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It is with a heavy heart and a relieved wallet that I've decided not to go to Wizard World 2002.

It's a matter of money, for one thing. Hotels in Chicago are tres expensive.

And for some reason they decided to put Wizard World during the July 4th weekend. Yes, this is how I want to spend my holiday: driving around the crazy Chicago traffic on that pasta bowl they call a highway system on the weekend of the first Independence Day after September 11, 2001. No thank you.


However, I am going to be at Minnesota Comic Book Association's FallCon in Minneapolis, MN on October 5 and 6. Plans are that Fanzing's Phil Meadows, Erik Burnham and Kevin Voith will be there. I hope to have a table for selling my comic book collection as well as some Fanzing Merchandise.

If you attend FallCon, be sure to stop by and say hello!


Speaking of Fanzing Merchandise, I've been adding more products to our three separate lines of items, and I've added a whole new design by Phil Meadows that is a parody of the Shazam logo.

I hope to have all of the new items added to the composite store page on our site very soon, but if you'd like to browse now, here are the separate pages at Cafe Press:

With One Magic Word...Fanzing!

If the best things in life are come comic books cost $2.50?

Everything I Need To Know I Learned From Comic Books

Judge a man by the size of his...comic book collection


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