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End of Summer

by Ye Olde Editor, Michael Hutchison

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Big decisions this month.

After the experience I've had contributing to the "Dixonverse Annual," and following the adventures of my buddies Bill Wiist and Erik Burnham as they have put together the "Shooting Star Comics Anthology," I've decided it's time to do my own self-published comic book.

Phil Meadows and I are currently hatching a project. More information will come as it shapes up. It will take some time to put it together and do it right, figure out the publishing and such.

If this does turn into a serious project, it will probably be time for me to move on from Fanzing. I don't know what that will mean as far as the continuation of the site; certainly I'd like to leave it up as a finished project as long as the hosting and bandwidth didn't cost too much. But we're talking about something that's a year away, really, so don't everyone get the heebie-jeebies yet.

For those of you who don't know, the Dixonverse Annual is a project put together by a number of fans who regularly hang out at the Dixonverse web site. (Seems like a fruitful hangout, given that our D-verse Annual team as well as the Shooting Star Comics Anthology group have sprung from there.) It's a little not-for-profit fan publication that is primarily for the enjoyment of Chuck Dixon and the others at the annual Dixon Dinner held each year in Chicago. The other two groups contributed Batman/Robin/Nightwing stories, and I have done an Elongated Man mystery similar to the kind that used to be found in the back of Dectective Comics.

It was set to debut at the 2001 WizardWorld convention. Many of us rushed to get our stories done (and I can boast that my team DID make the deadline), but it failed to come together in time. A few pages remained to be done and we didn't get it published by Wizard World 2001. And, having missed that, the project has limped along for a while. However, it's all set to be published! Only a few actual paper copies are being created for distribution at the dinner, but it will be available for everyone to see as a PDF file.

I hope to get the PDF file soon. I probably won't host it on the Fanzing server, as our bandwidth has been overflowing for the last three months, but I will link to it wherever we end up hosting it. If anyone out there would be willing to offer some mirror hosting space for the file (I don't know what the size will be; we'll talk when we find out) please e-mail us at Fanzing and we'll get back to you when we have it ready.

Dixonverse Flyer


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