Too Many Long Boxes!

End of Summer

JSA Chronology

by John Wells

Remember when fans fretted over the existence of an Earth-One Wildcat and agonized over how the Super-Sons fit into the scheme of things ? Well, my friends, those days are gone. What passed for continuity problems in the 1970s is next to nothing in an era when some writers don't have a working familiarity with the names of the characters they're writing. In 1999, I discovered that Scribbly Jibbet now had the same last name as Homer Simpson's Doctor Hibbert. Who knew ?

The 21st Century JSA series has been refreshing in that regard. It's had its share of glitches but it's clear on every page that the creative team cares about the team's history and legacy. A series whose cast of characters have been around for six-plus decades is bound to tough for anyone to keep track of, though, and that's where this timeline comes in. It's a chronological list of every Justice Society adventure, taking into account the revisions that were made in the wake of Crisis On Infinite Earths.

For the Justice Society's Golden Age career, I've attempted to provide the months that each adventure took place. In large part, these come courtesy of Roy Thomas, who provided exact dates in All-Star Squadron. Once we get past 1942, the vast majority of months I've

listed are purely arbitrary. At this point, Thomas' America Vs. The Justice Society was useful in identifying the earliest JSA adventures in each year.

After 1963, the timeline is converted to the tried and true "x years later" system. Thanks to Thomas' bio pages in early issues of Infinity, Inc., I've been able to provide birth dates and approximate ages for all of the JSA children except Rick Tyler and Lyta Trevor.

A number of pre-Crisis JSA stories have been mentioned in current continuity and I've attempted to list all of those references, no matter how brief. In varying degrees, each post-Crisis JSA story is going to differ from the original account. For the most part, I haven't attempted to address this subject.

Rather than risk confusion, pre-Crisis JSA stories which do not fit into current continuity at all are not listed here. Most notably among these issues are Justice League of America # 37-38, 107-108, 123-124, 135-137, 207-209, 219-220 and 231-232, Adventure Comics # 461-463 and America Vs. The Justice Society # 1-4. A few stories (JLA # 46-47 and 82-83) are salvageable only if one writes entirely new stories around the villains.

Hawkgirl's status with the wartime JSA remains unclarified. She appears in four wartime flashbacks, two of them in 1945. The most recent flashback (a White House photo shoot in Green Lantern: Fear Itself) makes the most sense in March of 1942, following the rescue of Hourman from Baron Blitzkrieg. None of these stories explicitly refers to Hawkgirl as a member but the question remains.

This chronology disagrees with JSA Secret Files # 1's timeline in a few points. The placement of the Injustice Society's origin is inexplicably set in 1944 (instead of 1947). The dates indicated for Sandy's retirement and return were similarly askew but, after considering a suggestion made by the DC Message Boards' JSA Jim, I've chosen to accept them and cite Sandy as the hero who fought alongside the Star-Spangled Kid and Power Girl in the current account of All-Star Comics # 58-59.

Secret Files # 1 also perpetuated the myth that the Golden Age Fury was a member of the JSA. Roy Thomas changed his mind before that plan was ever realized. Miss America was the first female member of the team. (A more complete account of the situation appears in "The Many Deaths of Miss America" a few months back in Fanzing.)

Without further comment, here's ...



"From every part of the nation they come; from their haunts and bypaths, speeding to the capitol in answer to their country's call! This is the story of how they met, and why! Of what they did, and how they did it! The Justice Society of America against the enemies of

America ... for America and democracy!" -- Gardner Fox, All-Star Comics # 4 (1941).


November 9: The Atom, Dr. Fate, the Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman,

Hourman, the Sandman and the Spectre join forces to prevent Adolf Hitler's planned invasion of England. At the suggestion of President Roosevelt, the heroes decide to form the Justice Society of America (DC Special # 29, reaffirmed in Secret Origins # 31).

Comment: The absence of Batman and, particularly, Superman in the current account results in President Roosevelt's death. In desperation, the Spectre pleads for divine intervention to restore FDR to life.

In America Vs. The Justice Society # 3, the Wizard asserts that it was he who provided Hitler with the Spear of Destiny. In light of his subsequent lies regarding the JSA's role as Nazi agents, the villain's claims should be viewed with skepticism.

November 22: The JSA holds its first meeting, with Johnny Thunder and, briefly, the Red Tornado also making appearances. The assembly draws the attention of J. Edgar Hoover, who invites the team to FBI headquarters (All-Star Comics # 3).

November 26: The JSA brings Fritz Klaver and his ring of saboteurs to justice (All-Star Comics # 4, reaffirmed in All-Star Squadron # 67).


Winter: Doctor Mid-Nite makes his public debut (All-American Comics # 25, reaffirmed in Secret Origins # 20).

Spring: The JSA captures Mister X. Shiera Sanders becomes Hawkgirl for the first time (ASC # 5).

Spring: The Flash assumes honorary membership in the team and is replaced by Johnny Thunder (ASC # 6).

May: Starman helps the F.B.I. capture Dr. Droog (Adventure Comics #61 and All-Star Squadron # 41, reaffirmed in Starman Secret Files # 1).

Comment: In current continuity, Starman began operating on November 20, 1939 but his activities were confined to Opal City until mid-1941. Altered as well was the name of Starman's first major adversary, which was originally "good" spelled backwards.

June 7: The time-travelling Extant attacks the JSA (Impulse: Bart Saves The Universe).

Comment: The date of Extant's attack is cited as September 7 but must occur prior to the shake up of the JSA line-up on June 28; thus, the June 7 alternative.

June: Joan Dale becomes Miss America (Military Comics # 1, reaffirmed in Secret Origins # 26).

June 27-28: After raising "$1,000,000 for war orphans" (ASC # 7), the JSA faces the supernatural threat of Ian Karkull. All present are bathed in chronal rays that will extend the heroes' youth and vitality by decades. Green Lantern, shaken by his failure to save a boy from death, blames overwork and becomes an honorary member. Hourman, acknowledging his addiction to Miraclo pills, takes a leave of absence and recommends Starman as his replacement (All-Star Squadron Annual # 3, reaffirmed in Green Lantern Corps Quarterly # 1).

Comments: Hinted at by Roy Thomas as "the case the world's not ready to know about," this story resolved several long- standing questions, among them, the explanation for Green Lantern and Hourman's departure from the team (and for Starman's addition to same), the source of the JSA's continued vigor in the present and the reason why Doctor Fate abandoned his full face helmet (between More Fun # 71 and 72): The full helmet threatened to fully submerge Kent Nelson's persona in favor of the mage Nabu.

JSA Secret Files # 1 suggests that the conclusion of the Karkull adventure occurred in 1945 instead of 1941. The rationale, I gather, is to endow as many 1940s characters with enhanced youth and vitality as possible. I'd like to suggest an alternative.

Aside from the subtraction of Superman and Batman, the events of June 28, 1941 took place as originally recorded, with the JSA learning that their life spans may benefit from Karkull's destruction.

A quarter-century later, medical journals begin to report that middle-aged and older Americans are experiencing unprecedented vitality, complete with a surge in late-in-life pregnancies. Having previously developed a theory regarding the unexpected number of pregnancies among the JSA wives, Charles McNider comes to a stunning conclusion. The fallout from Ian Karkull's demise affected most of the Northern Hemisphere in varying degrees, with the heaviest concentration directed towards the east coast of the United States.

The beauty of this explanation is that it leaves the youth and vitality level of a given 1940s character entirely at the discretion of the writer. If the Great Defender shows up as a feeble old man, well, obviously, Stormy Foster didn't get touched by the fallout. But, if Stormy's still taking on the occasionally bad guy in the 1990s, there's an explanation for his vigor already in place.

June 30-July 1: The JSA, including the Flash, Green Lantern, Hourman and Hawkgirl, meet Doctor Mid-Nite and clash with the time-travelling Justice League over whether to use T.O. Morrow's futuristic technology in the present. Ultimately, the teams agree to return the 21st century anachronisms to their proper point in time and, upon doing so, the Justice Society loses all memory of the incident (DC 2000 # 1-2).

August: Doctor Mid-Nite and Starman take part in the their first JSA case. Hawkgirl assists once more (ASC # 8).

September: At J. Edgar Hoover's request, the JSA deals with further spies and saboteurs in Mexico and South America. The team is honored with a victory gala (ASC # 9), also attended by the Flash, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl (Golden Age Secret Files # 1).

September: The Sandman adopts a new costume (All-Star Squadron # 18) and meets Sandy Hawkins, soon to be his ward and crime-fighting partner (Adventure Comics # 69, reaffirmed in Young All-Stars # 4).

Comment: Obviously, in the current version of the All-Star Squadron flashback, Dian Belmont is gravely injured but does not die. The story that introduces Sandy, incidentally, is one of the looniest origin stories of the Golden Age.

October: Bored with life, prodigy Terry Sloane finds a new reason to live and adopts the persona of Mister Terrific (Sensation Comics # 1, reaffirmed in The Spectre [3] # 54).

October: Inspired by a Green Lantern comic book, fugitive Ted Grant becomes Wildcat to clear his name (Sensation Comics # 1 and All-Star Squadron Annual # 1, reaffirmed in Catwoman/ Wildcat # 1).

November: On behalf of a trio of scientists, the JSA travel to the year 2442 to gather the components of a bomb- defense mechanism (ASC # 10). Unknown to all, the device is subsequently sabotaged by a young Per Degaton (All-Star Squadron # 2, reaffirmed in Infinity, Inc. Annual # 2).

Dec. 7: Uncle Sam recruits several costumed adventurers, including Hourman and Miss America, for a doomed attempt at turning back the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (All-Star Squadron # 32, reaffirmed in Secret Origins # 26).

