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End of Summer

by Ye Olde Editor, Michael Hutchison

Discussed this month: It's time to go

I have decided to stop publishing Fanzing as a monthly magazine with issue #52.

There is no one particular reason. There are many factors. The biggest being that David R. Black has decided to crack the books hard and won't have time to be Editor any longer, and I am going to have a hard enough time getting the next three issues out without him. It is entirely due to David's efforts that Fanzing has lasted for the last year and a half; I just don't have the time for long nights of formatting submissions that I had when I was an unmarried caffeine addict of 27.

David and I spoke on the phone for over an hour recently (how great to finally TALK to someone you've known for years) and we think the time is right. Many of our longtime contributors have left for other things, and contributions of art, fiction and on-topic features have been at a consistent low. While we get new artists and writers every month, they tend to replace the ones who leave. (Notice how the number of Swimsuit entries every year is the same. One would hope there'd be 20 or 30 by now!)

David has his academic life, and Phil Meadows and I are making plans for at least one comic book project. We just don't have the time to aggressively grow and promote the web site.

And has become more costly. With 55 backissues' worth of archives, our bandwidth has been going over the 10 gigabyte limit for the last four months. We get some cash from our shopping section, but not enough to offset costs. (Same story as everywhere else on the web, I suppose.)

Despite ALL of these considerations...this is not a decision I have wanted to make. I am so proud of this magazine and site, and it's a kick working with so many talented and enthusiastic people.

David, Phil, Chaim and I agreed on one thing: None of us wanted to be the one to break this news to Rosaline Terrill, the talented and prolific artist who has been so kind to contribute several stunning works every month for the last several months. Making the acquaintance of newcomers like Rosaline, Russ Yocum and Matt Rhys proves that there are still major talents out there to discover, and part of me wants to publish for another year just to see what else they will come up with...and see who else might join us in 2003! And I'm sure for anyone who has just joined us, it seems like we're going away too soon.

I honestly do hate to bring Fanzing to an end just when I've gotten the site design looking great, a dozen Fuzzball logos to rotate, a shopping section that rocks, a download section full of wallpapers and Internet-cards that people can send around the web. Look at all the great new things we added in 2002, like the Musee de Bivolo, Phil's cool new headers, John Wells' monthly samples of his vast database, Mathew Rhys' DCU Travel Guide, the monthly Condon Quiz as a permanent fixture... and Erik Burnham's ZINGERS!

This magazine is, in many ways, honed and refined to an art. Perhaps we need to take comfort in having a good final product, and at this point all we could do is more. It reminds me of one of the final lines in Tucker: The Man and his Dream. When one of Tucker's friends comments on how sad it is that they'll never create thousands of Tucker Torpedoes, he responds that they DID create the car...and making thousands of them is "just production".

We have three more issues to go. The next month is "villains, the folks we love to hate." I'm hoping to do a feature on Lex Luthor. I hope you will all help us to go out with a bang!

I plan to keep the domain, and perhaps I will keep up the greatest hits and the non-magazine elements like the book list, cards, wallpapers and such. I have been looking at the cause of our traffic overages, and I just can't keep the archives online; I will probably be removing at least some of them as we speak to avoid further overages for the rest of 2002.

I will probably offer the complete archives on CD-ROM for a low price that covers production and shipping, along with the entire Cheeks the Toy Wonder site. (To all of you who've asked for copies of the Cheeks site...please be patient.)

I may put new content of some kind on the site, but those plans are still in the making. Hopefully, at least the Zingers will continue for a while!

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