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by Chaim Mattis Keller

We'll begin today's letters page with an addendum to one of last issue's fiction pieces, for anyone who wishes to revisit it...

From: Gerald Wilson

Subject: Genuis Jones fanfic

This is a sort of postscript to my Genius Jones article in the last issue. It took some searching but I finally found Genius Jones' first full cover appearance (All Funny #5) on a website. It shows Genius being threatened by a mad scientist with a cannon, a buzzsaw and boiling oil. (This is the cover for a book called All Funny?) He must have survived, though, because he appears next on the cover of All Funny #7 using one of his gadgets to do in a bad guy.

Now, about last of our regular contributors takes issue with the article about the Year One Annuals...

From: mathew rhys

Subject: The Riddler: Year One.

I really enjoyed Scot Frank's article on the Year One Annuals. Once I have the cash enough, I will have to purchase a few. One nit pick, though.

Mr. Frank stated that prior to 'TEC Annual# 8 Riddler's real name was unknown and was then revealed as Edward Nygma. This does not agree with the 1991 released of "Who's Who in the DC Universe", which gives Eddie Nashton as the Riddler's birth name.

Thanks for the correction, Matt!

...and a letter from an archive-surfer...


Subject: Crossover Earth (DC/Marvel); Longbow Hunters

Regarding this quote from

" in the past, both heroes inhabit the same Earth. Frank Castle recognizes Batman, and Batman recognizes Castle "thanks to wanted posters" (see page 18, panel 1). But this is post-crisis, and the Crossover Earth was destroyed in Crisis! What is going on here?"

Actually, some evidence indicates that Crossover Earth (or a variation of it at least) still exists in the Marvel multiverse. In What If vol.1#1, Uatu the Watcher made reference to the Superman/Spider-Man team-up. During the Avengers Forever mini-series, the Avengers had the oppurtunity to see other universes in the Marvel multiverse-and we saw Doctor Octopus escaping from prison with Luthor on page 9 of Avengers Forever#8. The tradepaperback to the series confirmed that this scene referred to the first Superman/Spider-Man story.

So, although Crossover Earth may no longer exist in the DC continuum, it probably still exists in the Marvel Multiverse. It probably got saved from the Crisis there.

Oh, and Fanzing#47's article on the Longbow Hunters reminded me of something that story finally established:the name of Queen's butler! That finishes up the names for the analogs of Batman-traits Green Arrow copied (sidekick Speedy, clown villain Bull's Eye, airplane Arrowplane, base of operations Arrowcave, car Arrowcar). I wonder if Stan Wilson ever appeared in any previous Green Arrow stories.

Thanks for the info! I think we here at Fanzing might be ignoring the Marvel side of thing a little too much...

Some people still remember our old movies section...

From: Bruno Pinotti

Subject: Fanzing- JLI

I was searching in Kazaa something related to Justice League´s new cartoon, and I´ve found a file named JLI. It was an animation introduced by your site, a 10 part mini-series about the funniest super-heroes team ever. I came in your site looking for more, but I found nothing...

Could you help me? The animation was really funny, and I want to have the complete mini-series. Please!!!

If you can give me an address where I can find this, or if you could send to me by mail, I would be really thankful.

Thanks for the attention,


I'm sorry to inform you that due to some controversy over the animations, we removed the movies from our site. You can read all about that controversy here. If you wish to contact Steven Conroy, the man who made those animations, his e-mail address is

Some general comics questions...


Subject: Plasmax?? Squid?

Hey. I have some old STARMAN comics from the late 80's where he's fighting a character called Plasmax the Inflatable assassin. He looks like a huge balloon-like version of the Stay Puft marshmallow man from Ghostbusters. He appeared in a couple of issues. Was he just a one-shot type character or has he appeared since then? Also one of my favourite Batman comics was an issue from the early 80's where he battles a character called the SQUID. He's an Elmer Fudd type mobster who used to feed his victims to his pet Giant Squid Gertrude that he kept in a huge aquarium in his dockside hideout. Has he appeared since then? In the story he got shot and killed by Killer Croc (this was his first appearance). but you know what they say in comics, The dead don't stay dead.

Plasmax appeared only in two issues of that Starman series - issues # 29 and 39. As for the idea. Readers, has anyone seen him?

One more thing...that "Name the Letter Column" contest...entrants have until next month, and then I will decide the winner. Currently, the entry to beat is "Fan's Ink".

See you next month!

Letters Editor Chaim Mattis Keller, aka Legion-Reference-File Lad, is a computer programmer who lives in New York City with his wife and four children.

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