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The Girl of Steel

by "Dr. Thinker"

During the Nightmare Era1, when Jor-El sent Kal-El to a new life on Earth, there was a myth-that the "House of El" did not believe in. The myth as most Kryptonains called it want something like the following: Many years before the Daxxum-Colu2 war, they live a Kryptonain scientist by the name of Kiz Kiz-El. She was very bright for her age, she completed her Kryptonian education faster then most Kryptonian children. When she was 15 years old, she married her boyfriend, Lir-Utu, in a private marriage in front of the Kryptonian president with only the mother and father of groom and bride. Just a few months after, she gifts birth to her twin girls, Kiu and Uik Kiz-El Around near the 6 months of her 15 and 2/8 year. She started work on a time machine. In a sprite of Commander Zod3 who claimed that it wouldn't work, Kiz continued working nonstop until she was getting a few months of her 15 and 3/8 year. She told the Council that she was going into the Kryptonian and helps them stop the melting core problem, she told them that she will be back with a Krypton week. But a few days, later, they found a fire in Kiz's lab. One very burned body lay in front of a Kryptonain Police Officer checked everything very well, and claimed the burned body was that of Kiz Kiz-El. "The House of El" had a point out that Kiz was pretty tall for her age that she confused for her mother, Liuri Gir-El, thought she has the blonde hair of her father, Uzu-El. But the Police Office stood his ground that it was Kiz Kiz-El, her head and legs were melted because of the flawed time machine.

Clark Kent leaned back in the LexCorp-made chair. He was watching Lex Luthor going into one of his long rants. It was "My-company-is-the-best-in-anything-and-other-CEO-who-claimed-their-business-are-better-then-my-company-is-a-million-times-worst-then-Superman" rant. Clark turned to see Lois Lane yawn again. The press was invited to a new surprise object from LexCorp. Clark hopes that they will be no problems. Luthor saw many of the press were yawning, and he quickly turns to the huge clock that was in the park. He smiled when he saw the time was 12:00 A.M.. He looked up to see something. "It's time! It's here!" Lex Luthor shouted. "This is more high-tech then the L.C.P Luthorica4. I give you the future of space travel. The Prowler-more high-tech then anything that NASA can give you. Thought Superman can't get anywhere near his ex-home planet since he's a red sun baby. The Prowler first mission is to figure out what was the problem with Krypton. I bet he has been to that home recently without help."


The Prowler landed. It was a bright and clean yellow shape that landed behind the stage Luthor was walking and talking on. It had Lex's red L of LexCorp on it as well. "Afterworlds, we visit worlds that the public knows about and other that the Justice League wants to keep secret for the rest of your life. I take the press question, now. Lois, you can go first. Not that you had anything secret on me."

"I heard a rumor that is just a planet to get more Krypton from space, because of the high money that America's Black Market price for Kryptonite5 is a little too rich for you?" Lois asked.

Clark smiled as Luthor sweated bullets contained with deadly poison. Luthor gave a fake laugh and stated that was rumor from "WayneTech6" to drive down his stocks!

Just then a voice is heard by Luthor and the press. "That's a lie and you know that!" The man was an African-American who was Bruce Wayne's right-hand man who runs Wayne Companies and sub-companies when Wayne isn't around.

"Is that you Lucius Fox7? I thought Gerald King killed you!" Lex remarked.

"Batman stopped that nasty clown devil of a thug." Lucius remarked.

"Are you guys talking about the Joker?" asked Lois.

"That correct, Ms. Lane." Lucius answered.

The Prowler was made of out of the finest metal that money-but unlike the Kryptonian Superman-it wasn't invisible to dangerous objects like the gray egg-shape space rock that was coming in for a landing. It landed with a nasty thump behind Luthor's stage, and rolled right into The Prowler. Within moments, The Prowler comes apart.

"I'm getting my butt out of here before Superman blames me for this!" Luthor shouted as he runs for his limo. "MERCY! WHEN I GET IN! STEP ON IT AND DON'T SPARE THE HORSEPOWERS!"

The entire press at the location started to laugh. Now, Luthor is going to be the joke for most of the "talk shows.".

As Clark Kent saw another person as he left the location. It was another rich guy. But unlike, Luthor, this guy was a goodie-two shoe. He was dressed in an orange tank-top and jeans. His feet were in tennis shoes.

"Well, Bruce? Gotham City quite uneventful?" Superman asked. Superman had found out that his colorful rich guy was the dark knight of Gotham City, Batman. They had been good friends, though they first few years, they were a few deep wrinkles to iron out.

"Yes." Bruce remarked. "With Riddler in jail. It's been too peaceful in Gotham City. Heck, the only problems that are mostly can be handles by the police officers."

