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First, a correction for all our readers who tried to visit our "Site of the Month"...

From: Murel

Subject: Subject: Fanzing-QuarterBin

Hey, guys, I appreciate being regarded kindly among the recommended reading du jour - my stuff is still in production, but not at that location, so you might try hitting the domains or to get something more recent. Anyway, every little bit of encouragement helps, even in tasks designed as a sheer escape from the normal rewards and punishments of the world. Say hi to anyone who cares from the Quarter Bin guy and, if they care to see something more recent, those urls should get them there.

The link on our page has since been fixed, but this should help any of you readers who had trouble prior to that. Thanks for providing us all with that great site!

Our feature "Wonder Woman: Enemy of Freedom" made a splash with you readers, as did our editorial about Trade Paperbacks...


Subject: Subject: Wonder Woman as Anti-American Article from Fanzing 46

"Begin with Paradise Island, the birthplace- no, sorry, the place where Wonder Woman was molded from clay and brought to life by the heathen magic of pagan gods."

Reminds me of two things. First there was the prose novel Gods and Goddesses by John Byrne with Wonder Woman, where some preacher accused Wonder Woman of acting un-American as she held Olympian polytheist beliefs. A prose novel well worth the read.

Also, once I was at dinner and someone thought he had been called a pagan and felt that served as an insult. I said "Don't make fun of pagans. Jews and Muslims are not pagans, and haven't heard about what happens in the Middle East every week-end?"

(Muslims do not belong as pagans as they believe in Abraham, monotheism, and the virgin birth of Jesus son of Mary.)

All too true. No offense toward pagans was intended in the article, hopefully you did detect the note of tongue-in-cheek with which it was written.


Subject: Fanzing-46


Just to say I *loved* Wonder Woman: Enemy of Freedom, and would love to see other "reinterpretations" of classic characters (ISTR a text story by Grant Morrison, suggesting there was no such thing as Red Kryptonite, Supes just went nuts occasionally).

And with regard to the "Stanely And His Monster" TPB (which I would also love to see), as well as putting "Sandman presents:" slap "As Seen In Kevin Smith's Green Arrow" on it. With a combo like that, you'd need to invent new numbers for the pre-orders!

Looking forward to Year One Month,

David Kennedy

From: mathew rhys

Subject: TPB's

In essence, I think the things we want in TPB's are think we want to read or things we think other MUST read. Ine short, I think it's very dependant. whithout further pratter, things I think would make good TPB's:

  • The Return of Barry Allen
  • The Atlantis Chronicles
  • The Starman Legacy: A collection of Starman comics prior to Robinson's stuff, but upon which it's based (Starman 1.25-26, 1st Issue Special w/ Mikaal, the Adventure Comics backups with Prince Gavyn)
  • Batman Year 3
  • Excellent suggestions. I should mention, though, that the Return of Barry Allen is already available in TPB format.

    What letter column would be complete without some mention of our famous "How to Save the Comic Industry" report?

    From: Jay Barber

    Subject: Comics for kids

    Hey Michael,

    Just read your "how to save the comics industry" and the current article on your view of how DC should market to kids. Just wanted to say that I am among the legion of fans who thinks you are right on the money with this one. Quesada is a creep (even I can see that and I think that Marvel is doing some of the best stories in years thanks to the talent Joe has recruited). I enjoy Starman and the other more serious books, but I have trouble finding stuff to give my nephew to try and get him into comics. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I'm in your corner.

    Jay Barber (via AIM: "PaperStreetPimp")

    P.S. I really enjoy what you guys are doing. Everyone is whining about the industry but no one cares to comment on how to fix it! By the way, I am very sad to see Impuse go. It was one of the few titles that reminded me of what comics used to be like. The early Waid/Ramos issues brought a smile even to the cynical adult that I have become.

    Our editor, Michael Hutchison, replies:

    Thanks Jay!

    Sadly, outside of the ...Adventures and Cartoon Network line, the only mainstream DCU comic really aimed at kids is Young Justice. Perhaps Robin. And The Flash is very good, but you wouldn't want to start a kid off with it. (There are a lot of characters in it.)

    Now that it's being canceled this month, the title is a bit ironic...but I'd still recommend my old column "Why Impulse Sells" for more on what can be done to make books accessible to new, young readers.

