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Welcome to Le Musee de Bivolo

Nestled in the wooded north suburbs of Central City, Le Museé de Bivolo has become the premiere art gallery for comic book fan artists. The owner and curator is Roy G. Bivolo, formerly a tortured artiste whose color-blindness led him to a life of crime. Now reformed, he is your host through our monthly excursion of the finest in fan artworks. Ladies and Gentlemen...the Rainbow Raider.

Be sure to click on these pictures to examine them close-up. The real beauty's in the details. People with current standard browsers will actually see the images floating in front of them, where you can move them around to your pleasure. Those with older browsers will see them in a separate window and will have to hit their "Back" buttons to return here.

Hawkman "Nightwing" by Rosaline Terrill

Hello to the new contributor! I'll get to the very artistic comments in a moment, but first I have to say...WOW! What a great first impression!

This is a wonderful example of digital painting, with pin-up style composition. What really makes it shine is the different colors of light.

Welcome to the Fanzing Crew, Rosaline, and we're glad to have you with us.

Hawkman "Hawkman" by Brian Mansfield

An actual cartoon. Great! Always a spot for pop art in my art gallery.

Don't let the clean line art and simple design fool you. This is very well done. The anatomy and design are just right. The background is attractive, yet it is offset in a panel so that Hawkman is prominent.

As for the humor...I suppose it's still more respectful than that Baby Ruth ad.

Hawkman "Hawkman" by Yusuf Madhiya

Yusuf sends us this pic of Hawkman in attack mode. A nice level of detail there, and I'm encouraged that every once and a while we do actually get a submission where the superhero is in an action pose.

Ambush Bug "Ambush and George Bush" by Yusuf Madhiya

I have to apologize to Yusuf. This was submitted for Ambush Bug month, but I forgot to show it. It was still in the back room getting the frame tacked on.

A simple cartoon which reveals to us the source of George W. Bush's mispronunciation of the word "nuclear", which our editor questioned after the State of the Union address in January.

I cannot explain why he's making the Vulcan hand greeting.

Roy G. Bivolo, also known as the Rainbow Raider, left a lucrative career at DC to beome the host of Fanzing's art gallery. Color blind since birth, he has carved a reputation as an artiste extraordinaire.

hails from Washington, where she operates Orelinde's Realm. Roz is the cover artist for our first comic book, "Fanzing Presents: Job Wanted", which can be purchased at Too Many!

Yusuf Madhiya is one of Fanzing's cover artists. Hailing from India, Yusuf 's artwork is also on display at his website.

Brian Mansfield hails from Ohio, but the taxis don't stop for him. He is a mechanical engineer by training and license, a software engineer by profession, but a cartoonist at heart. He used to have a really cool NASA job designing spacecraft, and he once took a class from Fanzing's own Christian Moore.

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