Dec. 6-8: The JSA is abducted by the 1947 incarnation of Degaton, who unwittingly triggers the creation of the All-Star Squadron in the wake of the Pearl Harbor attack and the beginning of World War Two (Justice League of America # 193 and All-Star Squadron # 1-4).

Dec. 9: The JSA disbands, its members intent on enlisting in the armed forces (ASC # 11 and All-Star Squadron # 5).


Feb. 9: After escaping a nightmarish vision induced by the Brain Wave (All-Star Squadron # 18-19), the reunited JSA learn of the War Department's request that they return to action as the Justice Battalion (ASS # 20, based on ASC # 11).

Feb. 10: Before they can act on the threat of the Black Dragon Society (ASS # 25), the JSA must defeat Kulak (# 27-28).

Feb. 16: The JSA confronts the Black Dragon Society (ASC # 12 and A-SS # 30).

Feb. 23: The JSA are among those in attendance at the first gathering of the entire All-Star Squadron (A-SS # 31-32). Soon after, the Freedom Fighters rescue Hourman, a prisoner of Baron Blitzkrieg's since the Pearl Harbor bombing (A-SS # 35, reaffirmed in All-Star Comics [2] # 2).

March: Although Hourman does not resume his JSA membership, his return is commemorated in a group shot with the team (including honorary members Flash and Green Lantern) and President Roosevelt. Also in attendance is Hawkgirl (Green Lantern: Fear Itself).

April 1-12: The JSA is "shanghaied into space" by a Nazi scientist (ASC # 13 and ASS # 50, 57-60).

April 29: The JSA join the All-Star Squadron in welcoming the Young All-Stars (YAS # 3).

May 22: Comatose and in the custody of Project "M" since December 7, Miss America is revived and rescued by the All-Star Squadron (YAS # 14).

May 23: The JSA and All-Star Squadron are attacked by Mekanique (YAS Annual # 1).

Late June: The JSA invites Miss America to be its recording secretary (YAS Annual # 1) and embarks on a mission in Europe to provide "food for starving patriots" (YAS # 27; ASC # 14).

Comment: Given her F.B.I. ties, Miss America may have also served as a liason between that agency and the Justice Society.

July 15: A time-travelling Hippolyta (as Wonder Woman) joins the Atom, Hawkman, Johnny Thunder and honorary members Flash and Green Lantern in a battle with Dark Angel. Afterwards, Wonder Woman accepts an invitation to join the team (Wonder Woman [2] # 130-133).

Comment: As an explanation for the frequent involvement of honorary and future members of the JSA in the team's wartime exploits, I suggest the existence of the Justice Society Reserves. Possibly formed at the request of President Roosevelt, the heroes of this unit functioned, individually or collectively, as replacements for the official members. The line-up consisted of honorary members the Flash, Green Lantern and Hourman, JSA secretary Miss America, plus Hawkgirl, Mister Terrific, Wildcat and perhaps the Red Tornado.


January: Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl and others join the male members in helping to thwart the Brain Wave's latest scheme (ASC # 15, reaffirmed in Starman # 69).

Comment: It's worth noting that this story and More Fun # 90 a few months later mark the final 1940s appearances of Inza Cramer, who marries Kent (Doctor Fate) Nelson at an indeterminate point thereafter.

The current account of this story -- related by a severely wounded Ted Knight decades in the future -- suggests that Myra Mason and Mary James were not involved in this adventure. Because Knight's memories are clearly faulty (he also incorrectly identifies this as one of Hawkgirl's first cases), the details cannot be fully relied upon.

February: Osira captures the JSA, imprisoning most of the team on the moon and sending the rest (the Atom, Johnny Thunder, Sandman, Starman and non- member Mister Terrific) into conflict with Wonder Woman (WW [1] # 231-232).

Comments: The presence of Mr. Terrific suggests that Osira probably had several members of the All-Star Squadron imprisoned on the moon, too. Also of note is the fact that the Sandman is wearing his original gasmask/jacket costume, something he also does in the 1944 flashbacks in Starman [2] # 22 and DCU Villains Secret Files # 1.

March: Hourman and Mister Terrific join the JSA in raiding a Japanese installation on Mai Tai Island. Horrified by the genetic experimentation discovered at the site, the Spectre must be persuaded by Starman not to annihilate the human race (All-Star Comics 80-Page Giant # 1).

Comments: The presence of the Sandman's original outfit and Mister Terrific in this story suggest that it follows Wonder Woman # 231-232. Starman and the Spectre's visit to the Japanese relocation camp also makes an appropriate prologue to the JSA's next adventure.

April: The JSA fights intolerance in the United States (ASC # 16).

June: The JSA has a close encounter with a time-displaced Superman (Action Comics # 663).

July: The Brain Wave clashes with the JSA again (ASC # 17).

October: The JSA brings the King Bee to justice (ASC # 18).


January: The JSA crushes the schemes of Hector Bauer (ASC # 19).

January: Starman, Sandman and Hawkman are joined by Hawkgirl and Sandy in an encounter with Johnny Sorrow (JSA # 18).

April: The JSA is menaced by the Monster (ASC # 20).

July: Professor Everson sends the JSA into the past to resolve the mistakes of the dying Joe Fitch (ASC # 21).

July: Johnny Sorrow murders six of the Seven Shadows and abducts Sandy as a prelude to unleashing the King of Tears. Hawkman and Sandman, along with the Flash, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl, are on hand as the Spectre stops the supernatural threat (JSA # 18). The deaths of his comrades causes Scarab to suffer a breakdown (Scarab # 1).

August: In Belgium, Vandal Savage encounters the JSA and the All-Star Squadron. Involved in the struggle are Dr. Fate, the Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman (Action Comics # 516), the Atom, Dr. Mid-Nite, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Miss America (Damage # 12) and the Sandman (DCU Villains Secret Files # 1) and, from the Squadron, Hourman (Action # 516, Damage # 12), Johnny Quick, Liberty Belle and Wildcat (Damage # 12).

September: While on a Justice Society European Tour, Green Lantern and the Flash cross paths with Abin Sur, who erases their memories of the incident (Green Lantern Corps Quarterly # 8).

Comment: Abin Sur's involvement in World War Two was restricted to this incident and an earlier encounter with Bulletman and Minute-Man in 1942 (Power of Shazam! # 36). Prohibited by the Guardians of the Universe from "involvement in (Earth's) worldwide conflict," Abin Sur erased the memories of both teams of heroes to carry out the Guardians' edict that there be no "discovery of any extraterrestrial evidence by the Earthlings" that might influence the war.

The Flash and GL join the Justice Society in battling the forces of the Red Panzer and Armageddon (Wonder Woman: Our Worlds At War # 1).

October: The JSA again takes a stand against prejudice (ASC # 22). Dr. Fate and Sandman are absent from this mission. Wildcat joins the team soon after.


January 2-9: The Atom is suspended from the JSA for a week after fumbling a stealth mission (All-Star Comics 80-Page Giant # 1).

Comment: A sight gag sets this story in January of 1943 but the presence of Wildcat in the JSA and the appearance of the Gambler (introduced in 1944) make it more likely to have occurred two years later. A reference is also made to the Sportsmaster, apparently placing his debut in 1944 rather than 1947.

January: The Psycho-Pirate imperils the JSA (ASC # 23). Dr. Fate, Sandman and Wildcat are absent from this mission. Soon after, Mister Terrific joins the Justice Society.

January: The Sandman prevents Kali Gari from assassinating Hawkman and Wonder Woman (All-Star Comics 80-Page Giant # 1).

Comment: Although the headgear worn by Hawkman in the various JSA flashbacks rarely match the historical models, the presence of his 1948-1950 era mask is especially conspicuous. The mask existed as early as 1941 (according to All-Star Squadron # 11) and, while under Kali Gari's influence, Hawkman could easily have selected the "wrong" topper.

The Sandman's lengthy pursuit of Kali Gari may explain his absence in All-Star Comics # 22 and 23.

February: On an island within a thousand miles of Australia, the JSA discovers stranded pilot Derek Trevor, who soon falls in love with Miss America (Infinity, Inc. # 48). She chooses to stay behind to help with Trevor's recovery and is absent during one of the most momentous cases of the JSA's wartime career.

February: The Stalker absorbs Dr. Fate and the Spectre into himself. Drawn out of retirement by the threat, Hourman summons all active (Atom, Dr. Mid-Nite, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Johnny Thunder, Mr. Terrific, Sandman, Starman, Wildcat, Wonder Woman) and honorary (Flash and Green Lantern) members of the JSA and others to defeat him (All-Star Comics [2] # 1-2).

In the wake of the battle, the weakened Dr. Fate and Spectre leave the team. Starman, haunted by his role in the creation of the atomic bomb (Adventure Comics [2] # 1), also resigns (Justice Society of America [1] # 7). Weeks later, the JSA tenure of the Sandman nears its end when he accidentally transforms Sandy into a silicon creature (Justice League of America # 113; reaffirmed in JSA # 5). To fill the void, the Flash and Green Lantern return to active duty and Miss America becomes a full member.

Hourman stays with the team briefly, helping to ward off a Nazi attack on the White House (Justice Society of America [2] # 6) but soon returns to retirement. The Sandman, wracked with guilt over Sandy's plight, suffers a heart attack after this case, ending his costumed career (America Vs. the Justice Society # 3). Also in this period, the Invaders briefly meet the JSA (including Flash, Green Lantern and Wildcat) courtesy of Access (Unlimited Access # 2).

Comments: The flashback in Justice Society [1] # 7 cannot be taken at face value. Most conspicuously, Black Canary is depicted as a wartime member of the team. Starman's resignation from the JSA seems to occur at the end of World War Two even though his JSA activity in All-Star Comics had ceased at the end of 1944. On a positive note, the depiction of the Atom in a costume that (pre-Crisis) he didn't wear until 1947 turns out not to be a mistake after all (as seen in All-Star Comics [2] # 2).