    And now for some more general comics questions...we're always happy to help fans's one all the way from France!

    From: Olivier Guiot

    Subject: Fanzing-

    Hello, can you help me find information about Warlord from Mike Grell?

    Thank you


    There are several articles about Warlord in our From: Lydia Charles

    Subject: Subject: Superman #75

    How can I find out how much the original Superman #75 Doomsday, and A Funeral for a friend is worth today. Do you know of a site where I can check the value.



    A good on-line price guide can be found at It used to be free, but I think you need to register and pay now.

    In addition, our editor, Michael Hutchison, replies:

    Hi Lydia,

    The best resource for getting accurate prices is the "Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide" which you can get for 30% off the cover price here: (That link is the same one as can be seen in the block advertisement which is in our current ad rotation, just in case you lose the link.) There are some online databases, I believe, but some of them charge for their services and I don't know any with the reputation for accuracy of Overstreet.

    I happen to have my copy in front of me, so I'll just give you the price of Superman 75. A first printing, bagged, is worth $18. A direct sales copy (no bag) first printing is $8, and the second printing is only $2.25 or less. If you have a Platinum Edition (as I do, having won it as a Baldy Award for my letter in Action Comics about Funeral for a Friend), it's worth $40. It looks like the Funeral for a Friend issues go for $3. These are, of course, just estimates, as all comics pricing is. You can find them cheaper, while some dealers still charge more for them.

    I hope that helps, Lydia!

    From: Jeff Nelson

    Subject: Elongated Man/Plastic Man

    Just a quick question--when was it that the Elongated Man was "replaced" by Plastic Man in the JLA, if in fact he was? I've seen shirts with the JLA, and P.M. was among the other JLA members rather than E.M. Also, Alex Ross painted P.M. as one of the DC Heroes posters, but E.M. has only appeared in one of his images. What's the scoop? (Elongated Man was always my favorite too!) Thanks for any info you can give me.

    Jeff Nelson

    I don't think Plastic Man ever formally "replaced" Elongated Man. Elongated Man was never an active member of the newest incarnation of the Justice League, and Plastic Man joined during the "Rock of Ages" story, JLA # 11-16.

    From: Sam J. Melendez

    Subject: Batman: Knightfall

    I'm trying to find the Batman: Knightfall audio book from a few years ago. Do you have any idea where I can purchase it?

    I'd say your best bet would be to keep an eye on From:

    Subject: Starro

    Is STARRO the giant alien Starfish still around? Has he appeared at all since he battled the JLA in their first ever appearance in that copy of (I believe) the Brave and The Bold.


    Our editor, Michael Hutchison, responds:

    These days he's called "The Star Conqueror". And whether his Silver Age appearances are all canon seems to be in question. The Grant Morrison-era JLA encountered a somewhat different starfish creature called The Star Conqueror and hasn't made any mention of fighting previous giant starfish...which seems like a big oversight if the previous appearances are still in continuity. (It's rather irksome to me, in that he made an appearance in the 1990s Justice League Europe which was a good story AND quite post-Crisis.)

    In "Justice League Year One" there is a one-panel mention of a fight with a starfish creature...presumably a reference to the Brave and the Bold #28 adventure.

    From: Jason Desautels

    Subject: Planet DC

    Can you do a detailed article of Planet DC crossovers? I'm Canadian so I'd like to know if any DC title did Canada?


    The Planet DC stories are a bit recent for us to do a retrospective already. So we have nothing planned about them...but we certainly wouldn't be against running an article about them if anyone is moved to write one.

    I do not believe any of those Annuals featured a Canadian hero. The only Canadian DC hero I know of is Centrix, who made a one-panel appearance as a member of the newest team of Global Guardians in the last issue if Justice League International Quarterly.

    There's been a happy event in of our former contributors has made it as a DC Pro! This letter captures the sentiments of all of us quite nicely...

    From: Gerald Wilson

    Subject: Congratulations!

    Dear Fanzing--Congratulations to Scott McCullar on cracking into the pro world. It shows that unlike Marvel, DC is not a completely closed market.

    And that's quite a happy note to go out on! Until next month...

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