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1) What was the name of the title character of Sergio Aragones' Fanboy?
a) Finster
b) Chester Gamaliel Stanczek
c) His birth name was unrevealed, but he had it changed to Dick Grayson.
d) It was never given.  Mark Evanier said in an interview that they didn't give him a name in order to make the character seem more universal.

2) How did G'Nort get a Green Lantern ring?
A. With great difficulty.
B. He was a Green Lantern from Captain Carrot's Universe who was pulled into the conventional DC Universe through one of the Scarlet Skier's space warps.
C. Guy Gardner hyper-evolved his pet dog into a semi-human and gifted him with a Green Lantern ring that draws power from his own both as a cruel parody of Green Lantern's giving a similar ring to Tom Kalamaku, and to prove that he had the sheer power to do it.
D. The Qwardians gave him a replica of a Green Lantern ring in an attempt to embarrass the Green Lantern Corps.

3) Denny O'Neill used a fellow comic creator as the template for the Bronze Age Green Arrow's personality. Which one?
A. Himself.
B. Jim Steranko.
C. Steve Ditko.
D. Steve Skeates.

4) Assuming there's an opening, how does one go about becoming a Swamp Thing?

a) One has to be set on fire and then dives into a body of water.

b) One has to be the person who's caused the most harm to life on earth. Gaea, the spirit of all life on Earth, transforms such a person, usually a horrible polluter, but a wasteful hunter or person who engages in slash and burn agriculture on a large scale may suffice, into the Swamp thing as both punishment and a means of redemption.

c) Whoever slays the current Swamp thing takes over his powers, appearance and role..

d) One must eat the Fungus of Yuggoth. It feeds on trees in certain areas of the Louisiana bayou. Some of the partakers were Native American shamans who knew what they were doing. Others were dying of starvation and couldn't resist the fungus's aroma.

5) The Golden Age Hawkman first appeared in a comic bearing the name of another hero. Which one?
a) Superman.
b) Flash.
c) Batman.
d) Johnny Thunder.  (Thunder Comics)

6) Not counting Superboy or Supergirl, who was the first Legionnaire to get their own book?
A. Karate Kid.
B. Mon El (Valor).
C. Cosmic Boy.
D. Timber Wolf.

7) What career path did Vril Dox follow after leaving Captain Comet in charge of L.E.G.I.O.N.?
A. He usurped Metron's position as god of knowledge in the New Gods' pantheon.
B. He turned evil and transformed himself into the cyborg Brainiac 13.
C. He reformed the central power battery and became the head of a new Green Lantern Corps.
D. He became a humble botanist.

8) What would have been an acceptable use for blue kryptonite in the Silver Age?
A. Tharok could have used it to disable Mon El or any other Daxamite he found troublesome.
B. Ultraman, Superman's evil counterpart from Earth 3 could have used it energize himself or gain a new superpower.
C. Lois Lane could have used it to incapacitate an overly amorous (at least by Silver Age standards) Bizarro.
D. Lex Luthor could have used it as a last resort in fighting Superman, or as a preferred weapon against Supergirl. The deadly green kryptonite would turn blue after enough of its radioactive material decayed making the rock much less harmful. Blue kryptonite would at best weaken Superman, but no amount would kill him. Thus Lex Luthor would try to avoid using it on him, but would prefer it when fighting Supergirl as even Lex Luthor was not evil enough to want to kill a girl.

9) Which creature was a living weapon designed by the Controllers to destroy civilizations that they disapproved of ?
A. Validus .
B. The Space dragon that swallowed Ultra Boy.
C. Sun Eater.
D. Doomsday.

10) Who haunts the Haunted Tank?
A. General Sherman. It was a Sherman tank after all.
B. General J.E. B. Stuart .
C. DC's Revolutionary war hero, Tomahawk.
D. Sgt. Bill Craig, the gunner who was killed by shrapnel during the tank's first mission.

