Too Many Long Boxes!

End of Summer
Sector 2814

My old buddy Ollie finally gets an issue! Way to go, pal. It makes me want to go dish up a bowl of chili.

Arsenal and Arrowette "Arsenal and Arrowette" by Lori 'Glockgal' Sammy

Glockgal came through with some of the best work we've seen yet. Y'ever get the feeling that the only thing separating our amateurs from the pros is a paycheck?

Arsenal and Arrowette "Roy" by Scott Rogers

Arsenal and Arrowette "Red Hood" by S. Blank

Lian Harper, a/k/a the Red Hood of Kingdom Come, appears striking in this piece by S. Blank.

Arsenal and Arrowette "Green Arrow and Black Canary" by Yusuf Madhiya after Bob Mcleod

As always, Fanzing invites you to contribute any fan artwork you may have! Just send it to your old dead buddy Hal!
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