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The Fanzing Challenge

by Michael Condon

Aliens in the DCU!

1. The United Planets are filled with alien races that greatly resemble humans, an extremely unlikely occurrence according to most scientists. What is the current explanation for this set of circumstances?

A. The Dominators, an alien race, performed experiments on various earthlings that gave rise to many groups of people with superpowers. Future Legionnaire Valor lead the groups to worlds that suited their powers and personalities such as sending a group of warlike people with magnetic powers to Braal, a world plagued by giant metallic dinosaurs.
B. Convergent evolution. Most of the planets conducive to the development of intelligent life are sufficiently earthlike that humanoid form is the best design for intelligent tool using creatures. Humans have a complex speech apparatus, dexterous limbs and live on land, a location that allows for forging metal. Terrestrial convergent evolution may be found in the similarity of forms among tuna, dolphins and the reptilian Ichthyosaurs, creatures that lived at the time of the dinosaurs, despite their wildly varying lineages.
C. The first intelligent race in the Universe, the Maltusians, was humanoid. The Controllers, a subrace of the Maltusians were so chauvinistic towards humanoid races that they genetically engineered hundreds of promising species into adopting humanoid forms while eliminating several hundred more non-humanoid appearing sentients.
D. Most planets that gave birth to humanoid races had been visited billions of years earlier by the living space ships of the combatants in an interstellar war. The microbes in the living spaceships' waste were pre-programmed to eventually evolve into humanoids after billions of years.

2. How many sectors did the Guardians of the Universe divide the Universe into?

A. 2814.
B. 3600.
C. 1,296,000.
D. It varied from writer to writer. John Broome first wrote that there were 3600 sectors, but also reported 6,000 and 10,000 sectors. Gerard Jones wrote that Green Lanterns from all 1,296,000 sectors had converged to fight Nekron in Green Lantern #34. Paul Levitz wrote that the number of sectors depends on the danger level in the Universe. By the Thirtieth Century, the Universe had become calm enough so that only 1200 Green Lanterns and thus 1200 sectors, were needed.

3. Strata from L.E.G.I.O.N. and Blok from the Legion of Superheroes were both from the planet Dryad. Why did Strata appear to made out of gemstones while Blok appeared to be made of granite?

A. Dryadan females have a gemlike appearance; males stony .
B. Most Dryadans are made of a diamond-like material that gives them their great strength and invulnerability. Blok was a mutant whose body was hundreds of times denser, giving him a rocky appearance and giving him strength and invulnerability appropriate to a group that included Mon El. Unfortunately, without the aid of his flight rings Blok would sink through the crust of most planets less dense than Dryad.
C. Juvenile Dryadans have a rocky exterior. The shell sloughs off and reveals a gemlike second skin and the gender of the Dryadan.
D. Blok was a member of the majority race of Dryad. Strata belonged to an oppressed minority.

4. Although Lobo is the last Czarnian he was capable of single-handedly producing thousands of Czarnians due to a quirk of Czarnian biology until Vril Dox "neutered" him. How could he have done this? (Note, the answer comes from the L.E.G.I.O.N. comic. I have no clue as to how L'il Lobo appeared.)

A. Czarnian DNA is compatible and dominant over the DNA of most other humanoid species. So any encounter Lobo would have with humanoid females would not only produce offspring, but the offspring would be full-blooded Czarnian.
B. Lobo was capable of dividing into two identical beings in a process similar to that of an ameba.
C. If Lobo's blood was spilled, each drop was capable of growing almost instantly into a full-grown clone of Lobo.
D. An organ usually hidden within the skin of Lobo's left palm was capable of injecting his DNA into another creature. That creature would become a Czarnian within a week.

5. What astrophysical anomaly may explain the Khund's hostile attitude?

A. Their planet had formed within their solar system's asteroid belt and was constantly bombarded.
B. Their planet had a highly eccentric four-year orbit. Their summer consisted of a year of plunging towards the sun which caused massive droughts, played havoc with electromagnetic devices and during the two weeks of high summer lead to the boiling of the seas and periodic solar flares that melted dozens of square miles of Khundia's crust. Their winter was a year of hurtling away from the sun, which caused Ice Age conditions, a month in which the oceans were frozen solid and two weeks of dry ice spontaneously forming from the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere .
C. Their sun was permanently eclipsed by their moon.
D. Their planet was alive and hostile, often attacking with earthquakes, tidal waves and mile long stone tendrils.

6. What was the Omega Men's original mission?

A. Keep Maaldor from escaping from the Pyramids of P'Narth .
B. Liberate the Vegan star system from the Citadel.
C. Protect Prince Gavyn (Starman) from harm .
D. Protect this Universe from Trigon.

7. Imskians shrink, Carggites triplicate and Tromians can transmute element. What ability sets the Winathans apart?

A. The ability to hurl lightning bolts.
B. Gravity control.
C. They can tell which plants will grow best in which soil.
D. They almost always give birth to twins.

8. Which creature was a living weapon designed by the Controllers to destroy civilizations that they disapproved of ?

A. Validus .
B. The Space dragon that swallowed Ultra Boy.
C. Sun Eater.
D. Doomsday.

9. Which planet was a full-fledged member of the Green Lantern Corps?

A. Oa.
B. Ego.
C. Tyraz.
D. Mogo.

10. What did the White Martians do that that was the final straw that caused them to be exiled to another dimension?

A. They altered the DNA of earth organisms so that a race comparable to the Martians or Kryptonians would not arise on Earth.
B. They started the flame plague that left J'Onn J'Onnz one of the few surviving Green Martians.
C. Their irresponsible use of time travel in investigating the origin of the Universe shortened the Universe's lifespan by a billion years.
D. They were the first race to discover the anti-life equation.


1. A. DC Comics Presents #2 suggests that life on Earth and Krypton was seeded by living spaceships.

2. B.

3. C. Didn't know their gender? But...but...I thought that Blok was supposed to be dating the White Witch. Stupid retcons.

4. C. And you thought it was annoying when you cut yourself shaving.

5. C.

6. B.

7. D.

8. C.

9. D.

10. A.

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