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by Michael Condon and David R. Black

1) Which DC writer is at least partially responsible for creating Scrappy Doo while writing for Hanna Barbera?
a) Scot Shaw!
b) Phil Foglio
c) Frank Miller
d) Mark Evanier

2) In his secret identity of R. Rodney Rabbit, Captain Carrot is employed as?
a) A reporter for the Daily Penguin.
b) A cartoonist
c) A farmer
d) A comedian

3) Which member of the Zoo Crew did not gain his/her powers from a glowing meteorite?
a) Alley-Kat-Abra. She gained her magic power through years of intense study and a gift of a magic wand by her mentor Yaktara
b) Captain Carrot. He gained his powers from ingesting carrots irradiated in a process devised by his neighbor Dr. Owlsley
c) Little Cheese the Micro-Mouse. He gained his power from eating a piece of Lunar Longhorn, a variety of green cheese found only on the moon.
d) Yankee Doodle Poodle. She gains her patriotic powers from listening to the Liberty Bell ring. Her powers fade out after an hour if she doesn't recharge

4) Bob Kane invented an animated funny animal version of Batman and Robin. Who were they?
a) Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse. They were a crime fighting duo who rode around in a Cat car and had numerous gadgets in the form of projectiles fired from guns, sort of like Green Arrow.
b) Bat and Robin. Except for being anthropomorphized animals serving a town full of anthropomorphized birds they were exactly like the Batman comics of the 1960's. They even had an Aunt Polly, an avian equivalent to Aunt Harriet.
c) The Blue Falcon and Red Bird. The only paraphernalia they carried were net guns. Their adventures were actually more serious than the Bat comics of the time (early 60's).
d) Bumble Bee and Red Ant. Insect versions of the two heroes serving the town of Hivapolis.

5) How did Streaky the Supercat get its superpowers?
a) Jor El first tested out his rocket on a cat. Since its engines were the least sophisticated it arrived on Earth long after the rockets containing Beppo, Krypto and Kal El. As a Kryptonian, the animal gained superpowers while on Earth.
b) When Supergirl left Argo City she took her beloved pet cat with her in the rocket ship As a Kryptonian, the animal gained superpowers while on Earth.
c) Supergirl's fifth dimensional imp girlfriend Gsptlsnz endowed her cat with Kryptonian powers when she heard her comment wistfully on her cousin's relationship with Krypto.
d) It was exposed to X-Kryptonite an isotope of Kryptonite that gives superpowers to earth beings

6) Which classic DC villain was originally a gorilla who was given human form?
a) The Shaggy Man
b) Solomon Grundy
c) Blockbuster
d) Giganta

7) If Jor-El could get a horse into a rocket ship, he could have sent Lara to Earth, and may even have been able to save himself. So how did Comet get its superpowers?
a) He was a Daxamite horse that Brainiac 5 had tested his anti-lead serum on before using it on Mon-El.
b) Comet was a Kandoran horse that was enlarged for Supergirl's use.
c) He was a centaur that had been changed into a super powered horse by Circe
d) It was a collection of psionic energy that took the form of a horse. It was a gift from the Garz, a race of psionic beings, who felt grateful to Supergirl for saving their planet from an alien invasion.

8) Why did DC decide on Captain Carrot and the Amazing Zoo Crew instead of a funny animal version of the Justice League of America? One would assume that there would be a better market for a straight parody than a completely new, and thus somewhat risky, group of characters.
a) DC management was afraid that the existence of these characters would complicate already existing licensing agreements, especially if the series became popular and spawned licensing agreements of its own.
b) Scott Shaw! developed the idea of a funny animal group of superheroes while a young boy, and kept the idea alive for decades. He just happened to successfully pitch the idea to DC
c) DC management was afraid that a straight animal parody would be seen as a direct copy of Marvel's then popular series Peter Porker the Spectacular Spider-Ham, even though the proposal was pitched two months before the first article of the Marvel comic came out. There is usually a six month lag time between initial work on an issue and the finished product.
d) Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew was an animated cartoon developed by Warner Brothers that was never produced. The comic book was written as a means of cross-promotion, and a decision was made to go through with the comic as it had already been written, pencilled and inked, even though the animated version was cancelled.

9) Which of these animal themed villains was an actual member of that species that minded its business until exposed to radiation?
a) Starro the Conqueror
b) The Shark
c) Hyena.
d) The Cheetah

10) Who was DC's first funny animal superhero?
a) Peter Porkchops, an anthropomorphic pig who had many strange adventures in the 40's. He was brought back as Pig Iron in Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew
b) Hoppy the Marvel Bunny, a rabbit who was inspired by to yell SHAZAM when his girlfriend was kidnapped. He gained the power of Salamander, Hogules, Antlers, Zebreus, Abalone and Monkury, and became a funny animal version of Captain Marvel
c) Mighty Mouse. Yes, the "here I come to save the day!" Mighty Mouse
d) The Terrific Whatzit. A turtle who was blessed with super-speed and an automatic conscience (whenever evil was around it would bug him until he did something about it). He protected his identity by removing his shell, making everyone wonder what species he was, hence, whatzit, and putting on a close copy of Jay Garrick's Flash costume

11) In Batman and the Outsiders #11, Katana gives Halo a white cat as a gift. The cat would continue to make appearances throughout the Outsiders' first two series, and it even received a solo back up tale in The Outsiders #9 (1st volume). What was the cat's name?
a) Violet
b) Sylvester
c) Ruby
d) Tiger

12) Thor was the canine sidekick of which Manhunter?
a) Paul Kirk
b) Dan Richards
c) Mark Shaw
d) The Huntsman (The Zero Hour Manhunter)

13) Which one of DC's werewolf/beastman characters is not permanently stuck in their animal form?
a) Mikola Rostov
b) Charlie Wilde
c) Warren "Wolfpack" Griffith
d) Hugh Dawkins

14) Hurricane is to Wild Huntsman as Nightwind is to Nighthawk. Therefore, Winged Victory is to ____ ?
a) Bat Lash
b) The Shining Knight
c) Tomahawk
d) No more analogies, please!