"Well, I never saw you out of your black and whites before." Clark muttered.

"Well, it with it being summertime, I have to got of that suit weather mans had reported that it's going to be getting up 110 degrees in Gotham City along. Lucky, I modified my other outfit." Bruce remarked as he open up a hidden compact in back of one of the front seats of the limbo. Inside was a gray and black costume reminding. Thought not as quick as Clark Kent, Bruce was very fast changing into Batman. Batman saw Clark Kent removing his summer outfit--blue shirt and blue jeans, revealing the red and blue tights of Superman. He folded his outfit and tossed into a hidden pocket on the back of his cape.

"Let's see what's the egg has." Superman commanded.

"I just hope that it is alien creature! I had mine got my hands full with man's greatest foes."

"What?" Superman remarked.

"Man himself." Batman growled. "Take Lex for a sample! Or even one of my rogues."

The gray egg-shape rock was covered with pieces of yellow metal and gears from Lex's Prowler. Batman and Superman worked quickly to remove the pieces. Usually, Lex's new things usually contained the most common of all the pieces of Kryptonite8, Green. This time around, it turns out Lex was using a different engine or the crashed of the strange object was too hot for the Kryptonite and it's evaporated into the air. Batman was checking it from his scanner in Bat-mobile "I thought it was just a normal meteorite, but something inside . . . it might be dead, but I'm not taking any changes with thing."

"Do you do what kind of the thing is it?" Superman asked. "I have a feeling that we might be dealing with a Phantom Zoner."

"Something is odd. It's seemed that egg is going to let us see it's yolk." Batman remarked. "It's coming apart!"

Batman was right. A huge crack had appeared on the gray egged-shape meteorite and quickly it comes apart like it was a piece of paper. A yellow space suit appeared. Superman tried to the X-ray the suit, and muttered something.

"It's lead?" Batman asked.

"Lucky guess." Superman remarked.

The yellow space suit creature gives out groans, muttering, and tumble out of the odd egg-thing. The creature was pretty fast and got itself upright. Superman saw that Batman was sweating Bat-a-rangs. The creature grab at the helmet on its head and removed it-very slowly. Finally, the creature tossed the helmet to ground. The head of the creature was female humanoid with blonde hair and blue eyes.

<Where I'm am at? Krypton? Or another planet?> the creature groaned in unknown language to Batman, but Superman smiled since he knew the language that creature spoke.

It was Kryptonese. The language of Superman's original home planet, Krypton, long destroyed by its own core.

<You are on Earth.> Superman remarked.

<Get real! This doesn't like that weird planet that I view from my space-a-scope.> The female Kryptonian muttered. <Those buildings have more steal then wood in my humble opinion.>

Superman remarked. <What year was it on Earth?>

The Krypton female replied, <1881. Why?>

<It's 2002.> Superman remarked.

The female Krypton fainted.

"Kryptonian?" Batman asked.

Superman only nodded. Batman hopped in the Bat-mobile and took off.

The Fortress of Solitude9 was Superman's headquarters on Earth. Superman quickly went down to his lab and set the female Kryptonian done on a table. Superman starts shock when he learned that his X-ray vision couldn't see if she was all right. In quick bit of action, the female Kryptonian recovered from her fainting.

<So I'm not dreaming! Oh, poor Rao10, I hope that Krypton isn't dead..> The female muttered.

<That's a false hope.> Superman remarked sadly.

<WHAT!> The female yelled. <THAT IS SUPER-IMPOSSIBLE!>

<That's a fact. Krypton is history. Or I wouldn't be here.> Superman remarked. The female ripped off the rest of her yellow space outfit and reveal a nice pink blouse with a purple skirt. Krypton style-boots were on the female's feet. A laser gun was in her hand, took a pointed to herself, and pushed a button on it. A laser beam comes out, and hit here right on the chest, and hit didn't even harm her on bit.


Superman said, <. It is. You became abnormal when you landed in this yellow sun universe.>

<Does, his planet had lower gravity then Krypton?> The girl asked

<It's so small that 200,000,000 on them could fit right in the core of Krypton.> Superman remarked.

<If I remember my essay on Earth, I thought I would have the following abilities on this planet: Super-strength, super-speed, flying, x-ray vision, heat vision, super-breath, and telescope vision.> The girl said. <I'm staying, I got to get a good handle on this odd-like planet's languages or at least a few of them.>

"Well, looks like we had a new keeper." One of the Superman's robots remarked as they watched Superman taught the female girl the languages of Earth. "It's a mistress is time around."

"Just hope it's not one of those stupid Phantom Zoners female crooks planning another con on Sups, 34." Another Superman robot remarked.