Despite what one might infer from the conclusion of All-Star # 2, Dr. Occult's grave condition does not require Rose Psychic to make the sacrifice prophesied in The Books of Magic mini-series. In fact, later in 1945, Rose is mortally wounded by the demonic Thahn and Doc merges with her to save her life (Superman Annual [2] # 7).

At this point, it should be noted that four unpublished Gardner Fox JSA stories exist, originally cited in Craig Delich's All-Star Comics Revue and discussed in depth by Jerry Bails in Roy Thomas' All-Star Companion. Given the lack of data on most of these stories, I haven't attempted to place them in continuity (with the exception of "The Will of William Wilson", which must occur after the second Psycho-Pirate story in ASC # 33). The titles of the other three lost adventures are "The Men of Magnifica," "The Emperors of Japan," and "Peril if the Paper Death."

March: The JSA convinces Dick Amber of the threat of Nazi Germany (ASC # 23). Soon after, Mister Terrific resigns from the JSA.

April 15: All past and present members of the JSA attend President Roosevelt's funeral (Last Days of the Justice Society Special # 1).

May: Dr. Fate, the Spectre and Hourman accompany the JSA to Auschwitz. Outraged by the atrocities, the Spectre must be restrained by his colleagues (The Spectre [3] # 20).

May: The JSA investigates the twenty-year-old shooting of millionaire Timothy Kimball (ASC # 25).

July: Invaders from Jupiter, drawn by an unscrupulous astronomer, battle the JSA (ASC # 26).

September: The JSA champions the cause of the disabled (ASC # 27).

Comment: Wonder Woman [1] # 243 sets this story in the same time frame as V-J Day, right after September 2, while America Vs. The Justice Society # 3 recalls it as occurring in "early 46."

September: With the end of World War Two, the All-Star Squadron is disbanded. Wildcat leaves the Justice Society.


A battle between the Spectre and Azmodus climaxes with both entities trapped in their respective host bodies and stripped of their memories of their spiritual alter-egos (Showcase # 60, reaffirmed in The Spectre [3] # 26).

Ted Knight suffers a nervous breakdown (Starman Secret Files # 1).

February: The JSA deals with the perils created by ancient magical jars of paint (ASC # 28).

April: 25th Century villain Landor threatens the JSA (ASC # 29).

June: The JSA faces the Brain Wave once more (ASC # 30).

August: The alien Zor menaces the JSA (ASC # 31).

October: The Psycho-Pirate seeks revenge on the JSA (ASC # 32), later returning for a third assault on the team (The All-Star Companion and briefly noted on page 20 of America Vs. the Justice Society # 3).

December: Mister Terrific concludes his final recorded case of the 1940s (Sensation Comics # 63).


January: The JSA investigates multiple sightings of Solomon Grundy (ASC # 33, reaffirmed in Infinity, Inc. # 39).

February: Following his marriage to Joan Garrick, the Flash joins the JSA in a battle with the Fiddler, the Shade and the Thinker in Las Vegas (Flash [2] # 161).

Comment: The Fiddler's presence in this story indicates that his debut (originally in the latter half of 1947 in All-Flash # 32) occurred earlier in current history.

March: The Wizard imperils the JSA (ASC # 34).

April: Dinah Drake strikes back at Gotham City's criminal element as the Black Canary, eventually crossing paths with Johnny Thunder (DC Special Series # 10; Flash Comics # 86, reaffirmed in Secret Origins [3] # 50).

May: Per Degaton radically reshapes history in his favor. The JSA restores order to the timestream, effectively causing the entire adventure to have never taken place. Only later does the team reconstruct what happened (ASC # 35, reaffirmed in Infinity, Inc. Annual # 2).

July: After being immersed in the conscience-erasing waters of Koehaha, "five drowned men" match wits with the JSA (ASC # 36).

September: The Brain Wave, Degaton, the Gambler, the Thinker, Vandal Savage and the Wizard join forces as the Injustice Society of the World (ASC # 37, reaffirmed in Infinity, Inc. Annual # 2).

November: The male members of the JSA are beaten to death but the quick intervention of Black Canary enables Wonder Woman to revive them (ASC # 38, reaffirmed in Starman Annual # 2).


January: The JSA quell an "invasion from Fairyland" (ASC # 39, reaffirmed in Infinity, Inc. # 50).

Comment: Miss America replaces Wonder Woman in the current account of this case.

January: Johnny Thunder resigns from the JSA, his access to the Thunderbolt unwittingly inhibited by a Badhnisian shaman who forces him to become the island's puppet ruler (Superman Family # 204).

March: The Crimson Claws and their juvenile counterparts face the JSA and the Junior JSA (ASC # 40).

May: The Wizard revives the Injustice Society with the Fiddler, the Huntress, Icicle and the Sportsmaster. The Harlequin betrays the villains and joins Black Canary in rescuing the JSA. In the aftermath, Black Canary formally joins the team (ASC # 41, reaffirmed in Green Lantern Corps Quarterly # 3 and Secret Origins [3] # 25).

June: Vandal Savage again matches wits with the JSA (Damage # 12).

July: The JSA battles the Alchemist (ASC # 42).

September: The other-dimensional Aurikon threatens the JSA (ASC # 43).

November: In Hollywood, the JSA faces Evil Star (ASC # 44).

November: The Seven Soldiers of Victory are betrayed by one of their own, the Spider, and are cast across the timestream in a desperate battle with the Nebula Man in Tibet. Investigating the disturbance, Hippolyta encounters Hawkman and Doctor Mid-Nite, having come from the future to retrieve the nebula-rod. With Wonder Woman at their side, the heroes return to the present (Justice League of America # 100, reaffirmed in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. # 9).

December: Transport pilot Diana Trevor crashes on the isle of Themiscyra, helping the Amazons turn back the murderous creature known as Cottus before being killed herself (Wonder Woman [2] # 12).

Comment: Following the Seven Soldiers adventure in the future, the mystic Oracle returns Hippolyta to a point after the tragedy on Themiscyra, thus ensuring that the Queen does not attempt to change history. (It also seems likely that the Amazons had their memories of the visits from the future's Hippolyta erased -- possibly by the gods -- after she returned to her proper time.)


January: The JSA apprehends several villains empowered by cosmic energy (ASC # 45).

February: A third resurgence of the Injustice Society finds the Wizard, the Brain Wave, Degaton, the Fiddler, the Huntress, the Icicle, the Shade, Solomon Grundy and the Sportsmaster joined with the Cheetah, the Rag Doll and the Ultra-Humanite. With several of their teammates missing in action, Black Canary, the Flash, Hawkman and Wonder Woman recruit Doctor Fate, Johnny Thunder, Starman, Wildcat, Captain Triumph, Doll Man, Gimmick Girl and the Grim Ghost to help bring the rogues to justice (Starman [2] # 62).

Fury also joins the heroes, helping Wonder Woman defeat Solomon Grundy and the Icicle (Wonder Woman: Our Worlds At War # 1).

March: Would-be detective Elmer Dolittle complicates the JSA's battle with the Invisible Band (ASC # 46).

May: The JSA investigates a modern Billy the Kid (ASC # 47).

May: Ted Grant's girl friend Irina gives birth to their son, Jake. The infant is abducted by Wildcat's foe, the Golden Wasp, and never seen again (Secret Origins [3] # 50). Wildcat's career effectively ends at this point.

Comments: The life-changing event of Jake's kidnapping would seem to be the catalyst that made Ted Grant abandon his Wildcat persona. I've placed the incident right after his last adventures of the 1940s (Sensation # 90 and DC 100-Page Super-Spectacular # 6).

The Wildcat villain in question, incidentally, was originally known as the Yellow Wasp in Sensation # 20, 25 and 66. When the last of these stories was reprinted in Wanted # 6, the cover identified him as the Golden Wasp, eventually leading to the new name in Secret Origins # 50. Starman [2] # 41 notes Wildcat's eventual capture of the villain, now known as Killer Wasp. (As a sidenote in Starman # 1,000,000, Ted Knight mistakenly recalls his encounter with Killer Moth, whom he mistakenly refers to as Killer Wasp.)

July: Critically ill Edmund Blake is inspired to live thanks to visions of the future provided by the JSA (ASC # 48).

September: The JSA face the threat of the alien Fire People (ASC # 49).

November: The JSA unmasks Mister Alpha (ASC # 50).


January: During the JSA's battle with the Diamond Men, the Perisphere (one-time headquarters of the All-Star Squadron) is destroyed (ASC # 51).

March: The JSA is put in suspended animation by the Four Kings for a year (ASC # 52).

Comment: Even Roy Thomas, in America Vs. the Justice Society # 4, doesn't discuss the ramifications of the JSA disappearing for a year. He mentions the team's year-long sleep but is referring to events "later in 1950" only three panels later. Certainly, if the heroes were actually missing for a year, one must wonder how they explained their absence to loved ones who weren't aware of their secret identities. Perhaps, like the Degaton adventure (ASC # 35), the JSA simply traveled a year into the past and defeated the Four Kings immediately, nullifying everything that had gone before.

February-May: Now married to Joan Williams, the Flash announces his retirement. After his successor, the Spider, proves to be a villain, the Flash returns to action (The Shade # 3).

May: The JSA avenges the death of Professor Swanley (ASC # 53).

June: The Flash and Black Canary free Johnny Thunder and his Thunderbolt from the control of the Badhnisian shaman. Johnny opts to remain as Badhnisia's ruler temporarily until a new government can be established (Superman Family # 204).

