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End of Summer
The Fortress of Downloaditude

Zoo Crew

by Michael Hutchison,
art by Phil Meadows


There is a new addition to Fanzing's Fortress of Downloaditude.

This month, Phil Meadows and I collaborated on a theme which is modeled on the classic 1970s "Secret Origins of the Super-Villains" cover. This is Phil's first time tackling superanimals, and I think he did an excellent job. We may make this a desktop theme someday.

This wallpaper is sized 800x600 and is in JPG format.

Zoo Crew Face Off Wallpaper

The characters are, from left to right, Captain Carrot, Alley-Kat-Abra, Fastback, Pig-Iron, Rubberduck, Yankee Poodle, Dr. Hoot, Solar Bear, Salamandroid, Armordillo, Cheshire Cheetah, Debbil Dawg and the Bunny from Beyond.

To set this as your wallpaper using your browser, here's what you do:

  1. Click on the image above. That opens the full-sized image in your browser.
  2. Point to the image and click the right button on your mouse; this should bring up the little mini pop-up menu.
  3. In Netscape, click on "Set as Wallpaper". In Internet Explorer, click on "Set as background."
  4. If necessary, you can stretch or center the wallpaper as necessary using your computer's desktop properties.

Fanzing's Art Coordinator is a professional Illustrator and a Legion of Superheroes fan. He's a native of Mobile, Alabama, but is currently in Madison, Wisconsin. Phil's art is showcased in our first comic book, "Fanzing Presents: Job Wanted", which can be purchased at Too Many!

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