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Coast City: The Place That Was

by Mathew D. Rhys

Unlike it's neighbors, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Coast City was a relative newcomer to the California coast. In 1942 Democracy Pictures president Orwell Gordan commissioned the construction of the most elaborate set to be built for the next 50 years: a complete city, fully encompassing the major elements of Metropolis, Opal City, Keystone City, and Mesa City circa 1872. It was here he planned on filming his twenty-four part epic Matt Savage: Trail Boss. "Movie Town", as local farmers took to calling it, included complete housing for the entire cast and crew and was outfitted with all the modern amenities and utilities. In an odd twist of fate, Gordan died in an accident involving a prop gun on the first day of shooting.

As Democracy's stock plummeted, the board of directors opted to take the last of the company's money and throw it into a brave gamble. "Movie Town" was turned into an theme park. It was an immediate success. Thousands of people swept over the former set as aspiring actors helped visitors, young and old relive the magic of the old west.

The storefronts of the set where sold out to independent businesses, bringing a great deal of people into the outlying areas. Property values soared, prompting many farmers to sell their land to development contractors.

Within ten years, "Movie Town" and the land surrounding it had grown to house more the three million people. Democracy sold off all their land, and the western feel of Gordan's dream soon vanish behind the glitz of new buildings and businesses. Coast City, as it was then called, elected Rory Madison as it's first Mayor in 1950. Mayor Madison later went on to become US President.

Coast City was the Jewel of California to be sure. It became a home-away-from-the-lights for Hollywood's elite and LA's largesse. Many stars, including Basil Karlo and James Humphrey, made their homes there. Crossing paths with screen greats was only slightly less common here than in Hollywood itself.

Not only a refuge for the Wealthy, Coast City also claimed a number of top manufacturers, chief being Ferris Aircraft, located east of the city.

Some twelve years ago, Coast City came under the protection of Green Lantern. His many adventures cannot be chronicled here, but he bravely protected the city from perils of all natures. In his honor, super heroes were allowed free admission to all Coast City sporting events.

Three years ago, the alien warlord Mongul destroyed Coast City. Fifty million lives vanished in less than five seconds. Mongul constructed a massive engine in it's place. He was defeated by Metropolis's Superman, who--along with a cadre of other heroes--dismantled 'Engine City'.

Now, if you were to drive by the sight of Orwell Gordan's dream, all that marks it's passing is the Coast City Monument, an immense obelisk erected out of mourning for the millions who died in a few seconds. Some one hundred fifty thousand visitors annually pay their respects to the dead.

And what of their hero, their champion? His story is winding, but suffice it to say his death gave birth to our sun during last year's "Final Night". What remains there were, were buried at the Monument beneath an eternal Green Flame.

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