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End of Summer

by Ye Olde Editor, Michael Hutchison

Discussed this month: Some exciting news and a major announcement

April 1, 2002

As a few of you know, I took Friday off...partly to celebrate my 32nd birthday. Then I was gone this weekend to help my brother-in-law move into his new place and see my parents. This is the first time I've been back to the keyboard, and I've been fit to burst keeping this in over the last two days. It's something that I've had to keep under wraps, and only David R. Black has known about it because it involves some big changes that we had to discuss.

Many weeks ago, I sent my initial letters to DC hoping to find a few willing contacts amongst the editors there. One of them, Matt Idelson, responded with a request to see proposals, samples and ideas. He oversees Detective Comics' backup stories (yes!), and was intrigued by my ideas for Elongated Man one-shots and backup stories. However, the backup slot on Tec is booked for a while. (Josie Mac has to finish, and then there are some other multi-parters.)

Matt passed on samples to a few other editors who are looking for fill-ins, one-shots, etc (i.e. testing the new guy before committing to anything) and, well, long story short is that I've got a few offers to do freelance stories in upcoming "Secret Files" issues!!!

(I got the confirmation on my Birthday, which is probably the best present I've ever had!)

I can't divulge much right now, since we're talking about books that won't be put on the schedule for months, but I am allowed to mention the characters I'll be doing. I've got a Metal Men 10-pager, a short (we're talking 4-page filler) piece on the Flash's Rogues Gallery exhibits from the Flash museum, and then there's something still in the planning stages but which should give some modern attention to the classic Silver Age sci-fi characters. (And no, I don't mean like that awful Twilight series.)

I'm sure it isn't necessary to say this, but I have to: this is the culmination of a dream, and I could not have done it without the support and confidence that I have gained from working on Fanzing with over a hundred talented people.

This does have a downside. As you might expect, I cannot remain involved with Fanzing and do legit freelance work for DC Comics Inc. I really wish I could say that this is a tough decision, but it's not. I've wanted to be a pro for ages and I'm sure you won't begrudge me my chance to go for the big doughnut.

FORTUNATELY, this does not mean the end of Fanzing. At the moment, our site is well-positioned to transfer to David R. Black as new Webmaster as well as Editor. David's learned so much about HTML in the last few years, and he's been the driving force behind assembling the issues for the last year. This transition shouldn't be too hard.

I hope you'll all support David, especially financially now that he has to take over the hosting duties, ownership of the domain and everything. David and I have talked on the phone about it in the last week, and the tough part is that David just isn't in the same financial boat that I am (since I'm a decade older and married to a highly-paid nurse), and the hosting fees have skyrocketed what with our increased traffic and the state of the tech economy.

Starting on April 6th, is going to partner with and we'll begin using their advertising program. This will generate pop-under ad for cell phones on every page, plus position an animated "Shoot the Clown and win!" ad banner which flashes rapidly at the top of every page, all of which will pay for the hosting. I know, I know. Believe me, this is something I've avoided doing as long as I can.

But before you panic, I should point out that all users will get the choice to avoid the advertising-clogged version of the site. All you have to do is register with to get access to Fanzing without any ads at all. It works out to only $2.50 a month per person, which is what most DC Comics cost so that shouldn't be out of the range of most site visitors. will then set a cookie in your browser which gathers information on the sites you visit. You'll also have to install Adtrackit on your hard drive, which will gather info about you from your hard drive and then send it to for marketing purposes. Don't worry, it doesn't identify you by name; it only uses your phone number and your address, which is usually public anyway.

I am going to work with David R. Black until this is all set up, and then I won't be in the picture for a while. But I'll still be around the message board as my schedule allows.

I know that I should probably have waited until tomorrow to announce this. Because of the timing of this post, I'll probably get a flood of e-mails asking if this is just an April Fool's gag, to which the answer is yes.

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