistic diet. Etta and Steve were eventually married (sometime after WW # 93, as seen in WW # 170) and she soon resumed active duty in the Air Force. Now promoted to Captain, Etta resides in Boston with her husband (WW # 170).

John "Mikishawm" Wells, the pride of Batavia, Iowa, is a lifelong comics fan, working his way forward from Disneys in 1969 to newspaper strips in 1973 to SHAZAM! and the rest of the DC Universe in 1974. During the 1980s, he began compiling a lists of DC character appearances, a massive database that he's tapped into when writing articles for publications such as the DC Index series, Amazing Heroes, The Comics Buyer’s Guide, Comic Effect, Comic Book Marketplace, It’s A Fanzine, The O‘Neil Observer and, of course, Fanzing. He is Kurt Busiek's unofficial reference guide, as the keen-eyed may have noticed in Power Company #2.

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