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Despite our massive revamp, this issue's mailbag comes almost entirely from archive-surfers. The only exception:

From: Greg Gick

Subject: JSA: Continuations

Hi, guys:

Loved Allen Neuner's JSA: Continuations story. Is he planning on doing more in this Elseworlds? I want to see the threat coming up, and besides, as a GL/Harlequin fan, I really want to see Molly chasing Alan around the JSA meeting table.

One quibble, though: Doll Man's first name is Darrell, not the one Allen gave him.

Greg Gick

Thanks for the good word, Greg. As for the correction, Allan did realize the mistake, and a correction is in the pipeline.

Age before beauty...this seems to be a response to the "Retconvention" article way back in issue # 6! (which contained a line wondering why a Green Lantern would need a spaceship)


Subject: Why Abin Sur was in a spaceship

A story from the 1960's Green Lantern series, specifically issue#16, resolved why Abin Sur was in a spaceship.

During a patrol of a remote area of his space sector, Abin Sur discovered the planet Athmoora had been held back in its technological development by a group of energy beings called Larifars.

The Larifars would steal a substance called the "I-Factor" from humanoid races. The I-Factor enables beings to gain knowledge and conceive of new ideas. Lacking this substance, development comes to a standstill. The Green Lantern tracked the Larifars to the planet Pendara, where he captured them in a globe of green energy. Unknown to Abin Sur, one of the Larifars was still at large. Balzona of the Larifars had been scouting other planets for humanoid races. It returned to find its' fellow energy creatures imprisoned, and set out to find Abin Sur.

On Ungara, Balzona gained control of Abin Sur as he lay sleeping, his ring not charged, and commanded the Green Lantern to free the Larifars. The energy being did not fully understand the workings of the power ring, and believed Abin Sur would conserve power by taking a spaceship back to Pendara. Abin Sur brought his power battery, which was invisible to the Larifar. Once on the spaceship, Balzona believed the Green Lantern was trapped and it left Abin Sur's body. Traveling through a radiation belt, the Larifar was distracted and Abin Sur could charge his ring.

Balzona attempted to take over Abin Sur's body again, but the Green Lantern fought back. The energy creature used telekinesis to battle Abin Sur, and the ship's interior was damaged during the fight. Abin Sur finally managed to capture Balzona, and sent it to join the other Larifars imprisoned in Pendara's orbit. [adapted from GL2 # 16]

...and, from the same reader, on the Archers quiz in issue # 39...

Answer 9 for the quiz reads:

A. And no, they never explained how a hero (Guardian/Jim Harper) who only appeared on Earth 2 could have a nephew on Earth 1 (Roy Harper/Speedy). But hey, Zatara managed the trick of fathering a daughter on Earth 1 from Earth 2

Actually, the Guardian must have had an Earth-1 counterpart, as Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen No. 135 (January 1971) had Project Cadmus create a clone of him, in an Earth-One story. Superman Family#192 elaborated on this.

Thanks for the help! Boy, that's some memory you've got!

This reader is commenting on a more recent quiz, the Times Past one:


Subject: quiz in issue 41

Question #1 was vague because it didn't explicitly ask who was the first to be a published character. It was asked "Who was the first costumed adventurer to have a secret identity?", and the answer to that is THE PHANTOM. He descended from a long line of Phantoms that began around the 17th century.

Recently discovered your site-love it!!!!!!!(worth paying for-but it's freeeeee) Will definitely order stuff to do my bit to keep this site viewable.

Peter D. Schaap

Thanks for the good words and the support! As for your answer to the matter of "first costumed adventurer"...that might depend on what you mean by "costume." In the DCU, both the Shining Knight and Silent Knight were active in the sixth century or so. Sir Justin's outfit is certainly thought of as his "costume," although I suppose you could make the argument that while it's a costume in the context of the 1940's, it's not a costume in the Arthurian millieu. The Silent Knight, though, did wear his helmet as a disguise, which ought qualify him, unless you don't consider anything but a full body outfit a costume. However, the quiz question you responded to did include the Lone Ranger as an answer, and his "costume" consists of ordinary cowboy clothing plus a mask.

Any other readers care to weigh in on this question?

What would a Fanzing letter column be without the customary letters on these two subjects...?

From: Jay Salamon

Subject: Hi guys

I must say I have enjoyed fanzine for the past couple of years. I was particularly enamored of the nightwing series on earth two (was that ever completed?)

Ah, Choices. Last we heard, we would receive the next installment soon, although how soon "soon" is is anyone's guess...

From: russell hillman

Subject: where...

Where can I find (to re-read) the Fanzing article "How to save the comics industry? It was incredible...

Our Editor, Michael Hutchison, responds:

It's still available at

I had made it a button in Fanzing's last navigation; I'll be adding it to the menu as soon as I add all the archives.

Some general questions from readers...


Subject: Villains Question

Hi. It's just recently that I've been getting back into DC Comics after a near decade hiatus. While I prefer Marvel Heroes, I've always liked DC villains better. I was just curious if these villains are still around in the DC universe?




This reply is partially from our Editor, Michael Hutchison:

All of those villains are still around and have been seen in the last year, except for Titano who has only been seen in Superman Annual #1 back in 1987.

And Chaim adds:

Actually, I also think it's been a while since Chemo was seen - probably not since the early part of the current Supergirl series. Also, if you had liked Bizarro, you might be interested in a Bizarro Legion of Super-Heroes who appeared in Legion of Super-Heroes # 113-115.

And now Editor Mike is just correcting Chaim's letter column after it's been posted with a correction to his addition.

Chemo was in SEVERAL books last year. He resurfaced as a member of the Suicide Squad in Our World At War, which I didn't read fully so I don't know how he came back into being or if he was destroyed. (I'd expect so, since DC now kills off anybody on that team in every mission). However, a few months later he was seen in a much better crossover --Joker: Last Laugh. There he bore the label Chemo III, although where these distinctions are drawn between the existence of Chemo is arguable.

From: Bridget Haines

Subject: Links related question

I was wondering what the procedure is for submitting links for Fansites? In late January of this year I developed a fan site for Sasha Bordeaux, Bruce Wayne's bodyguard, and it is rapidly expanding in material but badly needs the link published as all the search engines seem to have ignored the submission (funny how they do that when you don't pay them and use their free service). If interested, the site URL is Thanks.

Bridget Haines

Information Systems Specialist

Coastal Banc, ssb

Our editor, Michael Hutchison, replies:

Our links section is still in limbo while we decide what to do with it. It's too hard to maintain.

As for the search engines, it's only been two months. I don't think you realize how bogged down search engines are. The internet is immense and it isn't uncommon at all for search engines to take many many months to add a link to their service.

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