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by Michael Condon

1) Carter Hall is the reincarnation of whom?
a) Prince Khufu of Egypt.
b) Pharoah Ramses II of Egypt. c) Prince Horus of Egypt. d) Marc Antony

2) The Golden Age Hawkman's first foe was mad scientist Dr. Anton Hastor.  Hastor had killed Hawkman's previous incarnation in Ancient Egypt. Who was Hastor at the time?
a) Hastur Hastur Hastur a priest who served the demons of the pre-dead time.
b) Hast Or king of the Hyksos.
c) Hathshebos royal alchemist.
d) Hath-Set high priest of the god Anubis.

3) Anton Hastor was reincarnated for the benefit of the 1990's Hawkman series  I guess they didn't want a super-villain in his 90's running around even though that formula worked okay for Starman and Hourman.  What form did he take in this series?
a) A mad scientist.  Some villains have no sense of imagination.
b) A priest of the ancient forbidden Thanagarian cult of the hawk god.
c) A Catholic priest who ministered to the down trodden in the poorest areas of Chicago.  He was killed when Hawkman went on a Scarecrow fear gas inspired rampage.  The priest, remembering his past lives and realizing that his life of self-sacrifice and repentance (He had always felt a vague feeling of guilt as his subconscious but not his conscious mind remembered his past villainous deeds) resulted in his getting a javelin through the gut, swore revenge against the hawk avatars in his next life.
d) Director of a conservative think tank.

4) Which super-villain was responsible for the deaths of the majority of the Hawk Avatars?
a) Vandal Savage.
b) Lion Mane and the other Lion avatars.
c) Ras al Ghul.
d) Wotan.

5) What type of earth criminal could Byth be best compared to in his first post-Crisis appearance on Earth?
a) A petty thief.
b) A drug pusher.
c) An assassin.
d) A pimp.

6) Where in the universe is Thanagar?
a) It orbits Alpha Centauri.
b) It orbits Antares.
c) It orbits Polaris.
d) It orbits Garfox a G type star  on the other side of the galaxy from Earth.  Due to the amount of stars and dust between Earth and Garfox, the star cannot be detected by Terran instruments.

7) Where is Feithera, the home of a race of  birdmen and ancestral home of Golden Age Hawkman protégé Northwind (Norda)?
a) An uncharted region of Iceland.
b)A planet that has the same co-ordinates of Earth One's Thanagar.
c) A small island in the Indian Ocean.
d) A domed city on the side of the moon that perpetually faces away from the Earth.

8) Which of these heroes was not one of Carter Hall's son Hector's secret identities?
a) Silver Scarab.
b) Dr. Fate.
c) Red Raven.
d) Sandman.

9) The Golden Age Hawkman first appeared in a comic bearing the name of another hero. Which one?
a) Superman.
b) Flash.
c) Batman.
d) Johnny Thunder.  (Thunder Comics)

10) One of Hawkman's most important devices is the absorbascon.  What does it do?
It gives its user the exact same powers as an opponent, so any battle becomes a test of skill instead of brute strength.  Hawkman only uses it in emergencies because its user runs the risk of adopting the mentality of his or her foe.  This can be a good thing as Kanjar Ro discovered when he absorbed Superman's powers and morality and used his ability to repair all the damage his attack had caused before turning himself in.  The device overloaded when Hawkman used it on Amazo and hasn't been seen since.
b) It absorbs all radioactive energy from an area.  It is an important part of the clean up from superpowered battles.  The Justice League and Teen Titans both own copies of the item.
c) It is capable of absorbing all knowledge from the minds of a planet's inhabitants and implanting them into the mind of the absorbascon's operator.  This explains why the Hol's are able to speak and read English, function in human society and communicate with birds.
d) It absorbs the superpowers from anyone being.  If used on another being, the first being regains his powers.  Usually with disastrous results for prison guards somewhere.  It was last used on Maldos, a space tyrant who had converted his home galaxy into pure energy to power himself.  As no known prison or force could hold Maldos at bay (I could think of a few, but I'm not writing for DC so I don't get a vote) when he was at full power, the absorbascon was retired after it was used on him.

11) Which super-team was also based in Midway city?
a) The Challengers of the Unknown.
b)The  Doom Patrol.
c) The Justice Experience.
d) Hero Hotline.