"Relax, she wasn't dress in criminal black, 13." Superman Robot 34 remarked.

"She could have dressed herself up in that purple Kryptonian outfit and that yellow space uniform." Superman Robot 13 remarked.

Superman Robot 59 remarked, "Halt you two!. But my run by scanners thought my data base of 'House of El'. She matches 'Kiz Kiz-El' a Kryptonian that existed many years before Jor-El and may be responsible for writing most the essays Jor-El tried to use as proof to explain Krypton's doom, and Jor-El once during his teenage years connected himself to famous first Krypton era Rao Priest, Jur-El, by her Kiz. "

Superman 34 remarked. "Logical. Very logical."11

"Sorry, about this, guy, but I lost my manner when I landed. My name is Kiz Kiz-El." The female girl remarked.

"That's all right. Mistakes happen." Superman remarked.

"Do you want the facts on me? In Kryptonian years, I'm 15 years old. I had a husband, Lir-Utu at age 15, and together we had two girl twins, Kiu and Uik Kiz-El. My job was worked on the Science Council in charge of the Time Program, to study and use history as tool to prevent wars and other high-risk problems. Day 58 in thee month of Rao, during the year of 42,485,841-I try to test my machine to see if I can get into the future."

"Looks like it worked." Superman remarked.

"Well, it's worked, but why I want it to work!" Kiz remarked. "I WANT TO LAND ON KRYPTON, NOT EARTH!"

"Well, just say that its Krypton is space history." Superman remarked.

"What happens to it?" Kiz remarked.

"The core was melted since it was very close to the sun." Superman remarked.

"How did you get here?" Kiz remarked.

"My original father, Jor-El, built a rocket ship in hope to carried his family to Earth, but he didn't get finish in time, and it only big enough for two, Lana or me. Lana, a would-be astronaut, told that she was so to die with Krypton, and I was to live, since my Kryptonian name, Kal-El, in ancient Kryptonian meant 'Star Child' . . . " Supermen stated.

"Funny. My name, Kiz, in Spirit-Age Kryptonese meant Space Child." Kiz remarked. "So what's the Krypton birth date for you?"

Superman thought for a second and replied, "Guito 53, 999,999,999,999,901,999. That's my Kryptonian birth date."

Kiz fainted.

"So that the meteorite contained a Kryptonian girl?" Martha Kent asked. Superman was still a bit worry and he returned to his fosters parents' farmhouse in Smallville, Kansas.

"I'm still remembered the time when Cuga Guz-Lyti, a Phantom Zoner who's claimed her time was up and was upset that she was still suck in the Phantom Zone. That event was a nightmare to clean up, and no thanks to Gen. Zod!" Superman groaned. "She's seemed to be true 'House of El', but I'm according to most Kryptonian, the 'House of El' being the exception, she is deader then Krypton itself."

"Where is this girl?" Jonathan asked.

"She is in the testing room. I asked Superman Robot 99 to pick one battle with each villain I had to take care of . . . from April Fools to the Toy Maker. She told that she wants to handle on her new powers."

"Clark did, you include Xellutu in it?" asked Martha.

"I did. But I told them to randomized the program." Superman. "I only exist as Superman for 16 years, and I just recently join with Batman to add to the Justice League created by Wonder Woman. I didn't do it, until Wonder Woman asked discover the secret that I been keeping for a long time."

"To make a long story short . . . " Jonathan remarked. "That 1991 events with Xellutu's robot in send you into the past and you become the Superman of 193912. Right? I like how you helped Dr. Thomas Wayne and how your return to present a week after the Japan give up."

"If I didn't, Batman would be around today." Superman remarked.

"Point taken." Jonathan answered.

"If you can handle villains like, Brayak the Brainiac, Toy Maker and Darkseid, why can't you hand a Supergirl?" Martha asked.

"I'm still a bit worry that she will become evil." Superman remarked.

A few hours later, Superman arrived back at the Fortress of Solitude. He went down to the training room, where he found Kiz. He finds Kiz talking to Superman Robot 99.

"This is going to send shocks down Superman's body." The robot said.

"What is?" Superman and Kiz asked at the same time. Kiz was dressed in one of Superman's spare suit.

"You recall that event with Luthor hired your most human enemies-The Puzzler, The Toy Maker, and April Fool, and tried to use them to bait you into the trapped that you got caught into and Luthor got out of a prison because he was in Tokyo at the time when you got out and caught them."

Superman nodded.

"Well, she was pretty quick on the Puzzler's clues. He was the first one to be caught! Toy Maker and April Fool tried their best without Puzzler's help but it sprite of two attempts similar to what the real deals do, they end up trapped in the same trap that you ended up in and ship back to jail. Luthor had a lot of explaining to do about hiring them, Kiz used a security tape to prove that Luthor hired them."