Comment: The Flash and Black Canary are suggested alternates for Superman and Lois Kent in the current version of this story.

July: Soon after resolving "the Adventure of the Smuggling Gem-Runners," the JSA exposes the "Circus of a Thousand Thrills'" role in a crime wave (ASC # 54, reaffirmed in Infinity, Inc. # 49).

Comment: Miss America replaces Wonder Woman in the current account of this case. A comment in the original story suggests that it occurs in February. In this particular timeline, I've ignored the reference but, if the JSA was genuinely gone for a year (see ASC # 52), this could place the story in February of 1951.

September: The mind-controlled Professor Napier attacks the JSA as the Conqueror (ASC # 55).

November: The JSA are brought to the 31st Century to deal with the threat of the Chameleons. Upon their return, they lose all memory of the adventure (ASC # 56) until "Wonder Woman's magic sphere filled (them) in" (America Vs. The Justice Society # 4).

Comment: The Chameleons may be natives of Durla.

November: After Johnny Thunder helps her finally defeat Dark Angel (Adventure Comics 80-Page Giant # 1), Wonder Woman returns to the future (WW [2] # 133).


January: A battle with Vandal Savage reunites the JSA with a despondent Ted (Starman) Knight. Starman's request to rejoin the team is granted (Justice Society of America [1] # 1-8) but he sees no further action with the JSA before they disband.

Comments: Starman's return to active duty, unhinted at before or since, makes it necessary to place this story on the eve of the JSA's retirement rather than in early 1950, as cited in the story.

With details such as Black Canary's presence in the wartime JSA and the contradictions with Starman's previously recorded history, this mini-series is an awkward addition to the JSA chronology. Ultimately, if the events concerning Starman can't be reconciled with James Robinson's own timeline for Ted Knight, the mini-series may have to be regarded as non-canonical.

January: The JSA rescue four kidnapped detectives from the Key (ASC # 57).

Comment: Miss America presumably replaces Wonder Woman in the current version of this case.

February: After defeating the leader of Eliminations, Inc., the Atom, Black Canary, Doctor Mid-Nite, the Flash, Green Lantern and Hawkman are called before Congress, who demand that they unmask and reveal their secrets. Refusing, the JSA disbands and vanishes from the session using Thanagarian technology (Adventure Comics # 466; reaffirmed in Hawkworld [2] # 21). In 1959, the Master Gardener of Mars implies that he had a part in ending the heroic age (Martian Manhunter: American Secrets # 3). Decades later, Vandal Savage also takes credit for the scenario via "a few well- placed senators" (JLA: Year One # 2).

Exempt from the session at the F.B.I.'s insistence, Miss America cringes when she later reads a transcript of the chairman's request that the team reveal their true identities: "Perhaps it would be best if you were cleared for security. The process is much like Miss America went through with the Federal Bureau of Investigation" (dialogue paraphrased from Adventure Comics # 466). Feeling like a traitor to the team, Miss America retires and marries Derek Trevor, later claiming that her powers had begun to fade away (Infinity, Inc. # 49).

Learning that his "takeover" of Badhnisia was cited as one of the reasons for the Congressional inquiry, Johnny Thunder abdicates the throne and leaves the country (Justice League of America # 220). The last of the island nation's magic leaves with the Thunderbolt and the Badhnisians disperse to other lands (Justice Society of America [2] # 7).

The retired Justice Society members attend the weddings of Dinah Drake and Larry Lance (DC Special Series # 10, reaffirmed in Secret Origins # 50) and Al (Atom) Pratt and Mary James (Secret Origins # 25).

"Ted (Knight) leaves Opal (City) for a year. In that period, he meets his future wife, Adele Doris Drew" (Starman Secret Files # 1).

The first crisis of the post-Justice Society era, an alien invasion heralded by giant tops, is overcome only through the efforts of a new hero known as Captain Comet (Strange Adventures # 9-10, reaffirmed in Secret Origins Annual # 1).

Filling the vacuum left by the JSA, President Truman organizes Task Force X, a pair of response teams designed to deal with emergencies on the civilian (Argent) and military (Suicide Squad) levels (Secret Origins # 14). Elsewhere, the situation causes the Guardians of the Universe to briefly consider establishing a second Green Lantern in Sector 2814 (Green Lantern Corps Quarterly # 4).

Through "an arrangement with the Justice Society of America," National Comics continues to publish fictionalized accounts of the team's adventures in All-Star Comics at least through # 105 in 1957 (Martian Manhunter: American Secrets # 2).


Black Canary and Miss America temporarily resume their costumed identities as they contribute to a documentary being filmed at Television Town. Thanks to Edmund Blake, they also help capture a pair of criminals (ASC # 48).

Comment: All-Star Comics # 48's glimpses of 1954, 1958 and beyond are a bit problematic in light of the JSA's 1951 retirement. I've speculated here that a JSA documentary was responsible for putting Miss America (originally Wonder Woman) and Black Canary back in costume.

Television Town (a.k.a. New York's Radio City Music Hall) is seen again in 1957 when Detective Chimp makes an appearance there (Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog # 35).


Green Lantern is gravely injured after coming out of retirement to battle the Reaper. In response, the JSA briefly returns to action to track down the villain (Secret Origins # 50).

Joined by the Shade and the Thinker, the Fiddler puts Keystone City into suspended animation in another dimension. While the Flash is helpless within, the outside world forgets that Keystone existed (Secret Origins # 50).

Comment: Flash Secret Files # 1 places Keystone's descent into limbo in 1956, requiring the Reaper flashback (including Flash) to precede it.


Under the direction of Edmund Blake, several Hartmouth College students assist the Atom and Hawkman in rescuing passengers of a capsized excursion steamer (ASC # 48).


With high levels of the United States government infiltrated by alien lizard- men and much of the population infected with an alien fungus designed to make them submissive, Charles (Doctor Mid-Nite) McNider contacts Denver police detective John Jones, himself secretly a Martian. Threatened with self-combustion due to the fungus in his body, McNider relates an outrageous account of the JSA's supposed collaboration with the government since their disappearance and urges Jones to use his alien powers on the F.B.I.'s behalf. Grasping the truth in McNider's lies, Jones successfully locates the nerve center of the invasion and defeats its coordinator, the Master Gardener of Mars.

Although not capable of speaking directly of the events "so long as our nervous systems are still bearing our little ...'guests'," McNider expresses his intent to join Jones in routing the remainder of the aliens and their human pawns, presumably joined by other members of the JSA (Martian Manhunter: American Secrets # 3).


November: In the aftermath of President Kennedy's assassination, the civilian response team Argent vanishes (Suicide Squad Annual # 1).


Dr. Fate and Hourman defeat Solomon Grundy alongside Green Lantern (Showcase # 55, reaffirmed in Infinity, Inc. # 39 and All-Star Comics [2] # 2) and encounter the new Psycho- Pirate. Rex (Hourman) Tyler makes plans to marry Wendi Harris (Showcase # 56).

Black Canary and Starman briefly come out of retirement to fight foes such as the Mist and, with Wildcat, the Huntress and Sportsmaster (Showcase # 61-62, reaffirmed inStarman Annual # 2).

The spell that kept the Spectre trapped in his host body is finally broken (Showcase # 60, reaffirmed in The Spectre [3] # 26).


David is born to Ted and Adele Knight (Starman Secret Files # 1).


Jack is born to Ted and Adele Knight (Starman Secret Files # 1).

The first glimmers of a resurgence in super-heroes are seen, culminating in teams such as the Echoes of Justice (Wonder Woman [2] # 66) and the Justice Experience (Chase # 6). Relieved of some of the burden of safeguarding society, the members of the JSA finally begin to start families of their own.

National Comics Publications editor Jules F. Black capitalizes on the trend with revivals of comic books devoted to the Justice Society. While dreaming, writer Gardner Fox taps into the memories of the dormant Flash, still lost and unconscious in Keystone City. Recording his recollections in the pages of Flash Comics, Fox unwittingly reveals the Flash to be Jay Garrick before an avid audience of comic book collectors, including a youngster named Barry Allen (Life Story of The Flash).

Comment: According to JLA: Year One # 3, Barry Allen was aware of Jay Garrick's identity prior to the Flash's recovery from Keystone City. Clearly, the revelation had to have taken place after Congress' demand that the Flash and his teammates reveal their real names. In Life Story, the Flash confirms to Barry that his name is Jay Garrick, remarking "You say you know all that from reading a funnybook ?" The above paragraph expands on that line, using comics publication data from the facsimile indicia seen in Martian Manhunter: America Secrets # 2.


Dinah Laurel is born to Larry and Dinah Lance (Secret Origins # 50).

Comment: The couple depicted playing with the young Dinah Lance in Secret Origins # 50 must be John and Libby Chambers, not Jay and Joan Garrick, who are still in limbo. The Flash does not meet the second generation Black Canary until she is nineteen years old, sometime between JLA: Year One # 4 and 11.


The Atom's godson, Albert Julian, is born to Philip and Terri Rothstein on October 12 (Infinity, Inc. # 22).

Hector Sanders Hall is born to Carter and Shiera Hall on November 14 (Infinity, Inc. # 9).


Hippolyta ("Lyta") is born to Helena Kosmatos and left in the care of Derek and Joan (Miss America) Trevor, who become her adoptive parents (Infinity, Inc. # 49; Sandman # 57).

Richard is born to Rex and Wendi Tyler (Hourman # 5).


Alan Scott marries Alyx Florin, unaware that she suffers from a multiple personality disorder and is actually the evil Thorn (a.k.a. Rose Canton). Fearing that she might kill Alan while in her Thorn persona, Rose fakes her death in a fire on their honeymoon (Infinity, Inc. Annual # 1).