15) Rick Raleigh, Karen Beecher, and Zazzala all have one thing in common. What is it?
a) They were all friends of teenaged Clark (Superboy) Kent.
b) They all gained animal based powers after the gene bomb detonated in Invasion.
c) Their costumed identies all have a bee motif.
d) They were all born on Earth C.

16) Djuba the purple gorilla was the Silver Age sidekick of?
a) B'wana Beast
b) Animal Man
c) Vixen
d) Congo Bill

17) The Bureau of Amplified Animals, an agency funded by the USA's federal government, currently employs ______?
a) Angel and the Ape
b) Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew
c) Cat-Man
d) Rex the Wonder Dog and Detective Chimp

18) Gorilla Grodd, Solovar, and the other residents of Gorilla City all possess what superpower?
a) Superspeed
b) Telepathy
c) Invisibility
d) It's impossible to make them slip on banana peels

19) The Just A Lotta Animals inhabit which Earth?
a) Earth C
b) Earth 4
c) Earth Apostrophe
d) Earth C Minus

20) What happened to the Gorilla Boss of Gotham City after Batman defeated him?
a) He fell into comic limbo, never to be seen again.
b) He became the star attraction in a Gotham zoo, where he sits within a cage and watches old movies and sitcoms all day.
c) He returned to Gorilla City and was killed during Crisis while defending the city against Shadow Demons.
d) He was sent to the Slab, where he is currently serving a long prison sentence.


1) D. Oh how I wish the answer was C. I had to put down he was part of a team, because while getting a handle on who created a given character is difficult in comics, it should be even more so in television, which usually has multiple writers.

2) B. The cartoon that he draws interestingly enough is Justa Lotta Animals a funny animal version of the JLA that includes Super Squirrel, Wonder Wabbit and Green Lambkin among others. This comic was the original idea for the series. See question 8 for more info

3) C. Alley-Kat-Abra and her wand were both energized by the glowing meteorite. Technically, it's the carrots and not Rodney (formerly Roger) Rabbit that was irradiated by the meteor, but the ultimate power source is still the meteor. The character's name was first Roger Rabbit, but the title character of the book "Who #$@#%ed Roger Rabbit" had a prior claim as it was published in 1981. The movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" is loosely based on the much darker book. The official title is "Who Censored Roger Rabbit" at least that's how its listed on Amazon, and I don't exactly remember the sequence of symbols from the cover of the book I read. D is close to the explanation for Liberty Belle's powers

4) A.Probably best known for its jazzy theme song with a heavy bass line, and the Frog, a frog gangster who sounded like Edward G. Robinson. The Blue Falcon was a 70's Hanna Barbera hero who was teamed up with a dim-witted robot dog named Dynomutt

5) D.

6) D. Although the Shaggy Man could pass for the missing link, it was a totally artificial lifeform.

7) C. I have no clue as to how this might explain Comet's powers

8) A. According to , Peter Porker the Spectacular Spider-Ham first appeared alongside Hulk Bunny, Captain Americat and Goose Rider in Marvel Tails #1, dated November 1983, more than a year after Captain Carrot's February 1982 debut. His series didn't come out until May of 1985.

9) B.Starro may have gained power from atomic energy, but it was a giant starfish shaped alien conqueror before it encountered any radiation on Earth. The Hyena was a were-hyena, half person, half hyena that plagued Firestorm. Like a werewolf, a were-hyena can transmit its curse to those it attacked.

10) D.Rule of thumb for these quizes, the weirdest answer tends to be the true one. But then again, I've had many years to get acclimatized to the idea of Hoppy the Marvel Bunny, first published by Fawcett in 1942 and later sold to Charlton in 1954 where he used the magic word Alizam to change form, changed his costume and became known as Magic Bunny. Meanwhile, I discovered the Terrific Whatzit this weekend. The Whatzit was first published by DC in 1944. The Terrific Whatzit is the uncle of Zoo Crew member Fastback. Peter Porkchops first appeared in 1947, and the same character became Pig Iron. As near as I can tell, the character was never super until the Zoo Crew was formed. According to Don Markstein's Toonopedia regards Mighty Mouse, originally Super Mouse as the first super-powered funny animal. The first cartoon came out in October of 1942. He first appeared in a comic book in 1945, by the comic publisher that later became Marvel.

11). D. Tiger was also known as "Tiger the Wonder Cat."

12). B. Dan Richards.

13). A. Mikola Rostov. Charlie Wilde was a member of the Outsiders, "Wolfpack" is a member of the new Creature Commandos, and Hugh Dawkins is the Tasmanian Devil.

14). B. The Shining Knight. Hurricane, Nightwind, and Winged Victory are the heroes' horses.

15). C. Rick Raleigh was the Red Bee, Karen Beecher is Bumblebee, and Zazzala was the Queen Bee.

16). A. B'wana Beast

17). D. Rex the Wonder Dog and Detective Chimp

18). B. Telepathy

19). D. Earth C-Minus

20). B. Really! Read Swamp Thing Annual #3 if you don't believe us!

The following sites were used to research information used in the quiz:

Don Markstein's Toonopedia
The Earth C Timeline
Captain Marvel's Homepage
Encyclopedia Kryptonomicon

Mike Condon, Fanzing's trivia quiz guru, is a librarian who lives in Brooklyn.

David R. Black is's magazine editor and chief archivist. A big fan of "The Warlord," he has a cat named Shakira and is looking for a girlfriend named Tara....

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