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End of Summer

Archers Quiz

by Michael J. Condon

Green Arrow and Black Canary

art by Brian Haughwout

  1. What was the first team that had a red uniformed kid archer named Speedy?
    1. The Seven Shadows.
    2. The Seven Soldiers of Victory.
    3. The Boy Commandos.
    4. The All Winners Squad.
  2. What explained the Golden Age Green Arrow's vitality in the 70's and 80's?
    1. Weird radiation emanating from Ian Karkull retarded his aging process.
    2. In an adventure in Florida in the late 60's Green Arrow drank from the Fountain of Youth. He grew 35 years younger that night, putting him in his late teens. He was never able to find the pool again.
    3. When his arrow hit the stasis gun wielded by Dr. Time, the gun exploded freezing Green Arrow, Speedy and everyone else in the room in time until the Golden Age Flash freed them in the mid 70's
    4. He was thrown back to the time of Robin Hood by the energies released when the Nebula Man exploded. He was rescued by a delegation from the Justice League and the Justice Society a short time later relative to him, but decades later relative to them.
  3. Denny O'Neill used a fellow comic creator as the template for the Bronze Age Green Arrow's personality. Which one?
    1. Himself.
    2. Jim Steranko.
    3. Steve Ditko.
    4. Steve Skeates.
  4. Which super-villain declared himself, much to Green Arrow's mortification, to be his chief foe?
    1. Captain Boomerang.
    2. Clock King.
    3. Cluemaster.
    4. Bug Eyed Bandit.
  5. Why did Roy Harper become a heroin addict?
    1. He was stabbed with a full hypodermic needle when he was fighting a drug dealer. That contact got him hooked.
    2. He went under cover as a junkie in order to bring down a drug kingpin. He had to use heroin himself on a number of occasions in order to avoid blowing his cover.
    3. He felt lonely and abandoned when Green Arrow went on a trip across America with Green Lantern and turned to drugs for solace.
    4. He felt lonely and abandoned when Wonder Girl broke up with him in favor of Robin and turned to drugs for solace.
  6. When Arrowette first appeared who did she claim her father was? I don't follow the character, so as far as I know her father could be Al Pratt by now.
    1. Green Arrow.
    2. Speedy.
    3. Bowstring Jones.
    4. Seargeant Sureshot.
  7. The evil archer Merlyn first appeared as an agent of which villain?
    1. Kobra.
    2. Ras Al Ghul.
    3. Tobias Whale.
    4. Hector Hammond.
  8. After he lost his fortune, what job did Oliver Queen take to support himself?
    1. Teacher.
    2. Social worker.
    3. Crusading reporter.
    4. Motorcycle mechanic.
  9. Which Golden Age hero was Speedy's uncle pre-crisis?
    1. The Guardian.
    2. Vigilante.
    3. Black Condor.
    4. Crimson Avenger.
  10. Where did the Silver Age Green Arrow learn his archery skills?
    1. He practiced for a role as Robin Hood in a play staged for charity.
    2. He was a collector of Native American art who picked up archery skills in the course of his searching for art.
    3. He was an orphan who was raised by a Native American tribe.
    4. Pirates threw him off his yacht onto a deserted island. He survived by making a bow and learning how to hunt with it.
  11. Who is Connor Hawke's mentor?
    1. I Ching.
    2. Milo Armitage.
    3. Abbot Kai Lo.
    4. Master Jansen.
  12. What was the Inferior Five's archer's problem?
    1. He was extremely nearsighted.
    2. He was afraid of almost everything.
    3. He only used suction cup arrows.
    4. His trick arrows have a tendency to backfire such as blowing up in his quiver or entangling Awkwardman in a net.
  13. Why doesn't Connor Hawke use trick arrows?
    1. His order forbids him from using weaponry not employed by the warrior saint Kenji. Kenji apparently never used a boxing glove arrow.
    2. He doesn't have the skill to use them.
    3. He thought that the trick arrows that his father used were a mistake and made him look ridiculous.
    4. Although he wants to honor his father's name, he wants to have an identity separate from his father, both for his own and sake and also so that his father doesn't get lost in the "Legend of the Green Arrow." Since his father was the trick arrow, Connor will not use trick arrows.
  14. What was the name of the ninja who helped Green Arrow in the Longbow Hunters storyline?
    1. Snake Eyes
    2. Night Whisper
    3. Shado.
    4. Silken Fist.
  15. Why did Oliver Queen temporarily join the Ashram that Connor Hawke later joined?
    1. The Abbot was the super-villain Red Dragon in his spare time. Ollie joined to get close enough to take him down.
    2. After almost dying at the hands of Sinestro, Oliver took inventory over his life and decided that he needed to devote his life to spiritual matters. After a few weeks at the Ashram, he heard that Green Lantern had been defeated and held captive by Sinestro. He left the Ashram in costume, broke Sinestro's concentration with a hyper-sonic arrow freeing Green Lantern to take on the renegade alien. Ollie then realized that he served good better as a super-hero than as a monk, and left the monastery.
    3. One of the greatest archers in the world was a member. Oliver Queen joined in the hopes of getting trained. The sensei refused to teach him until he passed a series of tests. The tests were near impossible archery feats and Ollie had to try dozens of times before passing them. He so improved his skills through preparing the tests he had become a better archer than the sensei. This was the lesson that the sensei had planned all along.
    4. He felt guilty over killing a man.
  16. How did Oliver Queen lose his fortune?
    1. A business rival framed him for a white collar crime. Queen wasn't convicted, but was found guilty in the court of public opinion and his customers refused to deal with him.
    2. He decided that it was wrong for him to be a millionaire while so many others lived in poverty. After setting aside a generous trust fund for Roy, he gave the rest of his fortune to charity.
    3. Roy embezzled a lot of money from Ollie's fortune in order to support his drug habit. He spent still more paying off a blackmailer who knew about his drug use.
    4. He spent all of it on trick arrows. You know how much it costs to make a foam that fits within a two inch diameter arrowhead but expands to six feet in diameter when exposed to air. And you thought comics were expensive.


