Too Many Long Boxes!

End of Summer

The Return Of Genius Jones

by Gerald Wilson

"All right, Icicle, stop right there!"

"What the--" The Icicle stopped just inside the deserted warehouse. "Who are you supposed to be and does your mother still dress you?"

"The name is Genius Jones, Icicle, and you're under arrest."

"You're joking, kid. I've come close to beating Green Lantern and I'm supposed to be scared of a kid?"

"You should be when he has a flame-thrower."

"Only if you use it first and you won't." The Icicle fired his freeze ray at Genius Jones and froze him in a block of ice. "Good-bye, kid, someone should be around to thaw you out in 40 or 50 years. Ha, ha, ha."

Fifty years to the day, a demolition crew was working on destroying the warehouse.

"Let's see if there's anything worth saving in here," one of the workmen said.

"There can't be. Remember what Geraldo found in Al Capone's basement?"

"It can't hurt to-- Holy cow! There's someone frozen in a block of ice, Stu."

"I recognize him, Jim. It's Genius Jones. Someone must have gotten the drop on him-- somebody like The Icicle."

"Yeah. Do you think he's still alive?"

"We'd better get him to STAR Labs. They can find out."

"And he's alive, Dr. Hamilton?"

"Yes, Superman. The block of ice preserved him as he was for 50 years. We're about to revive him." The block of ice slowly melted and Genius Jones' eyes flickered open. "Where am I?"

"That's a long story, Genius. I'm Dr. Emil Hamilton and you're at STAR Labs and this is--"

"Superman. Boy, am I glad to meet you. I'm a big fan."

"And I know your story, Genius. What happened to you?"

"I was battling The Icicle when he froze me in a block of ice. How long have I been on ice?"

"50 years. It's a whole new world."

And so Genius Jones returned to the modern world.

Gerry Wilson, a former stand-up comic and born again Christian, is the Golden Age humor expert for Fanzing. (Nobody else wanted the job.) He and his wife, Amy, have a pet cat--Jeremy--and a pet rat, Daphne.

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