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End of Summer
Sector 2814

They have given me the bad news, folks. Space Sector 2814 will be closing next month. Apparently, the head honchos decided that it didn't make much sense for old Hal Jordan to be hosting the art gallery for Fanzing when I'm now The Spectre. The new guy they're bringing in supposedly has quite an eye for art. We shall see.

In the meantime, here are the art pieces for this month.

Cyborg Battle "Cyborg Battle" by Yusuf Madhiya. It's Cyborg vs. Cyborg!

Green Arrow "Red Tornado" by Phil Meadows. Phil has drawn RT in his classic JLA costume set against a mountain background. A beautiful way to capture the force of nature we call Red Tornado!

Green Arrow "The Metal Men" by Carlos Roberto Morán Argüello with colors by Benjamin Grose. Carlos hails from El Salvador, where he's a marketing professional who does graphic design work. This is his first work for Fanzing...

Green Arrow ...and here's his second! "Red Tornado" by Carlos Roberto Morán Argüello with colors by Benjamin Grose.

We'll be seeing more work from Carlos in the coming months. Look for another piece or two next our final "Sector 2814".

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