11) Which futuristic adventurer had the disconcerting habit of regularly pawning his robotic companion Ilda?
A. Tommy Tomorrow.
B. Star Hawkins.
C. Captain Comet.
D. Gary Concord.

12) Who was the chairperson of the All-Star Squadron throughout most of World War II?
a) Hawkman.
b) Steel.
c) Hawkgirl.
d) Liberty Belle.

13) Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster originally based Metropolis on their hometown. Which city was their hometown?
A. New York.
B. Cleveland.
C. Kansas City.
D. Boston.

14). Who appeared on the front cover of Detective Comics #1?
A. Fu Manchu.
B. Chin Lung.
C. Sherlock Holmes.
D. Police Commissioner James Gordon, The Whisperer.

15) Being a super-hero is a high stress job, and not everyone can take the pressure, which of the following heroes did not become a villain? (Excepting, of course, temporary lapses due to external mental control.)
a) Obsidian
b) Raven
c) Triumph
d) Americommando

16) What is Wonder Woman's magic lasso made from?
A. It's the Thread of Truth from the Three Fates' tapestry .
B. Gold. It's special powers come from Wonder woman herself.
C. The Girdle of Gaea.
D. The skin from one of the snakes that guard the Garden of the Hesperides.

17) Ray Palmer discovered that ultraviolet light streaming through white dwarf matter was capable of shrinking objects. Unfortunately, those objects tended to explode after a short period of time. Under what circumstances did Ray Palmer shrink for the first time?

a) His jealous assistant, Dr. Shrevlak, pushed him into the shrinking ray figuring that his "accidental" death would allow him to become the pre-eminent physicist at Ivy University.

b) Communist spies broke into Dr. Palmer's lab to steal the white dwarf matter for use in a weapon many times more powerful than the hydrogen bomb. Only Ray Palmer knew how to safely transport the white dwarf matter, and he threw himself into the shrink ray to avoid capture, preferring death to being forced to betray his country.

c) He and a group of children were trapped in a cave in during a spelunking expedition. The closest he came to finding an exit was tiny crack in the cave's ceiling that allowed a pin prick of sunlight into the cave. Ray Palmer placed a lens made of white dwarf matter in the path of the sun beam and shrank. He then climbed the cave wall, and used the diamond ring he intended to give to Jean Loring to sculpted the tiny hole into an exit large enough for the children to climb through.

d) Exposure to the radiation given off by the white dwarf matter gave Ray Palmer an uncontrollable ability to shrink, which resulted in him being trapped in an ant's nest. After surviving that experience, Dr. Palmer found that the only way to control his size, and thus survive for an appreciable amount of time, was to build his wrist controllers. He theorized that his long term exposure to the white dwarf matter's radiation inoculated him so that he wouldn't explode when subjected to its full effect.

18) Which classic DC villain was originally a gorilla who was given human form?
a) The Shaggy Man
b) Solomon Grundy
c) Blockbuster
d) Giganta

19) Which war comic often featured dinosaurs on the cover?
A. Weird War Tales.
B. Creature Commandos.
C. Doom Patrol.
D. Suicide Squad.

20) Imskians shrink, Carggites triplicate and Tromians can transmute element. What ability sets the Winathans apart?
A. The ability to hurl lightning bolts.
B. Gravity control.
C. They can tell which plants will grow best in which soil.
D. They almost always give birth to twins.







1) A. Finster.

2) D. The Qwardians gave him a replica. The Silver Age Green Lantern gave a duplicate ring to Tom Kalamaku so he could serve as a decoy during Green Lantern's first encounter with Hector Hammond. Hector Hammond stole Tom's ring and used it to devolve him into a chimpanzee. Hal also gave Wally West a duplicate ring in Mark Waid's Brave and the Bold miniseries.

3) A. Himself. Jim Steranko was the model for Mr. Miracle. The Question is probably the DC character who comes closest to Steve Ditko's objectivist point of view. His Mr. A is even closer.

