Too Many Long Boxes!

End of Summer
The Sleep Deprived Crank
by editor Michael Hutchison

Discussed this month: To heck with subtlety: I'm buying a house and I need cash fast!

I'm just dashing off this note because I need to finish up the magazine QUICK and get to work on packing and finances.

It's like this. Melinda and I have decided to buy a house while the market is good and the mortgage rates are so low (a situation that was quite different when we moved to Rochester 17 months ago). We've found a beauty and the offer was just accepted. We take possession in a month. And I need to raise as much cash as I possibly can as fast as possible.

So...wanna buy some comic books?

I'm selling most of my comic book collection at my "Comic Relief" site. Please check it out and let me know if you want to buy any of them. I take payment by check, money order or Paypal. All the money I get is going straight into the house fund! If you know ANYONE who might be interested in buying the comics, I'd be much obliged if you'd send them the link. Thanks!

We're also selling books, videos and music CDs on Click here to see the stuff we're selling!

In addition to that, I plan to take all of my really collectible comics and sell them on eBay. That includes Nightwing #8 (where Babs and Dick go on a date at the circus), JLA #4 (Green Arrow joins the JLA) and #14 (Atom joins the JLA), a number of Silver Age Detective Comics issues including the New Look Batman issue (which is also the first Elongated Man issue) and Silver Age Flash comics.

Please watch the Fanzing home page. I'll link to the issues I'm selling on eBay when they get listed.

Thanks to anyone who stops on by to check out the stuff. I feel kinda silly to blatantly hawk my wares this way. I hope you all understand that it's something of a rush.

I should probably warn you all that I've no idea what my moving will do to the next few issues of Fanzing in terms of publication dates. Sorry in advance!


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