Rose Canton gives birth to the twin children of Alan Scott on July 20 but abandons them at the hospital. Her daughter, Jennie-Lynn, is adopted by the Haydens while her son, Todd James, is adopted by the Rice family (Infinity, Inc. Annual # 1; Infinity, Inc. # 5-6).


The new heroic age comes to a sad close. After two years of murdering countless costumed heroes, including virtually all of the Justice Experience, serial killer Doctor Trapp is captured by the Justice Society (Chase # 6).

Comment: Still in limbo, the Flash cannot be among those who apprehended Dr. Trapp. Johnny Quick makes a fine substitution.


While the Atom is away on an unspecified mission, Mary Pratt is murdered after giving birth to a son who was kidnapped by Vandal Savage. Unaware of these events, Al accepts the story that the late-in-life pregnancy had been too much for mother and child. Elsewhere, the infant is left in the care of Savage's pawns, Henry and Katherine Emerson, who name the boy Grant (Damage # 12).


As the Justice Society is honored at a Washington, D.C. ceremony, Miss America's daughter borrows her father's private jet and takes the sons of Hawkman and Hourman and the godson of the Atom on an unauthorized flight that ends up on the White House lawn (Infinity, Inc. # 27, reaffirmed in Infinity, Inc. # 48).

Comment: In the original account of this story, the Washington ceremony took place following All-Star Comics # 69 and Power Girl and the Star-Spangled Kid were among those in attendance. In the current account, to accommodate the pre-teen "JSA brats," the flashback must be pushed back to a period before PG and SSK joined the team.


The JSA gathers after learning that Black Canary's daughter has gained sonic powers (Secret Origins # 50).


The JSA's victory over Aquarius comes with a price. Larry Lance is killed and a grieving Black Canary largely abandons costumed heroics, unaware that she has been stricken with cancer by the same celestial sphere that took her husband's life (Justice League of America # 73-74, reaffirmed in Secret Origins # 50).

Comment: Although Secret Origins # 50 kept the Aquarius battle at its proper point in continuity, subsequent references in Batman: Shadow of The Bat # 36, JLA: Year One # 4 and the text page in the Birds of Prey pilot all place Larry's death as occurring before young Dinah becomes the new Black Canary.

Reworking the story without the Justice League is not as difficult as one might think. JLA # 73 is already a Justice Society solo story and Hal Jordan is the only Justice Leaguer in # 74 who is essential to the victory over Aquarius. The obvious replacement for Hal is his predecessor, Abin Sur, who would surely have investigated the disappearance of a planet in his space sector.

Note that Superman and the Red Tornado are absent from the JSA in the current account.


Young Dinah Lance becomes the new Black Canary and joins the Justice League of America (Secret Origins # 32) to the delight of most of the JSA (JLA: Year One # 4).

After years in suspended animation, the Flash and Keystone City are revived thanks to Barry Allen, the second Flash (Flash # 123, reaffirmed in Secret Origins # 50 and Life Story of The Flash). Soon after, Jay meets Kid Flash (Flash 80-Page Giant # 2).

Comment: Presumably around 22 years old when they graduated from college in 1939, Jay and Joan Garrick were probably 39 when Keystone was plunged into limbo. In present day stories, the Flash presumably has the body of a fifty-year-old, enhanced further by Ian Karkull's temporal energy and his ties to the Speed Force.

Captured by the invading Appellaxians, the JSA and other heroes join the Justice League in crushing the threat. On behalf of his team, Hawkman gives the League their stamp of approval. "Consider the torch passed ...with admiration." (JLA: Year One # 11-12).


After joining Barry Allen in the defeat of Vandal Savage, the JSA members decide to formally regroup (The Flash [1] # 137).

While visiting the former Miss America and her family on Trevor Island, Doctor Mid-Nite and Green Lantern join Edmund Blake's exploration of an Australian hidden valley populated by prehistoric wildlife from Skartaris. Soon after, Blake prevents the murder of his fiancee Joan Nevins alongside the Flash (ASC # 48).

Comments: Because of Jay Garrick's long period in limbo, this particular flash-forward cannot take place any earlier than this.

Warlord's other-dimensional Skartaris, unheard of when All-Star Comics # 48 was published, is the most likely source for the giant reptiles and kangaroos seen in that adventure. Trevor Island, located near Australia, is also home to the unique creatures known as Kangas (Infinity, Inc. # 48).

The JSA joins forces with the JLA to defeat the Crime Champions (Justice League of America # 21-22; reaffirmed in Secret Origins # 50).


The threat of the Qwardian Crime Syndicate brings the JLA and JSA together again (Justice League of America # 29-30; reaffirmed in Justice League Quarterly # 8).

A rift (partly influenced by the mystic Wotan) splits the JLA and JSA, and ultimately escalates into a full-scale brawl before Wotan's influence is curtailed. In the aftermath, Hawkman joins the Justice League as a liaison between them and the Justice Society (JLA: Incarnations # 1), soon helping them defeat Joe Parry and Super-Duper (Justice League of America # 31).

As the Anti-Matter Man approaches Earth, the JLA and JSA unite to stop him (Justice League of America # 46-47, reaffirmed in JSA # 25).

Comment: Obviously, this story would have to have an entirely new plot to work in current continuity but a picture of the Anti-Matter Man can be seen in the JSA Museum on page 32 of JSA # 25.

The JLA and JSA end the threat of the Black Spheres (Justice League of America # 55-56).

Dr. Fate, Dr. Mid-Nite and the Flash help Barry Allen defeat Abra Kadabra (Flash [1] # 170).

A blind date with Marion Thayer (The Atom # 36) leads to Al Pratt's second marriage (Kingdom Come: Revelations).

Created as an agent of the evil T.O. Morrow, the android Red Tornado takes on a life of his own and is admitted to the JSA (Justice League of America # 64-65).

Six of the time-displaced Seven Soldiers of Victory are rescued by the united JSA and JLA but Red Tornado sacrifices his life to save Earth from the Iron Hand (Justice League of America # 100-102, reaffirmed in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. # 9).

Comments: The current account of this story differs from the original account in several details, among them the substitution of the Spider and Stuff for Green Arrow and Speedy. Because the Spider proves to be a traitor and isn't thrust into the past, only six teams of heroes are sent on rescue missions.

The seventh team, Hawkman and Doctor Mid-Nite, are sent to the 1948 site where the Seven Soldiers faced the Nebula Man and Wing died. There, the duo meets Hippolyta, who was investigating the incident, and, with Wonder Woman at their side, the heroes return with the nebula-rod to the present.

Diana Prince's role is filled by either the retired Black Canary or Miss America.

The heroes rendered redundant in the scaled down version include Mister Terrific and the Earth-Two Robin. Neither appears in this account nor does Green Lantern II, whose spot is filled by Alan Scott.

To accommodate the presence of the Vigilante in the current account of the Doomsters adventure (Justice League of America # 78-79), his revival with the Seven Soldiers of Victory must occur at this earlier point.

The JLA and JSA stop the plan of Creator Squared to destroy Earth (Justice League of America # 82-83).

Comment: Again, this story would require an entirely new plot to work in current continuity. Note that the crypt from which the Spectre is rescued in # 83 makes a chronologically earlier appearance in JLA: Year One # 12.

Solomon Grundy is drawn into the JLA and JSA's encounter with an alien boy and his pet (Justice League of America # 91-92, reaffirmed in Infinity, Inc. # 39 and Starman [2] # 17).

Comment: In the current account, the Martian Manhunter replaces the JLA's Superman (Infinity, Inc. # 39) and Starman and Mr. Terrific stand in for the JSA's Superman and Robin (Starman [2] # 17).


The Red Tornado returns but chooses to join the Justice League (Justice League of America # 105-106).

The JSA and JLA join Sandman in tracking down the sand-creature once known as Sandy (Justice League of America # 113).

No longer able to deal with the guilt over Sandy's accident, Wes Dodds allows a psychiatrist to hypnotically erase his recollection of his Sandman alter ego. Soon after regaining those memories (DC Comics Presents # 42), the Sandman successfully restores Sandy to normal (DCCP # 47).

The recently-revived Star-Spangled Kid and Sandy, along with newcomer Power Girl, join the JSA in their battle with Brain Wave and Degaton (All-Star Comics # 58-59, reaffirmed in Infinity, Inc. Annual # 2). Sandy soon bows out as an active member.

Comments: The replacement of the Earth-Two Robin with Sandy in current continuity is the inspired suggestion of fan "JSA Jim." The two-parter in which Sandy was cured (originally set somewhat later on the timeline) has been moved back accordingly.

In Secret Origins # 11, Power Girl realizes that she can't be the cousin of the Earth-Two Superman and learns of her true heritage as Arion's granddaughter. Obviously, in current DC history, Kara did not spend a couple years believing herself to be Kryptonian. The current incarnation of Superman didn't learn of his own extraterrestrial origins until two years after Power Girl's addition to the JSA.

Alternate scenario: Upon her arrival in the 20th Century, Power Girl meets Hawkman and feels a kinship that neither can explain. Only after learning the truth of her origin does Kara realize the truth: Hawkman is the reincarnation of her brother, Khater. This connection goes unstated in Secret Origins # 11 but is confirmed in # 16's letter column.

With Star-Spangled Kid and Power Girl as trial members, the JSA faces Vulcan (ASC # 60-61).

The JSA tackles the twin threats of Zanadu (ASC # 62-63) and the Injustice Society (ASC # 62-63, reaffirmed in Infinity, Inc. # 39).

In the age of King Arthur, the JSA joins the Shining Knight in a conflict with Vandal Savage (ASC # 64-65).

Hourman is left seriously injured in the wake of an attack the Injustice Society (ASC # 66). Elsewhere, the JSA battles the forces of the Underlord (ASC # 67).

