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by Mathew D. Rhys

Gateway City: A Bridge from Wood to Surf

Author's note: Although I have endeavored to my utmost to present the following with truth and thorough research, as is the case with many DC cities, historical data on Gateway City was slight. Due to that fact, certain creative liberties have been taken and historical inferences made. This is the case with the article "Coast City: The Place That Was" published in Issue 45, although the author neglected to make note of that fact. The author would also like to extend thanks to Derrick Lyle, who compiled the majority of the comic book research for this article.

Two hundred years ago, the land that would come to be known as California was the site of a lackluster competition between two world powers: Spain and Russia. The competition was one of colonization. Desiring to control the whole land, Spanish forces rode north and founded the presidios of San Diego and San Francisco in 1769 and 1776, respectively.* The Spanish continued to establish presidios and missions along the California coast, forever cementing their place in Californian culture. These establishments were, however, ineffectual against the Russian attempts.

In 1809 a group of Russian traders moved south from Alaska, seeking a location to extend their fur trading into the mainland. It 1812 they established two outposts -- Fort Ross and Fort Peter, Fort Peter being the northernmost of the two. Both centers prospered until advancing American troops expelled the Russians twelve years later.

Prior to the American possession of California, a great number of craftsmen and artisans migrated to Fort Peter, and it grew to be quite a large town. The majority of its citizens actually chose to remain once the American government seized control. Because of its proximity to main shipping roads and its well constructed harbor, it was renamed Gateway City. During the California gold rush, Gateway became world renowned for the exquisite work of its goldsmiths.

In 1876, Gateway was introduced to its most powerful family, the Sloanes. Formerly of St Louis, the Sloane family built onto the existing harbor, turning Gateway City into the third most prosperous port along the West Coast. This expansion also benefited the lumber industry located in Gateway Forest, northeast of the city.

The Sloanes grew ever wealthier as the city grew larger, but by 1932 the family had only one heir. Terry Sloane was a child prodigy, but quite bored with his station. In 1941, he became Mr. Terrific, Gateway's first mystery man. Sloane made his city proud as a member of the Justice Society before his death eight years ago. Since then, there have been numerous sightings of former JSA member The Spectre within city limits.

The city continued to grow steadily, never really experiencing a large population boom. The city's Russian community remained extensive and connected to its heritage. The city also attracted large communities of Chinese and Vietnamese immigrants, and has an active Greek community. This cultural diversity has lead to the creation of a local cuisine dubbed "petersfood". A little diner near the border of Chinatown and Greektown called St Pete's has the best petersfood in town.

In 1947, Sloane Enterprises commissioned the construction of the Gateway Bridge. It is the third largest suspension bridge on the West Coast and the only one built from recycled materials. Other points of interest include the Arch Financial Building and the Gateway Museum of Antiquities. The museum has the largest collection of Greek artifacts out side of Greece. This is largely due to its most notable employee, Princess Diana of Themyscira, also known as Wonder Woman.

Six years ago, Princess Diana came to Gateway City as an ambassador from "Paradise Island". Because of her first hand experience, she became an invaluable asset to the museum and has further enriched the city through her knowledge and her role as its protector.

Today, Gateway City is a beautiful city full of life and rich with culture. It is located near mountains, forest, and the ocean, making it a wonderful location for a vacation. And with affordable hotel rates, the deal just gets sweeter.

*All historical data gleaned from Encarta 98.

The highly odd Mathew D Rhys is an obsessive storyteller and family man whose wife graciously allows him to prattle aimlessly, and gives him no end of joy in life. He hopes to one day write comics his son can read. You can read his original character fiction at

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