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1) When Bruce Wayne was pondering what to do with his life, a bat crashed through his front window, leading him to take up the mantle of the bat. I had a similar problem with a baseball last month. Got powdered glass on several comics. I tell you, Alfred must have had his hands full with all the glass, blood and fur. Anyway, while getting a ball through one's window is a fairly common experience, or at least one would have thought, the glazier refused to believe it, one hardly hears of bats coming through windows. Birds? Yes. They rely on sight and may mistake a sufficiently clear window for air. Bats "see" through sonar, so a window will give back vibrations indicating that it is a solid object. So why did that bat commit suicide and fly through the window?

a) The Phantom Stranger, acting for reasons inscrutable to mortals, directed the bat.

b) The bat demon that lives under Gotham sent one of its servants through the window as part of a long range plan to secure Bruce Wayne's powerful soul.

c) The failed stand up comedian who in few months would take an acid bath and become the Joker was showing signs of his future descent into murder and madness by blowing off some steam through setting off explosives in a wooded area outside of Gotham. One of the explosions deafened and panicked a bat, which flew in a straight line culminating in Bruce Wayne's lap.

d) Kirk Langstrom, the bat researcher who would later become Man Bat, plugged a bat's ears with wax. The poor thing escaped and flew across town, relying on its eyes rather than its ears and like a bird flew into the window.


2) Superman made a big dent in crime during his first few months in Metropolis. Who saw the drop in conventional crime as an opportunity to make Metropolis the headquarters of an organized crime cartel capable of handling metahumans?

a) The Penguin. He moved to Gotham during Year Two of the modern heroic age after deciding that Batman would be a pushover compared to dealing with Superman.

b) Kobra leader of the Kabal.

c) Ugly Manheim, leader of Intergang.

d) Lobo.


3) The main enemies in JLA Year One were aliens from the home planet of the first threat that the Justice League of America banded together to fight. Who was this threat?

a) Starro the Conqueror.

b) The Appellaxian Aliens.

c) Despero.

d) The Weaponers of Qward.


4) Let's talk about year one. The renegade Oan Krona was obsessed with discovering the first moments of the Universe. Using a time viewer he looked back into time until cosmic bolts destroyed his lab, evil got unleashed on the universe and the multiverse formed. What was the earliest image that appeared before all chaos broke loose.

a) A glowing smile floating in the void.

b) Thousands of stars converging on the center of his view screen at an incredible speed.

c) An enormous hand holding galaxies.

d) A badly injured and horrified Krona screaming at him to turn off the viewer, by Maltus's sake turn off the viewer!


5) Ray Palmer discovered that ultraviolet light streaming through white dwarf matter was capable of shrinking objects. Unfortunately, those objects tended to explode after a short period of time. Under what circumstances did Ray Palmer shrink for the first time?

a) His jealous assistant, Dr. Shrevlak, pushed him into the shrinking ray figuring that his "accidental" death would allow him to become the pre-eminent physicist at Ivy University.

b) Communist spies broke into Dr. Palmer's lab to steal the white dwarf matter for use in a weapon many times more powerful than the hydrogen bomb. Only Ray Palmer knew how to safely transport the white dwarf matter, and he threw himself into the shrink ray to avoid capture, preferring death to being forced to betray his country.

c) He and a group of children were trapped in a cave in during a spelunking expedition. The closest he came to finding an exit was tiny crack in the cave's ceiling that allowed a pin prick of sunlight into the cave. Ray Palmer placed a lens made of white dwarf matter in the path of the sun beam and shrank. He then climbed the cave wall, and used the diamond ring he intended to give to Jean Loring to sculpted the tiny hole into an exit large enough for the children to climb through.

d) Exposure to the radiation given off by the white dwarf matter gave Ray Palmer an uncontrollable ability to shrink, which resulted in him being trapped in an ant's nest. After surviving that experience, Dr. Palmer found that the only way to control his size, and thus survive for an appreciable amount of time, was to build his wrist controllers. He theorized that his long term exposure to the white dwarf matter's radiation inoculated him so that he wouldn't explode when subjected to its full effect.


6) Which heroes joined together to form Silver Age Legion of Superheroes?

a) Superboy, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Boy and Saturn Girl.

b) Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl.

c) Superboy, Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, Kid Quantum, Sun Boy, and Triplicate Girl.

d) Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Phantom Girl and Brainac 5.


7) As long as we're doing line ups, what was the original line up of the current DC Universe's first incarnation of the Justice League?

a) Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and Black Canary.

b) Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman.

c) Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

d). Martian Manhunter, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Flash and Hawkman.


8) The original three members of the Teen Titans were Robin, Kid Flash and who?

a) Wonder Girl.

b) Aqualad.

c) Speedy.

d) Elastic Lad (Jimmy Olsen's stretchable alter ego.)