12) Why wasn't  Hawkgirl allowed to join the  Justice League of America until fairly late into her costumed career?
a) She was exposed to a massive dose of Kryptonite in her first appearance in Justice League of America.  She continued to emit low level Kryptonite radiation for years afterwards making her a danger to Superman.
b) There was a bylaw forbidding two members from having the exact same powers.
c) She originally didn't enjoy being a superheroine and only put on a costume to save her husband's life.  Thus she felt uncomfortable with joining the Justice League, as her prime concern would always be her husband, not the safety of others.
d) The Key managed to brainwash her into being  a secret weapon against the Justice League of America shortly after Hawkman joined.  Hawkgirl felt so guilty about what she did while controlled that she thought that no one on the team would be able to ever trust her.


1) A. The historical Pharoah Khufu is also known as Cheops.  Ramses II was Pharoah at the time of Moses.  Horus was the Hawk headed Egyptian God.  Marc Antony was the Roman who ruled Egypt alongside queen Cleopatra after Julius Caesar's death until being defeated by Octavian {the future Caesar Augustus.}).

2) D. The Hyksos were a group of Semitic-Asians who conquered Egypt in the 17th century B.C.E. and held on to power for about a century.  The first century historian Josephus identified them with the Ancient Hebrews, but modern historians concede that while there may be a link, between the Hyksos and the Ancient Hebrews,  the link is not direct.  That little paraphrased factoid comes from the electronic version of the Encyclopedia Britannica provided by the Brooklyn Public Library.  Hastur was one of the elder gods in H.P. Lovecraft's Chthulu mythology.  According to the stories he would appear and murder anyone that called out his name three times.  Completely ridiculous.  Hastur, Hastur, Hastur.  I wrote it twice in this article and noth awp!efnrkjefhjih

This is Mike's brother.  He didn't make his weekly call to our mother and I was asked to investigate.  I found pieces of his extremely dismembered corpse all over his apartment, as well as a lot of stuff in  a language whose alphabet I don't recognize and what appears to be drawings of fourth dimensional figures simplified to a two dimensional medium written in his blood on the walls.  I'm fairly impressed that he managed to type what appears to be his last word, awp, on the computer, but that's what too much time interacting with people through chats and Iming will do to you

As a tribute to him, I will continue this article based on his hand written notes, but I would like to go one the record by saying that I hate you all.  It should be obvious that Mike has problems, and you people not only encouraged his unhealthy obsession with spandex clad body builders but you also seemed to lead him down the path of summoning demons as well.

3) D. Mike's original notes said that Hastor was a conservative radio talk show host, but somebody named John Wells wrote him an email (apparently in a response to a question) that Hastor had become Helene Astar the director of the Hyksos Institute.  Mr. Wells also suggests that the Hyksos Institute was more than a conservative think tank that hosted parties for Rush Limbaugh parodies like Posh Nutterly, but Mike wrote that it was a conservative think tank, and I couldn't care less about the real answer.

4) A. Savage claims that it was all in self-defense.  The first Hawk avatar was Savage's brother.  A lion avatar killed one of the Hawk Avatars.  Wotan is an immortal sorcerer who was born in the Stone Age who was a regular sparring partner of Dr. Fate.

5) B. He sold a drug that enabled its users to change form.  He was a petty thief in his first Silver Age appearance.

6) C. Polaris is also known as the North Star.  Rann orbits Alpha Centauri.

7) A.

8) C. Red Raven was a Hawkman-like hero from Timely, the company that later became Marvel, in the 1940's.  In the Silver Age he went insane, turned villainous and died.  Still later he recovered from insanity, villainy and death.

9) B.There was never a Thunder Comics.  Johnny Thunder first appeared in Flash Comics too.

10) C.

11). B.

12) B.

Okay, this is Mike back.  I left very detailed instructions in my will and had my bath tub converted into a Lazarus Pit.  The only negative effect is that I was sane for about twenty minutes.  The least pleasant twenty minutes of my life.  Oh, and my landlord is going to have a heart attack when he sees the condition of my pipes.  Sorry if my brother was a little harsh, but this was a trying time for him.

Mike Condon, Fanzing's trivia quiz guru, is a librarian who lives in Brooklyn.

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