Despondent over losing Gotham Broadcasting, Green Lantern falls prey to the Psycho-Pirate (ASC # 65) and goes on a rampage (ASC # 66) with other members of the JSA until Wildcat breaks the spell (ASC # 68).

Transported a millennium into the future, the JLA and JSA meet the Legion of Super-Heroes (Justice League of America # 147-148).

Comment: While the details of the story would require changes, there's no reason to believe the JLA and JSA didn't meet the current version of the Legion at an as yet unrecorded point in their future. The Martian Manhunter would have to substitute for Superman in this story since the Man of Steel didn't encounter the Legion until much later.

The Sandman leads Sandy, Doctor Mid-Nite, Hourman, Miss America and Starman into battle against Doctor Fate, the Flash, Green Lantern, the Star-Spangled Kid and Wildcat over their alleged recklessness in recent days. The Martian Manhunter and Power Girl, injured early in the clash, confront the collective JSA and awaken everyone to the fact the Wes Dodds, like Green Lantern, has been a pawn of the Psycho-Pirate (ASC # 69).

Comment: Obviously, multiple substitutions must be made in order for this episode to fit into current continuity. The Sandman, Sandy, Miss America and the Martian Manhunter replace the Earth-Two incarnations of Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Superman.

Wildcat and the Star-Spangled Kid unmask the leader of the Strike Force as the Kid's nephew. Resolving to get his personal life in order, the Kid takes a leave of absence from the JSA (ASC # 70-71).

An attack by the Thorn leaves Wildcat gravely ill during the JSA's battles with her, the Huntress and the Sportsmaster (ASC # 72-73).

With Earth threatened with doom by the Master Summoner, Dr. Fate deduces that the being is feeding off super-human activity. The JSA and the remainder of Earth's metahuman community sit passively until the crisis passes (ASC # 74).

Relocating to Keystone City (Green Lantern [2] # 108), Alan Scott accepts a position as Jay Garrick's research assistant (Infinity, Inc. Annual # 1).

The Wizard's series of strikes on JSA members (Secret Society of Super-Villains # 15-17) is unwittingly revealed to Barry Allen (Adventure Comics # 460) and the JSA pursues the villain's secret society (Justice League of America # 166).

With most of their comrades comatose, the JSA and JLA confront the Lord of Time (Justice League of America # 159-160).


Recovered from his injuries, Wildcat leaves the JSA for a more proactive role as a mentor to children (Adventure Comics # 464).

The JSA search for a deadly poison capsule (Adventure Comics # 465).

In the midst of a JLA-JSA meeting, Mr. Terrific is murdered by the Spirit King (Justice League of America # 171-172). Through the intervention of the Spectre and Mr. Terrific's spirit, the villain is finally brought to justice (The Spectre [3] # 54). Mr. Terrific's funeral brings out all past and present members of the JSA (Adventure Comics # 466).

In the wake of Mr. Terrific's death, a somber JSA battles the Ragdoll (Starman [2] # 11).

Comment: Though said to occur "13 years ago," the references to Barry Allen and Batman require this story to occur a bit more recently, at least according to the post-Zero Hour timelines. The dour sentiments expressed by the heroes at the opening of the story don't gibe with the optimism seen at the dawn of the new heroic age but they fit perfectly in a period that saw the deaths of Terry Sloane and Iris Allen, the serious injuries of Hourman and Wildcat and the humiliation of Green Lantern at the hands of the Psycho-Pirate.

Summoned to New Genesis, members of the JSA and JLA meet the New Gods (Justice League of America # 183-185, reaffirmed in Action Comics # 650).

The Ultra-Humanite and the Secret Society of Super-Villains launch a series of attacks on individual members of the JSA and JLA (Justice League of America # 195-197).


The JSA and the rest of the planet's heroes leap to Earth's defense after an attack by the alien Debris. Afterwards, Aquaman dissolves the Justice League and reconstructs it with members willing to serve on a full-time basis (JLA: Incarnations # 4). Hawkman and Hawkgirl choose not to participate in the new League but Carter retains his JSA membership.

Sandman suffers another stroke (Infinity, Inc. # 1).

After the children of several JSA members are rebuffed in their efforts to join the team, the Star-Spangled Kid proposes that they form a group of their own -- Infinity, Inc. The roster includes Norda (Northwind) Cantrell, Hector (Silver Scarab) Hall, Jennie-Lynn (Jade) Hayden, Henry (Brainwave, Jr.) King, Jr., Todd (Obsidian) Rice, Albert (Nuklon) Rothstein, Karen (Power Girl) Starr and Lyta (Fury) Trevor. One of the group's first major conflicts proves to be with their mentors, several of whom are temporarily turned evil through exposure to the waters of Koehaha (Infinity, Inc. # 1-11).

The members of Infinity, Inc. are unmasked at a live, televised press conference, effectively revealing the true identities of Hawkgirl, Hawkman and Miss America (Infinity, Inc. # 12, reaffirmed in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. # 0).

The JSA, Infinity, Inc. and the JLA deal with the machinations of Commander Steel and Mekanique (Infinity Inc. # 19 and Justice League of America # 244).

Alan (Green Lantern) Scott and Molly Maynne purchase TV-18 and radio station KGLX in Los Angeles. After learning of Molly's secret past as the Harlequin and confirming that he is the father of Jade and Obsidian, Alan marries Molly with the JSA in attendance (Infinity, Inc. Annual # 1).

A universe-spanning crisis (Crisis On Infinite Earths # 5-7, 9-12) leaves Wildcat (# 5) and Hawkman (# 9) gravely injured. Afterwards, the JSA offers to admit the entire roster of Infinity, Inc. into its ranks but the younger team declines (Infinity, Inc. # 25).

An attack on the Spectre by Kobra and the Spear of Destiny (The Spectre [3] # 21) leads to most of the Justice Society members (Atom, Dr. Mid-Nite, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Hourman, Johnny Thunder, Sandman, Starman, Wildcat and non- member Sandy) being trapped in an other-dimensional limbo, endlessly fighting the battle of Ragnarok. Doctor Fate, Power Girl and the Star-Spangled Kid escape to Earth (Last Days of the Justice Society Special # 1) while the Spectre resurfaces later (The Spectre [2] # 1).


After arranging for a successor to the Doctor Fate persona, Kent Nelson dies (Doctor Fate [1] # 4).


Black Canary succumbs to cancer (Secret Origins # 50).

Kent and Inza Nelson return to life (Doctor Fate [2] # 24), this time with Inza in command of the Doctor Fate powers (# 25).


Two years after their exile, the Justice Society returns to Earth (Armageddon: Inferno # 3-4) and a jubilant reception. The Sandman is sidelined immediately when he suffers another stroke (Justice Society of America [2] # 1).

The deaths of Hector Hall (Infinity, Inc. # 44/ Sandman [2] # 12) and Marion Pratt (Justice Society of America [2] # 6) make the return a bittersweet one for Hawkgirl, Hawkman and the Atom.

The JSA visits the gravesite of Dinah and Larry Lance (Green Lantern Corps Quarterly # 3).

The success of TV-18 under his wife's guidance enables Alan Scott to reacquire Gotham Broadcasting (Justice Society of America [2] # 2).

Comments: Despite Alan Scott's statement in the 1993 Newstime facsimile that he hadn't "been affiliated with the Gotham Broadcasting Company for quite a few years," the return of GBC to Green Lantern's life has to be acknowledged. While the 1992-93 JSA series had Alan at GBC, the simultaneously running GL strip in Green Lantern Corps Quarterly continued to refer to TV-18.

The Scotts moved from Los Angeles to Gotham sometime between GLC QUARTERLY # 7 and Underworld Unleashed: Hell's Sentinel # 1.

In the aftermath of the Gotham quake, they may have returned to LA. Green Lantern [3] # 110 stated that Alan "moved what could be salvaged from his Gotham Broadcasting Company building into storage."

The Ultra-Humanite's latest scheme is opposed by the JSA, Jesse Quick and Wally West (Justice Society of America [2] # 2-5).

Following the JSA's adventure in Badhnisia, Johnny Thunder and Kiku discover that they now share the Thunderbolt (Justice Society of America [2] # 6-7).

The Justice Society pays its respects to the fallen Superman (Superman: The Man of Steel # 20).

The JSA assists Justice League Europe in their conflict with Sonar (Justice League Europe # 47-50).

Kulak's return is thwarted by the JSA (Justice Society of America [2] # 8-10).


Alan Scott unexpectedly regains his youth (Green Lantern Corps Quarterly # 5), a turn of events later attributed to the mystical Starheart (# 7).

Professor Nicodemus Hazzard interviews the individual members of the JSA regarding their memories of the Spectre (The Spectre [3] # 20).

To avenge the fallen Wally West, the Justice Society goes into battle against Extant, a conflict that takes the lives of the Atom, Dr. Mid-Nite and Hourman and leaves Sandman and Wildcat gravely injured (Zero Hour # 4-3).

Elsewhere, a battle with the Hawk- God virtually wipes Hawkgirl and

Hawkman from existence when they are merged with the Thanagarian Katar Hol

(Hawkman [3] # 13).

After being separated from their Doctor Fate talismans (Zero Hour # 3), the rapidly aging Kent and Inza Nelson designate Jared Stevens as their successor (Fate # 0).

The demoralized Flash and Green Lantern declare the Justice Society disbanded (Zero Hour # 2) and Starman retires (Zero Hour # 1).

After finding himself in possession of internal green magic, Alan Scott takes the new codename of Sentinel (Showcase '95 # 1).

The surviving members of the JSA learn of the existence of Al Pratt's long-lost son, Grant Emerson (alias Damage), and resolve to fill him in on his heritage (Damage # 12).

