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Welcome to Le Musee de Bivolo

Nestled in the wooded north suburbs of Central City, Le Museé de Bivolo has become the premiere art gallery for comic book fan artists. The owner and curator is Roy G. Bivolo, formerly a tortured artiste whose color-blindness led him to a life of crime. Now reformed, he is your host through our monthly excursion of the finest in fan artworks. Ladies and Gentlemen...the Rainbow Raider.

Thank you for that kind introduction, Michael. Welcome to my art gallery, everyone, and thank you again to Fanzing for allowing me to be your new host. I'm taking over for that dead test pilot who had been hosting Fanzing's art gallery for four years, and it is my hope you'll find me an acceptable replacement. I'd like to thank Geoff Johns for getting me out of my contract with "The Flash" so that I may appear exclusively in Fanzing. Now that criminal career is behind me so that I may focus on my first real love: fine artwork.

OH! Be sure to click on these pictures to examine them close-up. The real beauty's in the details. People with current standard browsers will actually see the images floating in front of them, where you can move them around to your pleasure. Those with older browsers will see them in a separate window and will have to hit their "Back" buttons to return here.

Jason Todd Robin

Let's begin our tour...

"Jason Todd Revamp" by Chris Franklin

Ahh. Usually we save the best for last, but I'm just too excited by this one. Chris has taken this month's "Revamps" theme and applied it to an oft-forgotten character: The Jason Todd Robin. Jason started out as another circus performer whose family assisted Robin in investigations into Killer Croc's operations. Croc killed them off in Detective #526, and Jason later became Robin. He was reimagined in 1987 so that he didn't mirror Dick Grayson's life story; now he was a street brat who stole the tires off the Batmobile.

Here, Chris captures that changeover using a lovely symmetry. The stages of Jason's life form a V from the upper left down to the center and up to the right. In the center, a beam of light symbolizing the Crisis...a point that's emphasized by the split change in Batman's appearance above.

And I'm told that the color tones of the picture are primarily those of the Robin costume. I'll take my assistant's word for it.

Kudos, Chris! You'll have to let us know if this piece ever goes up for auction.

Beach Party "Beach Party" by Larry O'Keefe

I'm a little confused. Why didn't Larry wait for Fanzing's next swimsuit challenge before submitting this?

This complex piece has a chaotic structure that could best be summarized by the word "Parrrrr-tay!" The craziness and freedom of an exciting day at the beach all mashed together like the kind of image you'd see by Sergio Aregones. And what ARE some of these activities? Is that Catwoman doing a nude bungee jump as a water-skiing Impulse cooks a marshmellow on Firestorm's head? Crazy, Larry. It's said an artist only draws what he knows; I'm guessing Larry's seen some wild times on the sand!

My suggestion, Larry? Pick one of these activities and embellish it in time for this summer's swimsuit contest. Recent visitors to Fanzing's Cards section know that Larry has a knack for composition and style. His Valentine's Day card of Superman and Lois dancing in the sky was Fanzing's most-sent digital card this last February! (If you don't know what I'm talking about, you haven't seen Fanzing's digital e-cards yet!)

Central Power Battery Wallpaper "Central Power Battery Wallpaper" by Phil Meadows

This isn't a part of the fan art wing; I actually hauled this one ouf of the Fortress of Downloaditude to show it to you. This desktop wallpaper is by the same architect who designed my museum, Phil Meadows.

It's odd to see the Central Power Battery on Oa when it's not surrounded by a throng of 3600 Green Lanterns! The great chamber looks mighty empty. And yet that's the beauty of the setting. If there were figures all around it, it might look cluttered.

This one isn't linked to a pop-up, folks. If you want to check it out and get the wallpaper, you'll have to look at this issue's Downloaditude Showcase. It's my understanding that Phil has many more wallpapers on the way, as well as some desktop themes. There's even talk of a Musee de Bivolo theme! Here's hoping it happens.


That's it for this month, ladies and gentlemen, but the wings are stuffed with art and more is being sent in all the time. If you'd like to send in some art for consideration in a future showcase, just mail it in to Fanzing using the contact links in the navigation menu. We're always looking for new talent.

And of course, you can find out more about contributing all forms of artwork by visiting Fanzing's Contributor's Central.

Fanzing's Art Coordinator is a professional Illustrator and a Legion of Superheroes fan. He's a native of Mobile, Alabama, but is currently in Madison, Wisconsin. Phil's art is showcased in our first comic book, "Fanzing Presents: Job Wanted", which can be purchased at Too Many!

Larry O'Keefe has a blurb.

is a professional graphic artist, and has penciled comics for Illusion Studios and Newbreed Comix. Folks on the Dixonverse board know him as Earth 2 Robin. Chris lives in the sticks of Kentucky with his lovely wife Cindy, his young son Andrew, his lazy dog Buggaloo, and his ever-growing collection of DC related toys and memorabilia. Chris is one of the artists on our first comic book, "Fanzing Presents: Job Wanted", which can be purchased at Too Many!

Roy G. Bivolo, also known as the Rainbow Raider, left a lucrative career at DC to beome the host of Fanzing's art gallery. Color blind since birth, he has carved a reputation as an artiste extraordinaire.

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