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End of Summer
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by Chaim Mattis Keller

Perhaps out recent announcement of impending cancellation has caused a cooling off of our reader response...very, very light mailbag this month. Please folks - we're not dead yet, anoth three issues still to go - let's hear what you have to say!

In the mean time, here's what one of those select few has to say about our sad announcement...


Subject: Goodbye announcement

hey guys,

I just read that you were going to stop publishing. I just wanted to say that you did a real good job with the site and I hope success in all your future endeavors.


John K.

Thanks for the good wishes. Although we wil no longer be publishing on a regular basis, Fanzing will still exist in some form or another. The archives will atill be available, and we have some special projects in the works...stay tuned!

And our other letter this month seeks help from our archive...

From: Charlie Ward

Subject: Steel

Dear Sir

I live in England and have recently come across a comic on Steel - which I believe was originally published in 1993/94. I picked up a copy of a compilation comic which appears to be from 1997 covering several episodes from June 93 to October 94. I really would like to get the rest of the books - I expect that the compilation was continued to the conclusion of the story. What I would like to know is - are the individual comics available anywhere in England (i.e.through specialist shops and outlets) or by mail order from the U.S.A.. I notice also that the storyline refers to Steel going to Quarac to stop weapons called Toast Masters being sold - so I assume that there were earlier comics relating to this story that precede the opening storyline of this compilation. Any information you can provide me on availability/cost would be appreciated.

Also, are the Steel comics still available ?

Finally, I noticed that there was a film version of Steel released in 1997 and presumably released to video. Although I doubt if you would be directly involved could you advise if this is still available and how I could get it - or pass on possible contacts who could give me that information. Thanking you in anticipation.

Charlie Ward (a Steel fan of the first order)

Our editor, Michael Hutchison, replies:

We don't have any official contacts for finding comics, but we'll run your letter and see if anyone can help you out. I'd recommend Mile High Comics, although they're a USA company.

As for a review of the Steel movie, check it out in Fanzing! We have a movie review in the old magazine's issue #5 written by yours truly. The link is...

GOOD GRAVY! Fanzing issue #5 hasn't been working all this time! I'm so glad I checked it out to get that link. Now I've corrected it and EVERYBODY can read Fanzing (first series) issue #5. As for the Steel movie review, it's right here

And that, sadly, wraps it up for this month. Write, and join us next month in...Fan's Ink!

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