Johnny Thunder briefly encounters his illegitimate son William (Willpower) Twotrees. The Thunderbolt finds itself without a master due to the corruption of Kiku (Primal Force # 12) and Johnny Thunder's progressive memory loss (The Spectre [3] # 20).

Surviving as pawns of Nabu, the spirits of Kent and Inza Nelson are finally allowed to go on to their eternal reward through the efforts of Jared Stevens, Flash, Sentinel and the Spectre (Fate # 20-22). Jared Stevens' brief glimpse of Heaven is erased from his mind and a false memory of the Nelsons' fate is implanted in his mind (Book of Fate # 1).


The Spectre convinces the suicidal Michael Holt to answer a higher call and take the role of Mister Terrific (The Spectre [3] # 54).

In the 853rd Century, Kyle Rayner meets the ultimate extension of Rex Tyler, an android "Master of Time" called Hourman (JLA # 12).

The Flash, Sentinel, Starman and Wildcat pay their respects to the Spectre before his human aspect, Jim Corrigan, is accepted into Heaven (The Spectre [3] # 62).

After a visit to the 20th Century (DC One Million # 1-4), the 853rd Century's Hourman begins an extended stay in the present (JLA # 26).

No longer capable of controlling the green magic within him, Sentinel expels most of it from his body, losing his newfound youth in the process (Green Lantern [3] # 110).

The Flash, Sentinel and Wildcat meet the new Hourman and reunite with Hippolyta to help the Justice League fight an invasion from the Fifth Dimension. In the course of the battle, they succeed in reviving the Spectre and meet J.J. Thunder, the latest master of the Thunderbolt (JLA # 28-31).

Blinded as the result of criminals, physician Pieter Cross takes the persona of Doctor Mid-Nite (Doctor Mid-Nite # 1-3).

Pat (Stripesy) Dugan's step-daughter, Courtney Whitmore, lays claim to Sylvester Pemberton's cosmic belt and becomes the new Star-Spangled Kid, forcing Pat to accompany her in the robotic form of S.T.R.I.P.E. (Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. # 1-3).

In Paris, Black Canary and Hippolyta defeat a group of terrorists who share the same face (JSA Secret Files # 1), villains whom they realize much later are clones of the Sportsmaster and operatives of the Council (JSA Annual # 1).

In Manhattan, Albert Rothstein abandons his Nuklon persona for the new identity of Atom Smasher. Meanwhile, "Speed" Saunders' granddaughter Kendra assumes the guise of Hawkgirl in Texas (JSA Secret Files # 1).

Wesley Dodds dies after a confrontation with Mordru, the Dark Lord (JSA Secret Files # 1) and past and future members of the Justice Society gather to honor the Sandman's memory (JSA # 1). Those in attendance become embroiled in a race to prevent Mordru from seizing the reincarnated Doctor Fate for himself. In the course of the adventure, the JSA also meets the new Hawkgirl (JSA # 2-3) . The new Fate proves to be a reborn Hector Hall, who is offered guidance by the spirit of Kent Nelson (JSA # 4).

With Sandy "Sand" Hawkins as leader and financier, the Justice Society decides to formally regroup. Official members are Atom-Smasher, Black Canary, the Flash, Hawkgirl, Hourman, Sand, Sentinel, the Star-Spangled Kid and Wildcat with Starman and Hippolyta as reserves (JSA # 4).

Sand unexpectedly discovers that his long period as a sand-creature has left him with the ability to transform himself a silicon being at will. Now capable of flowing through the surface of the planet to any locale on Earth, Sand travels to Africa for his first solo outing and defeats the Geomancer, an agent of the Council (JSA # 5).

The new Mister Terrific is invited to visit the revived Justice Society (JSA # 5).

With Earth being overrun by the dead and an evil-tainted Spectre, the JSA joins the world's heroes in seeking a solution (Day of Judgment # 1). At the gates of Heaven, Sentinel meets the spirits of the Atom, Doctor Mid-Nite, Hourman and Mister Terrific before being turned down for help by the spirit of Jim Corrigan (DOJ # 2). Hal Jordan agrees to serve as a new host for the Spectre (# 3), narrowly avoiding death thanks to Doctor Fate and the JSA (# 4) before assuming the cloak of the ancient spirit (# 5).

As Mister Bones, now head of the Department of Extranormal Operations, watches, a press conference formally establishes the Justice Society's return and the team clashes with Black Adam (JSA # 6).

Corrupted by Ian Karkull, Obsidian begins to spread darkness over his native Milwaukee, progressively expanding until the entire planet has been engulfed. Doctor Mid-Nite joins the JSA in fighting the threat but the battle ultimately comes down to a clash of father and son. Sentinel expels the darkness from Earth and defeats his son but a weakened Obsidian flees before he can be taken into custody (JSA # 7-9).

Wildcat holds off an attack on JSA headquarters by the Injustice Society, now composed of Johnny Sorrow, Blackbriar Thorn, Count Vertigo, Geomancer, the Icicle, Golden Wasp and the Tigress (JSA # 9-10).

A renegade DEO official sends Green Lantern on a fact-finding mission throughout the metahuman community, including the JSA (Secret Files & Origins Guide to the DC Universe 2000 # 1).

The threat of the reanimated Nebula Man brings out the combined forces of the Justice Society, Justice Society, Titans and Young Justice, all of whom arrive after the menace has been defeated by the Star-Spangled Kid (Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. # 8).

With Earth imperiled by the threat of Mageddon, the JSA and the rest of the planet's super-beings turn out to defend the world (JLA # 38-41).

Diagnosed with terminal cancer, Ted Knight uses an advanced cosmic rod to transport a massive bomb into the outer reaches of the atmosphere rather than let it destroy Opal City. He and the Mist die in the subsequent explosion (Starman # 72) and the Justice Society and the entire metahuman community mourns the passing of a hero (# 73).

When the Star-Spangled Kid's soul is stolen by Kanto, the JSA and J'onn J'onzz mount a rescue mission to Apokolips (Martian Manhunter # 18-19).

The JSA joins Hourman in defeating the Counter-Evolutionary (Hourman # 18).

Atom-Smasher's mother is killed in a plane crash caused by Kobra. Immobilizing Sand's powers, Kobra also appears to execute the JSA's leader on live television (JSA # 11). Thanks to Mid-Nite and Terrific, Sand escapes death and Maser is freed while the rest of the team apprehends Kobra (# 12).

With the survival of the timestream at stake, the entire JSA takes on Extant (JSA # 13-15). Using the Worlogog, Atom-Smasher causes a wrinkle in time that permits him to rescue his mother and place Extant in her place to die. At battle's end, he decides to take a leave of absence as does Doctor Fate, who hopes to locate the absent Fury. Hourman resigns from the team altogether as does Starman (JSA # 15).

In the wake of Hourman's resignation, the JSA learns of his involvement in several questionable activities (Hourman # 19).

Hippolyta invites Black Canary, Hawkgirl and the Star-Spangled Kid for a training session on Paradise Island. Soon after, they join a heroine named Nemesis in her war on the Council, unaware that the evil organization is allied with the Ultra-Humanite (JSA Annual # 1).

A spell cast by Klarion the Witchboy transforms the adult members of the Justice Society into toddlers while the Star-Spangled Kid becomes Starwoman (Young Justice: Sins of Youth # 1; Superboy [3] # 74). The JSA heads to the planet Myrg to retrieve a de-aging gun (Sins of Youth Secret Files # 1; Sins of Youth: JLA, Jr. # 1; Sins of Youth: Starwoman and the JSA (Junior Society) # 1). Used in tandem with Klarion's magic, the weapon restores the assembled heroes to their proper ages (Young Justice: Sins of Youth # 2).

Clark Kent interviews the older members of the Justice Society while writing on article on the life of the Crimson Avenger (Golden Age Secret Files # 1).

Johnny Sorrow and the Injustice Society return, now including Black Adam, Shiv, the Rival and the Thinker among their ranks. Sentinel is mortally wounded by Blackbriar Thorn (JSA # 16) and Sorrow unleashes the King of Tears (# 17-18) before Black Adam betrays the villain and summons the Spectre. Though the Ghostly Guardian fails (# 19), Mister Terrific conceives a plan utilizing Doctor Mid-Nite, Black Adam and the Flash that enables them to banish both Sorrow and the King of Tears from the Earthly plane. Elsewhere, the Spectre heals the dying Sentinel (# 20).

Doctor Fate finds a comatose Lyta Hall in the same British Columbia hospital where he was reborn (JSA # 19).

J.J. Thunder helps the team during the Johnny Sorrow crisis (JSA # 19-20) before declaring that he now wants to be known as Jakeem. Frustrated by the twelve-year-old's attitude, Mister Terrific takes satisfaction in the youthful Star-Spangled Kid's upbraiding of Thunder over his lack of respect (# 21).

The resolution of the Johnny Sorrow affair catapults Jay Garrick into the distant past, where he meets Prince Khufu, Nabu and Teth-Adam in Egypt. The trio explain how they came into possession of the Thanagarian spacecraft and present Garrick with the Claw of Horus, cryptically referring to the crucial role that it and the reincarnations of Khufu and his beloved Chay-Ara will play in the defeat of an enemy "who threatens not only the world our visitors came from, but this world as well." With the Claw in tow, the Flash returns to his own time period (JSA # 20-22).

Confronted by Sand over the scars on her wrists and the other secrets of her past, Hawkgirl takes to the skies. There, she meets the angel Zauriel, who reveals that Kendra's soul has "moved on" and that Shiera Hall's spirit now inhabits her body (JSA # 21). In denial, Hawkgirl reacts violently to the JSA's offer of support and, in the midst of her struggles, vanishes in a burst of light only to find herself teleported to Thanagar (# 22). Doctor Fate reluctantly leaves his wife's side to bring the Justice Society, including a returning Atom-Smasher, to her aid (# 23).

