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by Chaim Mattis Keller

Not many letters this month, but at here's something on the latest issue...

From: Hodge, Tim

Subject: Issue #43

I don't read Fanzing very often. A lot of my friends are regular readers, but I'm not really a hardcore DC fan, so I only visit occasionally. I'm glad I happened to see #43.

I don't know who selects your "quote of the month", but I'd like to send a major Yay in their direction.

The cancellation of Vext was the hugest tragedy in comic book history. Well, maybe that's a slight exaggeration. But it was a damn funny book and I miss it.

Glad to see I wasn't quite the only person who read it. :)

You have David R. Black to thank for the quote, Tim. Please do return on a frequent basis - we might surprise you!

Often it's our fiction contributors who get the kudos, but these folks are more interested in the art...

From: Julian

Subject: Appreciation

Dear Mr. Meadows,

I loved the "Crisis Of Infinite Books" cover. heck, I would not be surprised if one could craft a story out of it. You sir, have TALENT.


From: Scott Sharritt

Subject: Legion Theme

I was wondering if you would mind me adding your Legion Theme that was featured in your Legion issue to my website? I have a number of wallpapers available already and would like to include this theme.

Phil, great work! I love the Legion plaza background. Anytime you want to create more wallpaper or themes that are Legion based, I'd be more than happy to host them.


Scott Sharritt


Phil Meadows

From: Patti L. Spriggs

Subject: hello

I read your magazine on comic books. I don't read comic books (read the comics in the paper, though). My husband enjoys comic books. He is more into the older stuff although he is not an avid reader.


And on that high note, we'll call this column a wrap. See you next month!

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