Too Many Long Boxes!

End of Summer
The Sleep Deprived Crank
by editor Michael Hutchison

Discussed this month: Delays, and such.

Oh, bother, as Winnie the Pooh would say.

I really wanted to contribute some more to this issue. More than just a semi-conscious whining column typed out at 2 in the morning as I pack for vacation.

Once again, David R. Black has come through, putting this issue together. "Assistant Editor" doesn't seem like an appropriate title any more; he does all the work, I do a little bit of tinkering. Maybe I should just call him the Editor and rename myself the Webmaster. But "Ye Olde Webmaster" doesn't have the same ring to it. Hmmmmm.

This issue was really important to me. I love the Green Lantern Corps, and I'd planned to write a great deal about them. I'd hoped to write a review of my favorite Green Lantern story of all time, issue #198 where Tomar-Re dies. I wanted to do an article on L.E.G.I.O.N., a series which has been completely ignored by Fanzing. I'd hoped that Gerard Jones' interview would be ready to run this month. Plus I have a huge article planned on Wizard World, and now it'll have to be some other month.

This issue is, instead, thinner than most. I think most of the contributors forgot about it. While that happens almost every month, this month we can't just delay the issue two whole weeks as people get their work in late. And I include myself in that group. If I can't make the time to contribute to the issue I love, so be it.

Next month is ARCHER MONTH, yet it'll probably be crammed full of all the materials that should have been in this issue!

With Kevin Smith's Green Arrow selling like hotcakes, it seems the perfect time to focus on the bow-slinging crimefighters and villains.

What I'm looking for are feature articles, fan fiction, fan artwork, reviews of Green Arrow TPBs and collections. Although most of it will certainly center on Green Arrow Oliver Queen, the following characters are all possibilities: Green Arrow I and II, Speedy/Arsenal, Arrowette, Shado, Merlyn, Moonbow, Huntress, Artemis...and any other DCU archers.

Please spread the word to any Green Arrow mailing lists and message boards you are aware of.

The due date for submissions is September 24th!

In other news, the subscription page is being redone. I'm hoping to have new subscriber lists up soon.

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