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Welcome to Le Musee de Bivolo

Nestled in the wooded north suburbs of Central City, Le Museé de Bivolo has become the premiere art gallery for comic book fan artists. The owner and curator is Roy G. Bivolo, formerly a tortured artiste whose color-blindness led him to a life of crime. Now reformed, he is your host through our monthly excursion of the finest in fan artworks. Ladies and Gentlemen...the Rainbow Raider.

Be sure to click on these pictures to examine them close-up. The real beauty's in the details. People with current standard browsers will actually see the images floating in front of them, where you can move them around to your pleasure. Those with older browsers will see them in a separate window and will have to hit their "Back" buttons to return here.

Death of Superman "Death of Superman" by Klien

A familiar scene to comic readers of the past decade, rendered here by newcomer Klien.

One thing, Klien: is that background a scan of the "Death..." novel graphic? It's important to note when you're using scans in your own work. However, it could also be your own reworking of the logo, as Brian did in the next piece of artwork.

Birth of Ambush Bug "I Shall Become A Bug" by Brian Haughwout

From Death of Superman, we go to Birth of Ambush Bug.

Brian drew a replica of a BATMAN: YEAR ONE panel and added a pic of the DKR logo (Buggitized, of course). It is pencil and mechanical pen (01, 03, and 05 widths), with color via Photoshop.

Brian, I really appreciate your inclusion of the details on the medium of your work. It helps add some professionalism to the display, and it ensures that we don't have questions of authorship...especially in a case like yours, where it is very close to the original source.

Man of Steel "Superman Revamp" by John Jett

Longtime reader, first-time submitter John Jett sent us this Byrne-esque Superman for inclusion in our Revamps issue, but it arrived just a tad too late. I didn't have enough time to put it into a frame and set up the spotlights in the museum.

You can tell it's the Man of Steel version of Superman because he has a forelock of hair instead of just a curlycue.

I like the use of color.

Roy G. Bivolo, also known as the Rainbow Raider, left a lucrative career at DC to beome the host of Fanzing's art gallery. Color blind since birth, he has carved a reputation as an artiste extraordinaire.

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