4) A. One of the more painful methods of getting super powers. A friend of mine who works in a burn ward does not recommend jumping into any bodies of freshwater as this greatly increases the risk of infection. Remember, stop, drop and roll. The Fungi of Yuggoth appeared in a H.P. Lovecraft story. Yuggoth is the name the natives gave to the planet Pluto.

5) B. Flash Comics. There was never a Thunder Comics.  Johnny Thunder first appeared in Flash Comics too.

6) A. Karate Kid got his series in the 70's. Cosmic Boy in the late 80's. Valor and Timber Wolf in the 90's.

7) D. A botanist

8) C. In the Silver Age anything could have a Bizarro counterpart after being exposed to the imperfect duplicating ray. Green Kryptonite exposed to the ray became Blue Krptonite that only affected Bizarros. This does not explain the army of living blue kryptonite men that dwelt in the center of Bizarro world. The Earth 3 Ultraman was energized by regular Green Kryptonite. The current Ultraman is energized by his universe's version of Green Kryptonite, one that doesn't affect Superman at all.

9) C. Sun Eater

10) B. General J.E. B. Stuart. He was assigned to the tank by the spirit of Alexander the Great. Sgt. Bill Craig replaced the original driver, Arch Asher, who had been killed by shrapnel while acting as gunner.

11) B Star Hawkins. Gary Concord is Ultra Man's birth name. Ultra Man was a scientist who developed a chemical weapon so terrible that war wouldn't exist anymore. (His first appearance was written well before the creation of the atom bomb and the cold war. Another interesting thing about that story is that it supported an isolationist policy concerning World War II.) Unfortunately, he completed his work on the same day that the United states was attacked by an enemy power. His lab was bombed and all of his chemicals ran together to form a foam that kept him in suspended animation until the late 22nd century and increased his strength and constitution to super-human levels. He became a super-hero for the future who tended to rely on his scientific genius.

12) D. Hawkman was the first chairman, but Liberty Belle was chairperson the longest.

13) B. Cleveland. New York was the later model for Metropolis.

14) B. I know it looks like Fu Manchu, you probably know that it looks like Fu Manchu, but did Sax Roehmer's lawyers would not have appreciated Fu Manchu's presence. My copy of Overstreet's says that the guy on the cover is named Chin Lung. Sax Roehmer's evil creation didn't appear until #17. In 1936, Zorro creator Johnston McCulley created Commissioner James W. Gordon who spent his nights as the vigilante, the Whisperer. (Batman the Complete History, Pg. 36) The book also shows that Batman owed a lot to Zorro. Lucky for the fledgling comic company that McCulley didn't sue.

15) D. Americommando

16) C. The Fates were three old women who determined the fate of every human being. They were Clotho (the spinner) who spun out the thread of life, Lachesis, (drawing of lots) who measured the thread, and Atropos (inevitable) who cut the threads. The fates were presented in Sandman as looking like the three witches who hosted Unexpected, a DC horror comic, in the 80's. The Fates were confused with the Furies, or Kindly Ones, the avengers of unnatural crimes, in Sandman, but the two were distinct in Greek mythology. Gaea is the Greek earth goddess. The Garden of the Hesperides was guarded by a hundred headed snake. Some legends claim the Heracles killed the snake.

17) C. Ray Palmer did have an evil Dr. Shrevlak as an assistant. Dr. Shrevlak spent his time stealing Dr. Palmer's notes in order to design weapons. Marvel's Dr. Pym, the scientist who had the costumed identities Ant Man, Giant Man, Goliath and Yellow Jacket was trapped in an ant colony in his first appearance.

18) D. Giganta. Although the Shaggy Man could pass for the missing link, it was a totally artificial lifeform.

19) A. Weird War Tales. While the original Suicide Squad often fought dinosaurs, neither it nor the Creature Commandos had their own series pre-Crisis. I wouldn't be surprised if the Doom Patrol often had dinosaurs on their covers, but they weren't a war comic.

20). D. They almost always give birth to twins.

Mike Condon, Fanzing's trivia quiz guru, is a librarian who lives in Brooklyn.

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