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End of Summer

by Ye Olde Editor, Michael Hutchison

Discussed this month: FallCon 2002!

Fanzing would like to thank the Minnesota Comic Book Association for once again offering us some artist's space at this year's FallCon, which was held October 5-6, 2002 at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

Phil Meadows at Fanzing's FallCon Table


Phil Meadows, Kevin Voith, Erik Burnham
(l-r) Phil Meadows, Kevin Voith, Erik Burnham


Artist Kevin Voith (who designs our DC-costumed Fuzzballs) and I have been attending the MCBA's MicroCons and FallCons over the last few years. This year, Kevin Voith had his own artist's table spot to promote his online comic SAST.

But I wasn't lonely. Fanzing's Art Coordinator, Phil Meadows, traveled all the way from Madison, WI. It was Phil's first convention ever, and he was a bit intimidated to be seated near the guy who does the art on Vertigo's "Lucifer"...but the number of people who came by admiring his portfolio may have put him more at ease by the end of Sunday afternoon.


Erik Burnham


Another twist to this year's convention: Brainerd, MN's own Erik Burnham finally attended a con! (Having the Shooting Star Comics Anthology to promote may have provided the final impetus.) Erik wore his fingers down selling sketches!

Erik expressed shock that many people were asking him to draw sketches of beautiful women... because he was right across from ADAM HUGHES!

(Well, Erik may not be Adam Hughes...but he's no slouch at rendering attractive female characters like Powergirl.)

Kevin Voith


Kevin Voith contributed a sketch of Batman villains to the charity art auction on Sunday afternoon. Sadly, it will not grace these pages, as he didn't have a chance to scan it before it was submitted. All I will say to torture you is that Kevin does a very detailed Killer Croc; you can see each scale.


As for the Fanzing table, we displayed our wares and handed out fliers. (Hello to anyone visiting our site for the first time!)

I thought that Fanzing's totebags would sell, since people need to carry all their bags and bags of comic purchases at the convention...but I still have some left, so look for those soon on eBay!


FallCon 2002 was terrific. Even though we all wanted to get up and shop at times, it was satisfying enough to plant ourselves at the tables and just watch the people go by. Both the enjoyable ones like the Baby Kal-El (below) and the beautiful babe Harley Quinn (played by the same gal who sat by Kevin and me at MicroCon 2001 dressed as Lara Croft)...and the freaks. There are a LOT of freaky twenty-somethings. I know, I know, I'm getting old...but these kids scare me.

I was talking to a friend on the cell phone, and he asked, "Are there a lot of creepy fat guys?" I told him no, the fat guys are actually quite pleasant. It's the gaunt teenagers with purple hair and impaled noses who bother me.

There was also a GUY dressed as Harley Quinn. Maybe the purple hair isn't so bad.

Right after this, he benched a pickup truck
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn! (The good one)


Once again, a big "Thank You!" to the MCBA for being so kind and supportive, feeding us and even inviting us to the private parties.

Here's hoping that by FallCon 2003 the four of us will be there again, this time promoting our own self-published project. (Don't worry, I'll be telling you all more about that in a few weeks.)

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