Too Many Long Boxes!

End of Summer

This month the winner is:

Comic Book Profiles of under-appreciated, oddball and/or just generally cool characters and comic books!

Wow! What a long name!

Rich Meyer's site not only offers profiles on humor characters such as Vext , the Heckler , and Burp the Twerp , but it also has profiles on various long forgotten characters and series!

The site takes a while to load due to a graphics intense front page, but it's well worth the wait! This eclectic website also profiles golden age characters such as the Whip, Crimson Avenger, Spider, and Slam Bradley. Among the series featured are Danger Trail, Spanner's Galaxy, Slash Maraud, and Strange Sports Stories.

This is definitely the site to read if you want to impress fellow fanboys with your knowledge of obscure DC trivia!

David R. Black is's magazine editor and chief archivist. A big fan of "The Warlord," he has a cat named Shakira and is looking for a girlfriend named Tara....

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