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End of Summer
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by Chaim Mattis Keller

Very light mailbag this month, but at least we have some happy readers...

From: AJ Bhowmik

I'll make this short,

I love your ezine - and would support any movement you make to keep Brendan Fraser from being superman also please, in contributors central, how about a tutorial on how to color our drawing in photoshop! Thanks.

AJ Bhowmik

The scary thing is that until I read your letter, I hadn't even considered Brendan Fraser in the role of Superman, and now that you've brought the thought into my mind, I actually like it. I loved him in "Bedazzled," he seems very versatile...

and something on our latest issue...

From: Scott Frank

Subject: DC/Marvel Crossovers article

Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to Juan Martin Ponce for the article he did on the DC/Marvel crossovers in the latest issue. I've been picking them up here and there, but was never sure how many more there were. Now, not only do I know for sure that I've got about half of those available, but I also have some good ideas about the ones I should look for next. His reviews and information were appreciated.

-Scott Frank

Glad you found the article useful!

And that's it...two letters. Come on, readers, you can do better than that! Enjoy our magazine, and let's hear that you enjoyed it. Hate it? Tell us why. Have some comic book thoughts to share? Let's hear them, guys! See you next month...I hope.

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