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DC TV Writing Challenge Results

The turnout for the DC TV writing challenge may not have been great in terms of quantity, but in terms of quality, it was right up there with all our previous challenges.

Here's a run-down of our four entrants:

A Gathering of Angels -- by Dannell Lites

This story provides nice insight into Azrael's past and motivations, and the characters all ring true to the "Touched by an Angel" series. The blending of the DCU mythos and the TV world works nicely. On the downside, our judges noted that purple prose (meaning the overuse of similes, metaphors, and descriptive text) abounds, and that there's some heavy handed moralizing.

Seinfeld: The Power -- by Michael Rees

Our judges commented that this story reads like an actual Seinfeld episode. From the crazy shenanigans of George and Kramer to everything going horribly wrong in the end, both the Seinfeld cast and the JLA members are written totally in character. This story is tightly plotted with twists and turns that keep the reader hooked. On the downside, our judges noted that minor punctuation problems occured throughout the story.

Escape From Krypton? -- by Hazel

One of our judges commented, "Clever idea. Well-executed without being belaboured or padded. There is, however, not really all that much there." Melding the Star Wars mythos, and Alderaan's destruction, with the Superman mythos is a very clever idea (and the highlight of the story). But, unfortunately, expansion upon the original idea is lacking. And an idea in and of itself does not make a good story.

101 Pumpkin Uses For the Holidays -- by Cliff Roberts

Much like "Escape from Krypton?," this story is also very clever and original. All of our judges loved what Poison Ivy does to poor old Martha Stewart in the end. The downside to this story is that it was written in a weird, part prose-part script format which made the action/sequencing of the story hard to follow at times.


The judges have reached a decision, and the winner is...."Seinfeld: the Power" by Michael Rees!

Congratulations to Michael Rees! He will receive some sort of goodie from the Fanzing store!

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