"It didn't shock him." Kiz remarked. "I got to change this outfit. I don't mind the blouse, but these pants are little too tight even for a Kryptonian male."

"So what order did you place the villains in the program?" Superman asked.

"The Toy Maker13, Mettalo, Xellutu14, Gen. Zod, The Puzzler, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Brainiac, April Fools15, and the Luthor event I told you about. She seemed to proof herself at being a Supergirl."

"I know those aren't the real deal, but I can't want to deal with the real deals." Kiz remarked. She had replaced the blue pants with a blue skirt. "I think this at least a bit better. It's not prom dress, but I'm not known for my love of pants. Now I need a place where I can keep myself . . . "

"Hidden?" Superman asked.

"Yeah, Clark." Kiz remarked. "If they discover Clark and Supergirl know each other, they mind find someone who wants to tired himself out finding and proofing that Clark and Superman is the same person."

"I'm not Clark?" Superman replied.

"Then why does you had Clark Kent robots as well as Superman robot." Kiz remarked.

Superman was stunned. "Do you know your Krypton IQ?"

"588916" Kiz remarked. "Why?"

"That's pretty high." Superman remarked. "No wonder you find out my other identity. Well, I'm Clark Kent, but I think I had an idea that might work."

"I'm all ears." Kiz remarked.

A few days later, Kiz was with Clark at his foster parent's farmhouse

"So that how she arrived." Martha remarked. "Have you talk to the Time Men17?"

"Yes." Clark remarked. "They saw this time travel is important of time travel itself, but of a future team.18"

"Could those be the humanoid-looking aliens with oddball powers that the Justice League meets three years back?" asked Jonathan as he poke one of his hash-browns.

"Might be?" Superman remarked. "The League had discovered Hyper-Time19, so they might be part of a different time line though."

Kiz walked down. She was dressed in a yellow shirt, yellow skirt, and a pair of sneaker shoes with a yellow tip on them. She was carrying a red wig in one of her hands.

"Have you decided on a name?" asked Martha.

"I have got one." Kiz replied as she placed the red wig over her blonde hair "Kelly Kent20."

The End?



1 This is a era when Kryptonian was having more problems than Earth had in 1776.

2 In my universe, Colu and Daxxum share the galaxy as Kryptonian. Colu ends up in the farthest reaches of space and Daxxum starts it's funny jumping when Krypton exploded.

3 This is grand-grand-grand-father of Gen. Zod, one of the Phantom Zoner villains that bugged Superman.

4. In my universe, the L.C.P Luthorica was the setting for the first meeting between Superman and Lex Luthor.

5 The Black Market prices for Kryptonite are the following: Red - $5.5 million. Blue - $149.4 Million. Green Kryptonite - $200 Trillion Million.

6. This is one of the company that Bruce "Batman" Wayne owns.

7. Lucius Fox has been hired by Bruce to serve all of Wayne Foundation companies, including Wayne Tech.

8 In my universe, they are three different type of Kryptonite, Green, Red and Blue. And each has a different effect on a Kryptonian. Blue gives Superman a random illness. Red is the unexpected change Superman's body in good or bad way. Green, as usually, is harmful and might killed Superman.

9 This Superman private Fortress, it's where he keeps the most dangerous of all weapons that are used against him.

10 The God of Krypton.

11. On my Earth, Superman has a good group of robot that can replace him at anytime - 50 Clark Kent robots and 100 Superman robots.

12 This will happen during Superman's fifth year in Metropolis. He will be stuck in the past and de-powered to his first abilities that his original creator written for him. Until, a week after World War II, in which he turns to present day. .

13 The Toy Maker is a female twist on the Toyman. She is Barbara Diere who wants to run LexToys out of business for firing her.

14. I forget to write about him earlier. I merged the Pre-Crisis Luthor with his Post-Crisis self. In fact, most of official Lex Luthor Pre-Crisis stuff was done by his fiction villain. It's a lead alien outfit with a lead-based armor that Lex wears periodically..

15 April Fool is a female twist on the Prankster.

16 Think of 200 Earth IQ to the 132th power.

17 This my version of that group at Vanishing Point that want to keep the time line going smooth and straight. I think they are called the Linear Man? Right?

18 The Legion of Super-Heroes is the team. In my universe, Supergirl will find Mon-El, and put him in the Phantom Zone.

19 This is bunch of time-lines that can connect and disconnect from the main DC time-line.

20 Kelly Kent is a double pattern. 2 K to go with the C and K in Clark Kent's name, and the famous double Ls that connects to Superman's history.

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