9) Which super hero was supposed to have been a founder of the Justice League of America, but due to his first mission, which resulted in him being lost in time, had his early adventures erased from everyone's memories and his career not beginning until well after the heroes of the Justice League and their contemporaries were well established.

a) Triumph.

b) Damage.

c) Booster Gold.

d) Blue Beetle.


10) How did Kyle Rayner wind up with Green Lantern's ring.?

a) He found it on the beach near the ruins of Coast City. Hal Jordan had thrown it there after realizing he was unworthy to wear the ring and so powerful after absorbing the energy of the Central power battery that he no longer needed it.

b) Hal Jordan lost his ring at the end of Zero Hour. Evil Star, being attuned to objects of power, was able to retrieve it. Evil Star discovered that the ring would only work for a good person, although it would continue to serve if it's wielder became corrupted. Evil Star put the ring on a beach where Kyle Rayner was walking. Evil Star believed Kyle was weak enough to be corrupted and naïve enough to be manipulated but also had the minimum qualities of goodness, bravery and cleverness to satisfy the semi-sentient ring.

c) Ganthet, the sole remaining Guardian went to Earth to find a worthy ring bearer. Unfortunately, he was so weakened by his ordeal on Oa followed by a trip across the Universe, he forced to give the ring to the first person he saw, Kyle Rayner. One would hope that Ganthet had the presence of mind to scan Kyle's thoughts to see if he was basically a good person, but the record isn't clear on that.

d) Power rings are semi-sentient. Hal Jordan's rebelled against him after he destroyed the Green Lantern Corps, killed most of the Guardians and absorbed the power of the Central Battery. It would have been nice if the ring had gotten a clue before Hal went on a rampage, but it was only semi-sentient. Seeking a wielder, and still heavily under Hal Jordan's influence, it flew to Earth to seek a new master. It first sought out Thomas "Pie Face" Kalmaku, Green Lantern's friend and erstwhile sidekick, but found itself attracted by the powerful imagination and morality of Kyle Rayner.







1) D. A bat demon trapped under Gotham who wanted Bruce Wayne's soul appeared in a rather twisted Riddler story arc in the early 90's, but it didn't send any friends on that night. By the way, you may be hearing of a baseball costumed nemesis of crime running around Brooklyn any day now.

2) C. Ugly Manheim was the only one of the four who was based in Metropolis. Intergang was a front for Darkseid's activities on Earth. Kobra has never had a Kabal, and is usually more interested in world domination than street crime.

3) B. The Justice League of America fought the alien starfish Starro in their first appearance, in Brave and the Bold #28, and the three eyed alien Despero in Justice League of America #1, but in their first case, an early retcon that was recorded in Justice League of America #9, they fought the Apellexian Aliens. If the Justice League of America ever fought Green Lantern foes the Weaponers of Qward I don't know about it.

4) C. The smile was seen by Dr. Fate and Andrew Bennet, the star of the "I... Vampire" stories in House of Mystery, in the Dr. Fate arc that involved the Universe ending and restarting. Maltus is the original homeworld of the Oans, Controllers and Zamorans.

5) C. Ray Palmer did have an evil Dr. Shrevlak as an assistant. Dr. Shrevlak spent his time stealing Dr. Palmer's notes in order to design weapons. Marvel's Dr. Pym, the scientist who had the costumed identities Ant Man, Giant Man, Goliath and Yellow Jacket was trapped in an ant colony in his first appearance.

6) B. They were the original three Legionnaires. How you can have a three person Legion is beyond me, but there you have it. A are the cast of characters for the Legion's first appearance, and Lightning Lad was named Lightning Boy at the time, but even that story shows that there are many, although unnamed, members of this super hero club.

7) A. This was the line up that the Justice League was left with when it was decided post-Crisis that Superman and Batman had never belonged to the Justice League and that Wonder Woman didn't start her career until fairly late in the heroic age, about the time of the Legends event. Black Canary was chosen to take Wonder Woman's place. C was the original plan for the Justice League of America, which was intended to follow the lead of the Justice Society of America and not feature Superman and Batman, characters that did not need the support of a team comic book. Fan responses lead to the inclusion of the two big guns and they were officially made charter members in the account of the Justice League of America's first case in issue 9. Hawkman was an early member, who served as the Justice Society's representative to the new team, but did not join until the Justice League had already established itself. The "Silver Age" event later rewrote the JLA's history again to retcon Superman and Batman as early, but not founding, members.

8) B.

9) A.

10) C

Mike Condon, Fanzing's trivia quiz guru, is a librarian who lives in Brooklyn.

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