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Scott McCullar Art Gallery

artwork by Scott McCullar

On Tuesday, July 23, DC released its October 2002 solicitations. One tiny phrase in the multitude of solicitations sparked celebrations throughout fandom (especially in the Dixonverse and Fanzing communities) and marked the culmination of years of hard work and perseverance for one fan.

With the announcement of Green Arrow Secret Files #1, Scott McCullar had made it. He had turned pro.

The solicitation read thusly:

"Green Arrow Secret Files #1 - Written by Judd Winick, Dan Curtis Johnson and Scott McCullar; art by Diego Barreto, Kelly Yates, Phil Hester, Ande Parks, Robin Riggs, Mick Gray, and various; painted cover by Matt Wagner.

The secrets of the Emerald Archer are revealed in a bullseye-piercing double-sized one-shot. In the lead story, discover the history of Oliver Queen - both before and after his death (written by Judd Winick with art by Diego Barreto and Robin Riggs). Plus, Ollie discovers that the government is keeping tabs on super-heroes in the form of the D.E.O. (written by Dan Curtis Johnson and J.H. Williams III, with art by Kelly Yates and Mick Gray). Rounding out this Special are a look at Ollie's astounding arsenal, and profile pages showcasing Green Arrow, his allies, and his enemies illustrated by the fan-favorite team of Phil Hester and Ande Parks; and more."

Let's indulge for a moment and savor that again: "Written by Judd Winick, Dan Curtis Johnson and Scott McCullar."

An art professor at Springfield College in Illinois, McCullar is the webmaster for Dixonverse, has advised Kevin Smith during Smith's tenure on the current Green Arrow series, and written entries for West End Games' DCU roleplaying sourcebooks. McCullar is also a Fanzing contributor, and his Green Arrow fan site won Fanzing's "Best of Fandom" award in Fanzing #39.

Just as CPL, Alter Ego, and other fanzines launched the professional careers of writers and artists such as John Byrne, Roger Stern, Bob Layton, and Roy Thomas, Fanzing is proud to have played a small role in McCullar's journey. As McCullar establishes himself further in the comics profession, Fanzingers can reminisce about knowing him "back in the day." McCullar's journey also provides inspiration for those of us who dream of writing, drawing, or editing comics professionally.

And so, as a tribute to our friend and fellow Fanzinger, Fanzing proudly presents this special gallery of McCullar's work. Congratulations Scott!

Batman Month by Scott McCullar

McCullar's Batman pic was the cover of Fanzing #22 .

Easy Company and Gravedigger

This rendition of Sgt. Rock, Easy Company, and Gravedigger accompanied Michael Hutchison's "Men of War, Wheel of Piece" fiction piece in Fanzing #23 .

The Match

Titled "The Match," this popular pic tries to answer the "Who's Stronger? Wonder Woman or Superman?" debate. Both characters are shown in their "Kingdom Come" costumes. This piece originally appeared in Fanzing #24's art gallery .

Blue Beetle

McCullar's rendition of the Blue Beetle was first seen in Fanzing #27 .

Green Arrow

And saving the best for last, here's McCullar's favorite character - Green Arrow.

Scott McCullar is the writer of the upcoming Green Arrow Secret Files #1. His artwork can be seen in the upcoming Shooting Star Comics Anthology.

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