  1. B. The Seven Soldiers of victory were the other team of DC Mysterymen in the 40's. It's members were Green Arrow, Speedy, Crimson Avenger, Star Spangled Kid, Stripsey, Vigilante and the Shining Knight. The Seven Shadows were a hero group retconned back into the 40's for a recent issue of JSA. Except for Scarab, Johnny Sorrow killed all of them. The Boy Commandos were a group of boys from various nations who fought Nazis in Europe during World War II. The All Winners Squad were a Marvel team.
  2. D. The other members of the Seven Soldiers of Victory were also thrown through time, which is why the Star Spangled Kid was able found Infinity Incorporated. Most of the members of the Justice Society of America were hit by the age retarding rays given off by Ian Karkull. Rex the Wonder Dog and Detective Chimp owed their improved vitality to finding the fountain of youth. The Marvel Family and Dr. Sivana were stuck in suspended animation between their Golden and Bronze Age adventures.
  3. A. Jim Steranko was the model for Mr. Miracle. The Question is probably the DC character who comes closest to Steve Ditko's objectivist point of view. His Mr. A is even closer.
  4. B. Captain Boomerang usually annoys the Flash. Cluemaster tends to hang around Gotham. The Bug Eyed bandit was one of the Atom's foes.
  5. C.
  6. C.
  7. B. He was a member of the League of Assassins.
  8. C.
  9. A. And no, they never explained how a hero who only appeared on Earth 2 could have a nephew on Earth 1. But hey, Zatara managed the trick of fathering a daughter on Earth 1 from Earth 2.
  10. D. The Golden Age Green Arrow collected Native American art. Roy Harper was raised by Native Americans.
  11. D. I Ching is an ancient Chinese means of divination and was the name of Diana Prince's mentor when she didn't have Amazonian powers. Milo Armitage is a criminal arms dealer who has tried to kill Connor Hawke and who is also Connor Hawke's step-father. And you thought Thanksgiving was tense in your family?
  12. B. White Feather was afraid of almost everything.
  13. B. Let's see you fire an arrow with a boxing glove at the end.
  14. C. Snake Eyes is the ninja from the GI Joe cartoon.
  15. D.
  16. A. John DeLeon forged documents that framed Queen for mishandling Star City bonds for profit. After Queen went bankrupt, DeLeon bought his company.
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