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by Chaim Mattis Keller

The big news, of course, is not in the comics, is it...?

From: gvh

Subject: The Mount - October 2001

Dear Matt Morrison:

You have resumed wonderfully, my feelings about September 11.

Yes, in the middle of the big tragedy, heroes appear wherever they were needed. People who helped complete strangers, people who shared the same feelings, people who attended the call for blood or money, or other kind of supporting.

Even the animals (abandoned pets) were rescued for volunteers from the abandoned nearby buildings to the WTC, this people are my heroes too.

I don't wanted to mail anything before because my mind was suffering of mixed feelings of hate and prejudices. It took me a while to understand that these things needs to be seen and understood from a relative distance from the facts that alter us so much. But now I'm glad to know that SUPERMEN exists and that they (like the famed Big S) are willing to give their life if that's the only and one way to help another human being (or animal, in other cases). Hooray for them.

My condolences goes to all the American people and to the families who were badly touched by the tragedies of that fateful Tuesday.

Gary A. Valenzuela

La Paz - Bolivia


"We don't do it for the glory. We don't do it for the recognition. We do it because it needs to be done. Because if we don't, no one else will. And we do it even if no one knows what we've done. Even if no one knows we exist. Even if no one remembers that we ever existed."

*** Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)

*** Christmas With The Superheroes #2 (Dec 1989)

I think we might have ruffled some professional feathers back in our Legion issue...

From: Michael Netzer

Subject: Secondary Firsts

From your website:

"Sherman had a secondary artist who regularly worked on fill-ins and back issues, Mike Nasser AKA Mike Netzer. Nasser (as he was known then) had a blocky style that didn't go well with Sherman's ultra sleekness, however he was much better than what lay ahead for the Legion. The first clue of what would happen was in Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #227, when Gerry Conway wrote the (ack!) definitive Pulsar Stargrave story. With him is guest artist Joe Staton, whose blocky style makes Nassar look positively sleek."

It's a good article, but I wasn't really Sherman's "secondary" artist. I was my own first artist.

But it really is a good article.


Michael Netzer

Glad you enjoyed the article...sorry if we were a bit off in our understanding of the relationship between the rotating art teams of the Legion during that period.

Our War issue prompted this question:

From: Stuart K. Smith

Subject: Sgt Rock

What unit did Sgt Rock and Easy Company belong to, 101, 82, 3ID ?


Our Editor, Michael Hutchison, replies:

I don't believe it was ever stated...intentionally so, since they wanted this to be a nebulous series of stories not specifically following any one course of events.

This story, which ran in our last two issues, received high praise:


Subject: Nightwing: A Matter of Vengence

OK - where are the last 6 chapters? I'm on the edge of my seat and your links are to the first 6 chapters.

Our Editor, Michael Hutchison, replies:

Thanks for the advice. I've fixed the links. It was merely a miscoding of the links; the stories were there.

This entry in our "DCTV" writing challenge earned itself a place amongst the finalists, considering the reader reaction...


Subject: 101 Pumpkin Uses For the Holidays by Cliff Roberts

I love it. I can see Ivy doing that with out any problems.

Thanks for posting it.



Subject: 101 Things to do With Pumpkins

At first I thought that my friend Cliff had just been watching too much television............then I realized that good old Martha is actually the cartoon character as portrayed by him. However, he did forget to mention Steamed Pumpkin Pudding - oops, that's my recipe, not Martha's. I can hardly wait for him to do Bobby Flay or Emeril from the Food Channel!

An enjoyable read. I got a few belly laughs out of it. Just one question, how many episodes did he have to watch to research this?


Some good words from an archive-readers...this one on the Nightwing time-line from Fanzing # 30...

From: Louis Douzepis

Subject: Nightwing

Really great run down on Dicks' carreer and adventures up-to-date. I must admit I'm one of those who has a hard time accepting anyone else in the role of Robin. They wouldn't make Superman anyone other than Clark Kent or Batman anyone other than Bruce Wayne ( Okay, Okay, I know they tried but how long did that last? )

I fail to see the wisdom in turning the fourth or fifth (?) costumed Superhero and first costumed sidekick in Comic Book history in to someone other than Dick Grayson.

Saying all that, thanks again for the entertainment and I hope you like the pic.

If you'de like to see more Comic Book stuff try out:

Take care,

Lou Douzepis.

And this one about the review of the Superman movies in Fanzing # 34...from a dam expert, no less!



I'm a young civil engineer from Spain, and in my humble opinion the dam scene is another impactant and well done part in the movie. The consideration of a dam breakage or collapse is not very known by the public opinion but its one of the worst disasters that could happen in fact. The choosen dam, is impresive, belonging to the art more than to the simple engineering, and the way it gets broken comes from such a mind who did a film like Superman.


The fact is that I have a picture of the real dam and without knowing it was Superman`s dam I made a painting of it. Watching Superman once again I realized I had draw the dam of my favourite movie but i still dont know the location. Is it St Andrews dam the correct name? I'm still looking for it.

An interesting bunch of letters this month indeed. And we've got the material to generate even on, everyone!

Letters Editor Chaim Mattis Keller, aka Legion-Reference-File Lad, is a computer programmer who lives in New York City with his wife and four children.

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