Too Many Long Boxes!

End of Summer
The Sleep Deprived Crank
by editor Michael Hutchison

Discussed this month: Buying a house, chatting online and a little bitty event we like to call THE END OF EVERYTHING!

Goodness, where does the time go? I was hoping to write a review of "Justice League" (the animated series) and I just didn't find the time.

My wife Melinda and I signed for our first house on December 14th, 2001, and we're moving in this weekend. I would like to thank everyone who has purchased some comic books from my private collection, bought some of our videos and books on or browsed through Fanzing's shopping section for some Christmas items. You've all helped us to raise a little much-needed cash for the down-payment and the move, and we really appreciate it.

I never got around to listing items on eBay, but look for us to list a number of comic-related items in 2002. Also, sometime in the next 2 months I'll find some time to put up some pictures of our new home.

Just a reminder that you can usually catch me online via AOL (where I'm "fanzinger") and on ICQ (#70101007). I've been using Trillian for months now and I love it; it lets me log onto AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, Microsoft Instant Messenger, Yahoo IM and IRC. Ever since AIM and especially ICQ became overloaded memory hogs, I needed something small that could run in the background. Not only does Trillian do that, but it lets me see my friends on all of the other services.

Thanks to Georges on Dixonverse's message board who told me about it.

Finally...while I explain elsewhere about the changes that Fanzing will undergo in the next two months, I just needed to explain on a personal level what's up.

I had originally planned to spend December 2001 doing a revamp of the Fanzing site and debuting it in January 2002. Obviously, my suddenly finding and buying a house and packing to move in and selling off stuff to pay for it's all taken my time.

I hate to leave you all hanging for a month or more while I move in and get back into the swing of things and THEN begin the redesign...still, it can't be helped. The next official issue of Fanzing will debut around February of 2002. And unlike last time I moved, I don't even have the time to create an 80 Web Page Giant that can last you a few months.

So I was just about to lamentably leave you in the lurch, when Assistant Editor David R. Black flew in to the rescue. He landed on my front doorstep, the cape curling around his boots as the sun glinted off his "Fanzing A.E." logo, and in his deep voice he bellowed, "I am here to help, good citizen!"

Thus, while there will be a one-month gap between this last official issue of Fanzing and the all-new Fanzing which will appear in February, David R. Black is going to do a second Assistant Editor's issue. Entitled "Limbo Rocks", this special "#-1" issue will be devoted to characters who are in limbo.


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