Hawkgirl learns that Thanagar was conquered during its reconstruction by Onimar Synn, allegedly one of the planet's mysthical Seven Devils. In search of their hereditary champion, the Thanagarian resistance movement uses Kendra as an "emotional beacon" to pull Carter Hall back from the dimension prison where Katar Hol was transported. The original Hawkman is successfully freed from limbo, albeit with black hair rather than blonde (JSA # 23).

Although Kendra resists Carter's attempts at expressing his love for her, Hector has an emotional reunion with his father. Charging into battle, Hawkman wears the Claw of Horus, canceling out the Nth Metal worn by the Wingmen corpses in Onimar Synn's army. Using a variation on the Nth Metal's "psychic backlash," the so-called Sineater subdues the Hawks (JSA # 24) but they escape to join the JSA in defeating his underlings, Crypt and Phade. After Synn attracts all of Thanagar's Nth Metal -- including the Claw of Horus -- into a humanoid body for himself, Hawkman insists that he and Kendra use their influence over the ancient glove. Urging her to "believe in our destiny, believe in us," Hawkman kisses Hawkgirl and the Sineater's body is destroyed. While admitting an attraction, Kendra pulls away, reiterating that she needs "time to sort things out" (JSA # 25).

Jack Knight retires his Starman identity for a peaceful life with his son. He presents his cosmic rod to a euphoric Star-Spangled Kid (Starman # 80).

Hippolyta joins the JSA for an adventure in Central City (Wonder Woman [2] # 168).

Black Canary, Wildcat and Nemesis raid a Council facility in Austria and discover that the Ultra-Humanite is at large (JSA Secret Files # 2).

While dreaming, Sand receives a series of cryptic warnings from the dead members of the Justice Society (JSA Secret Files # 2).

The Department of Extranormal Operations discusses recent events in the JSA member's lives while an unknown party consults with Mister Bones about forcing the team to work on their behalf (JSA Secret Files # 2).

A gladiator match arranged by Roulette ends with the death of the current incarnation of Firebrand and the gambler sets her sights on the Justice society (JSA Secret Files # 2).

The members of the JSA are among those defeated by the White Martians before the Justice League turns the tide of battle (JLA # 58).

Hawkman rallies the forces of the JSA and the JSA Reserves as they prepare to embark on a mission to destroy Imperiex Prime's connection to his lethal probes (JSA: Our Worlds At War # 1). Elsewhere, Hippolyta is killed while saving Athens from destruction (Wonder Woman [2] # 172).

Following the defeat of Imperiex, the members of the JSA mourn Hippolyta (World's Finest: Our Worlds At War # 1) and visit the convalescing Impulse (Impulse # 78).

Alex Montez, cousin of Yolanda (Wildcat) Montez is hired to be curator of the JSA Museum (JSA # 26).

Hawkman insists that Sand not step down as the JSA chairman on his behalf. "There's no one I trust more to lead this team into the future -- or to teach my son how to be a hero (JSA # 26).

Doctor Fate continues to meet with failure in reviving Lyta Hall while Hawkman's efforts at courting Kendra are similarly fruitless. Frustrated by Carter's "expectations" of her, Kendra reaches out to Sand with a kiss that Hawkman witnesses (JSA # 26).

Black Adam's interest in joining the JSA and alleged reformation is met with skepticism and leads to a visit from Captain Marvel, who suggests that he "deserves a second chance" (JSA # 26-27).

The team elects Mister Terrific as its new chairman (JSA # 28).

While several members of the JSA fight for their lives in death-matches engineered by Roulette (JSA # 28, 30), the Flash, Sentinel and Wildcat help deal with "the biggest met human breakout in history" and Jakeem Thunder and the Star-Spangled Kid fight a "Jokerized" Solomon Grundy. A stray wish by Jakeem appears to cure Johnny Thunder of his Alzheimers and the veteran JSA member leaves the hospital under his own power (JSA # 29).


Can't keep track of which heroes were members of the Justice Society at which point ? This handy roster should solve your problems:


The Atom, Dr. Fate, the Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Hourman, the Sandman and the Spectre form the JSA.


The Atom, Dr. Fate, the Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Hourman, the Sandman and the Spectre. The Flash, Green Lantern and Hourman step down to honorary status while Johnny Thunder, Starman and Doctor Mid-Nite join.


The Atom, Dr. Fate, Dr. Mid-Nite, Hawkman, Johnny Thunder, the Sandman, the Spectre and Starman. Miss America is invited to be the team's recording secretary and Wonder Woman joins.


The Atom, Dr. Fate, Dr. Mid-Nite, Hawkman, Johnny Thunder, the Sandman, the Spectre, Starman and Wonder Woman.


The Atom, Dr. Fate, Dr. Mid-Nite, Hawkman, Johnny Thunder, the Sandman, the Spectre, Starman and Wonder Woman. Wildcat joins the team near the end of the year.


The Atom, Dr. Fate, Dr. Mid-Nite, Hawkman, Johnny Thunder, the Sandman, the Spectre, Starman, Wildcat and Wonder Woman. Doctor Fate, the Sandman, Starman, the Spectre and Wildcat all step down from the team. Mister Terrific joins and leaves during the year. The Flash and Green Lantern return as full members and Miss America is granted full member status.


The Atom, Dr. Mid-Nite, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Johnny Thunder, Miss America and Wonder Woman.


The Atom, Dr. Mid-Nite, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Johnny Thunder, Miss America and Wonder Woman.


The Atom, Dr. Mid-Nite, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Johnny Thunder, Miss America and Wonder Woman. Johnny Thunder resigns early in the year while Black Canary joins.


The Atom, Black Canary, Dr. Mid-Nite, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Miss America and Wonder Woman.


The Atom, Black Canary, Dr. Mid-Nite, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Miss America and Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman leaves late in the year.


The Atom, Black Canary, Dr. Mid-Nite, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman and Miss America. The JSA disbands after refusing to reveal their true identities to Congress. F.B.I. liaison Miss America, wracked with guilt for her agency's role in the proceedings, larger avoids the JSA members for years to come.


The Atom, Black Canary, Dr. Fate, Dr. Mid-Nite, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Hourman, Johnny Thunder, Mister Terrific, the Sandman, the Spectre, Starman and Wildcat are part of the revived JSA.


The Atom, Black Canary, Dr. Fate, Dr. Mid-Nite, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Hourman, Johnny Thunder, Mister Terrific, the Sandman, the Spectre, Starman and Wildcat.


The Atom, Black Canary, Dr. Fate, Dr. Mid-Nite, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Hourman, Johnny Thunder, Mister Terrific, the Sandman, the Spectre, Starman and Wildcat. A new Red Tornado joins but soon dies on a mission.


The Atom, Black Canary, Dr. Fate, Dr. Mid-Nite, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Hourman, Johnny Thunder, Mister Terrific, the Sandman, the Spectre, Starman and Wildcat. Sandy (replacing Robin, per JSA Jim's suggestion), Power Girl and the Star-Spangled Kid join. Sandy soon leaves and the Star-Spangled Kid and Wildcat take brief leaves of absence. Mister Terrific dies.


The Atom, Black Canary, Dr. Fate, Dr. Mid-Nite, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Hourman, Johnny Thunder, Power Girl, the Sandman, the Spectre, Starman the Star-Spangled Kid and Wildcat. .


The Atom, Black Canary, Dr. Fate, Dr. Mid-Nite, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Hourman, Johnny Thunder, Power Girl, the Sandman, the Spectre, Starman, the Star-Spangled Kid and Wildcat. The Star-Spangled Kid leaves to form Infinity, Inc. Medical conditions lead to the retirements of Black Canary and the Sandman. The Atom, Dr. Mid-Nite, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Hourman, Johnny Thunder, Power Girl, the Sandman, Sandy and Wildcat are all trapped in limbo and the Spectre disappears, effectively ending the team.


The Atom, Dr. Mid-Nite, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Hourman, Johnny Thunder, the Sandman, Starman and Wildcat reunite as the JSA.


The Atom, Dr. Mid-Nite, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Hourman, Johnny Thunder, Sandman, Starman and Wildcat. The Atom, Doctor Mid-Nite and Hourman are killed. Hawkgirl and Hawkman are merged with Katar Hol. Johnny Thunder, the Sandman and Wildcat are sidelined. The Flash and Green Lantern disband the team and GL takes the name of Sentinel.


Atom-Smasher, the new Black Canary, the Flash, the new Hawkgirl, the new Hourman, Sand, Sentinel, the new Star-Spangled Kid and Wildcat become the new JSA with the new Starman and Hippolyta as reserves. A new Doctor Fate soon joins.


Atom-Smasher, Black Canary, the Flash, Doctor Fate, Hawkgirl, Hourman, Sand, Sentinel, the Star-Spangled Kid and Wildcat. The new Doctor Mid-Nite and Mister Terrific join. Atom-Smasher and Doctor Fate take short leaves while Hourman and Starman resign. Hawkman returns. Hippolyta dies.

John "Mikishawm" Wells, the pride of Batavia, Iowa, is a lifelong comics fan, working his way forward from Disneys in 1969 to newspaper strips in 1973 to SHAZAM! and the rest of the DC Universe in 1974. During the 1980s, he began compiling a lists of DC character appearances, a massive database that he's tapped into when writing articles for publications such as the DC Index series, Amazing Heroes, The Comics Buyer’s Guide, Comic Effect, Comic Book Marketplace, It’s A Fanzine, The O‘Neil Observer and, of course, Fanzing. He is Kurt Busiek's unofficial reference guide, as the keen-eyed may have noticed in Power Company #2.

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